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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

SEM ASSINK – Hold The Line

Love isn’t always on time…

I’ve posted this on Ticklebooth, Cine Clasico, Milk and Cookies, and probably somewhere else. Now there’s a high quality clip out there, so it’s time to close the circle.
“Hold the Line is an animation about four soldiers marching through the remains of a ruined world. Discipline keeps them together. When they [...]

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Schhh… Comincia il futuro!

Hush… The Future Begins!

Here’s a new installment in cross blogging. You’ll find the other half of this post here.
But first, let’s talk about this half. The clip has been realized in 2005 by Italian studio Alien Factory, that is Davide Saraceno and Davide Ragona, as the opening title for Bologna’s Future Film Festival.
Ingredients: an UFO, [...]

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Sorry, yesterday I was a little absent minded, so the last four posts had some glitches in. Now it all should be fixed, including the link to Puffing Away.
Chiedo scusa, ero un po’ distratto ieri, così gli ultimi quattro post avevano qualche imperfezione. Ora dovrebbe essere tutto a posto, incluso il link verso Puffing Away.

Sundance 2007: Industry

Here’s a modernist bumper (a little clip showed between movies) for the Sundance Film Festival.
It has been put together by Digital Kitchen, mainly inspired to Fritz Kahn’s Der Mensch als Industriepalast (trad. Man as an Industrial Palace)
Eccovi un bumper (breve clip mostrata fra un film e l’altro) modernista per il Sundance Film Festival.
Realizzato da Digital [...]

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GOTYE – Hearts a Mess

Your heart’s a messYou won’t admit to itIt makes no senseBut I’m desperate to connectAnd you, you can’t live like this

A strange creature with a megaphone is followed, as the Pied Piper of Hamelin, by a bunch of even stranger creatures, with a look referencing the silhouettes of Balinese Shadow Puppets. The weird procession advance [...]

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In a lonely world, a desperate time…

What if your life was narrated by a voice over actor? Yeah, even ordering something at a fast food or doing your boring daily duty will become the act of a hero…
If you’re not convinced, you can watch this movie, directed by Victor Solomon and starring Tom Chantler narrating [...]


Home Sweet Updates

Isaac King sent me the updated link for his short movie Puffing Away. A good chance to check it out if you missed it.
On the other side, I’ve had to remove Little Terrorist. The post is still there, with no link, because… I feel like that.
Also, updated the post for Spider with two new (and [...]

A1: Jump

A man is dining in a restaurant with his lady when he has the brilliant idea to put some drops of sauce on his steak…
The spot has been directed by Kasper Wedendahl, currently signed to Bacon CPH and The Gang Films.
Un uomo è a cena al ristorante, con la sua dama, quando ha la brillante [...]

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Buildings appear onto each other, a bridge builds up from nothing, a flock of birds spawns from a flash of light. Then, everything disappears into the nothingness it came from.
Though the description may remind of Go to Sleep, the final result is quite different.
The Eskju Divine are a Swedish indie band, formed by: Daniel Asander, [...]

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RESFest: Buenos Aires 2006

Imagine you… Hmmm, no. If there was a… no, wait… Can’t do it, no way to describe. Just watch it.
This beautiful, somewhat creepy, opening for Resfest has been created by Amautalab. Director of photography: Demian Rodenstein. Music and sound: Noroeste.
Immaginate di… No. Se esistesse… un momento… Non ce la posso fare a descriverlo. Guardatelo e [...]

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Japan: Link Updated

On popular request (no, really!) the clip for Japan is online again. Go for it!!!
Links added to the sidebar: Mehmet Saygin, Expanded Cinema, Liferfe, Bunnylicious.
Greetings to all Linkin Park fans!
A grande richiesta (no, veramente) la clip di Japan di nuovo online. Acchiappate!!!
Link aggiunti alla sidebar: Mehmet Saygin, Expanded Cinema, Liferfe, Bunnylicious.
Un saluto ai fan dei [...]

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

There is no greater power…

A jaw dropping cinematic sequence for a new science fiction themed coming soon on your Xbox.
Author unknown. Drop a line in the comments, or wherever you want, if you know.
Sequenza animata da rimanere a bocca aperta, per un nuovo gioco di fantascienza per Xbox.
Autori sconosciuti. Lasciate una riga nei commenti, o [...]


JOSH PYKE – Middle of the Hill

Never really see the top from the bottom I don’tpay enough attention to the good things when I got ‘em

“A literal yet imaginative mix of live action and animation” which closely describes the lyrics, childhood memories, without being superfluous.
Josh Pyke is an Australian musician, best known for his two songs Middle of the Hill, Private [...]

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In 2004, Sanrio commissioned this short film to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hello Kitty.
In this awesome piece of claymation, one of those crane games goes crazy. But its own prizes, including a Hello Kitty puppet, assemble together, Voltron style, and fight the vicious machine back.
This movie has been directed and animated by Saiman Chow [...]

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Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions: Update

I’ve put online a new clip for Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions, shorter and playable inline.
Added/removed links for Hallucii and Brooklyn: Now Available in Miniature.
Ho messo su una nuova clip di Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions, più breve e godibile inline.
Aggiunti/rimossi link per Hallucii e Brooklyn: Now Available in Miniature.

tnx, Giavasan
REFERENCE: Il post [...]

Brooklyn: Now Available in Miniature

Ryan Mc Faul collaborated with Rooftop Films festival founder Mark Elijah Rosenberg, sculptor Lothar Osterburg and the rest of the Rooftop gang to create this beautiful trailer.
Cinematography by Matt Elkind. Music and sound by Dan Nuxoll.
Ryan Mc Faul ha collaborato col fondatore del festival Rooftop Films, Mark Elijah Rosenberg, lo scultore Lothar Osterburg e il [...]

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Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers: Update

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers, is back up. It should last, al least, the next ten days.
Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers, è di nuovo su. Dovrebbe durare almeno ’sti 10 giorni.

REFERENCE: Il post di Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers.

I Was a Teenage Intellectual: Link Updated

Another Blip victim, I Was a Teenage Intellectual, is now back online. Enjoy!
Un’altra vittima di Blip, I Was a Teenage Intellectual, è di nuovo online. Enjoy!

REFERENCE: Il post di I Was a Teenage Intellectual.

Ecko TV Episode 3: Opening

We’ll meet again some sunny day…

Mmmm… That Dubya riding an airplane thing reminds me of something…
The clip is a 20″ opening for Ecko TV, realized at Heavenspot by Chevon Hicks and Seth Silver.
The complete series of broadcast graphics is available at Heavenspot’s website.
Mmmm… La cosa di Bush a cavallo dell’aereoplano mi ricorda qualcosa…
Filmato di apertura [...]

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Thoughts Of A Falling Glass Man

This music video for Birdengine’s song is set in the peaceful environment of a meadow. Clockwork creatures, created by the giant Glass Man, live in harmony with nature. Suddenly they are under attack from an outside force… (Source: Portable Film Festival)
Birdengine is the name Lawry Joseph Tilbury chooses to make music with. Based in Brighton, [...]

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MILK – When You Grow Up

It’s like Jack and the Beanstalk, but there will be no giant up there, nor hens laying golden eggs.
This coming of age story uses still photography (for the actors) mixed with digital backgrounds and some effects (mainly clouds). The result is wonderful.
The movie has been made in two days by Milk, that is Matt Daniels [...]

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Parenthese: Post Updated Again

The first upload is for ) Parenthèse (
Il primo upload è per ) Parenthèse (

REFERENCE: Il post di ) Parenthèse (.

The Usual Problem (+ update)

Beauty is the Promise of Happiness is available again at its place, so I retired my copy.
Due to a massive traffic, my main Fileden account is out of bandwidth for the next 10 days. If you can’t get to see something, leave a comment and I’ll try to upload to a new place.
Beauty is the [...]

WINTERSLEEP – Jaws of Life

Hold me like a childIn your warm, warm arms

Hey ya! Missed me? Here’s a little something for you. More to come, I hope, on Saturday.
In the words of the author, you’ll get a “surreal urban environment filled with animals struggling with their humanity, bizarre gems, a giant transforming robotic deer on a rampage and much [...]

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[BEST OF] December 2006

There will be a slow down in posting in the next days. I’ll be a little busy. Will try to keep up in the week ends. Now, here’s some picks from the last month to keep you busy.
Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions: how to become a hero. In the lower dimensions.
Endless Cookie: Zune’s a [...]

Indigen: Episode 279

A gory, ultra violent battle between an indigen and a squirrel, in the tradition of Tom and Jerry, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner… Just much more violent!
The authors are four former Supinfocom students: Julien Vanhoenacker (already our guest), Alexandre Theil, Nicolas Chevallier and Laurent Sauvage.
The soundtrack includes tracks by: Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, [...]

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La pista

“The dance floor is the place for moving, a path where stories are told, stories that are bound together each other. Some vibrations, to the music of a tango, announce the mise en scène of an uneasy love, too unstable to stay longer in the spotlights.” (Source: V-Art)
La pista (The Dance Floor) is a short [...]

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Ego: Clip Updated

Bastien Roger sent us a link to a good quality clip for his movie Ego. Enjoy!
Minor updates for: Samurai , Hi-Sci, and Annie, Let’s not Wait.
Bastien Roger ci invia un link a una clip di buona qualità per il suo film Ego. Enjoy!
Aggiornamenti minori: Samurai , Hi-Sci, and Annie, Let’s not Wait.

REFERENCE: Il post di [...]

Virtuosi International Music Festival

An evocative animation in which abstract forms seem just about to take a definite shape. The director is Marcelo Garcia AKA Molho, here before with his work done with Lobo.

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HALOU – Everything is OK

Sometimes things are just beyond controlThat has to be OK, you don’t have a choice

A tribe of fierce puppets meet their match when a beautiful visitor comes to their island. Or viceversa, perhaps?
Halou is: Rebecca Coseboom, Ryan Coseboom and Count. Everything is OK is featured on their latest album, Wholeness & Separation.
The video has [...]


JACK JOHNSON: Link Updated

The clip for Sitting, Waiting, Wishing is back online.
Added an alternate link for Web2.0, too.
La clip di Sitting, Waiting, Wishing è di nuovo online.
Inoltre, Web2.0 ha un link alternativo.

REFERENCE: Il post di Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.

Fackin` Family

Another personal work from the portfolio of Sebastián López and Sabrina Mottino.
A nice bit of animation, with a gothic atmosphere, that uses the same technique as theit other works I previously featured.
Altra opera non commerciale dal portfolio di Sebastián López e Sabrina Mottino.
Breve pezzo ben animato, dall’atmosfera gotica, che utilizza le stesse tecniche delle opere [...]


GEZA M. TOTH – Maestro

click… clock…

Here’s another pick from an online showcase, this time the Portable Film Festival, from Channel Portable. The film didn’t won anything there, but it’s a good one.
“Five minutes before the Big Performance. The Maestro is getting ready for the execution behind the curtains. Time is slowly ticking away…” (Source: Filmunió)
The animated short movie has [...]

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En panales: Link Updated

The Quicktime link is no more. The Winmedia one still works at the moment. They’re both working now…
La clip Quicktime non c’è più, mentre quella. Win Media resiste ancora, al momento. Ora funzionano entrambe.

Little Terrorist: Updated

The clip for Little Terrorist is now available via Divshare.
Added (and removed where necessary) link for Egg and Waves.
La clip di Little Terrorist è disponibile adesso su Divshare.
Aggiunti (e tolti dove necessario) link per Egg e Waves.

REFERENCE: Il post di Little Terrorist.

Dogbot: Moon

A not-so-smart robot’s best friend tries to reach for the moon and bite it. With (un)predictable results…
The commercial is part of a campaign directed by Mike Maguire at Independent and post produced at Glassworks.
Un poco sveglio miglior amico del robot cerca di azzannare la luna. Con risultati altamente (in)prevedibili…
Lo spot è parte di una campagna [...]

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ANTONIO POL – En panales

A monkey cub and a baby human are given a brand new green planet for all their needs. Guess who’s gonna fuck up everything?
En pañales is the final project of Antonio Pol for his Master of Arts in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation (MA ISCA) at the Universitat de les Illes Balears.
The music comes from [...]

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Updates (kinda)

Added links in the sidebar: socks, A la felicidad por la electrónica, ThirdWay Blog, Promo News and Divshare.
Also updated the best of section.
Aggiunti link nella sidebar: socks, A la felicidad por la electrónica, ThirdWay Blog, Promo News e Divshare.
Aggiornata la lista del meglio di.



A girl (Lena Headey) dressin up the windows of an Oxford Street store, in London, catches the eye of a guy (Simon McBurney) trying to ask people some question, starting to laugh at his failures. Finally, a man who knows how to make a lady smile!
The short film has been directed by Charles Guard and [...]


Foutaises: Link Updated

The clip for Foutaises is back online.
Added alternate links for Right Place, 14th Raindance Film Festival and What Else is There?
La clip per Foutaises è di nuovo online.
Aggiunti link alternativi per Right Place, 14th Raindance Film Festival e What Else is There?

REFERENCE: Il post di Foutaises.

Prisen: Arnold 2005

Since the guy won an important advertising award, nothing seems to turn him on anymore.
Viral directed by Adam Hashemi at Bacon Copenhagen. Director of photography: Lasse Frank Johannessen.
Da quando ha vinto un importante premio, niente sembra più avere l’effetto di eccitarlo…
Spot virale diretto da Adam Hashemi presso Bacon Copenhagen. Direttore della fotografia: Lasse Frank Johannessen.


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A rare example of a bucolic robot movie. A little, curious robot is wondering in the country side, when he catch up with a mysterious object…
Transistor is the pilot for an animated series that the guys at Suponix would be happy to develop, if they just found someone to produce. Anyone out there?
The animation and [...]


Aria: Link Updated

Updated the links for Aria, both for the movie and the easter egg.
Aggiornati i link per Aria, sia per il film che per la sorpresa nascosta.

REFERENCE: Il post di Aria.

ZEITGUISED – Amino Assets

Here’s another pick from the last edition of the DOTMOV Festival, following Giocattoli futuristi.
It’s a play on aminoacids, the building blocks of all kind of life on Earth, realized with a lo-fi stop animation style.
Amino Assets has been realized by Zeitguised, a moving image studio founded in 2001 in Germany. In 2005, they joined London [...]

grain.S: Clip Updated

An high resolution, high quality clip for grain.S is now available. Enjoy!!!
Added a link to Photobucket, that is hosting the images.
Una clip in alta risoluzione, alta qualità per grain.S è ora disponibile. Enjoy!!!
Aggiunto un link a Photobucket, che ospita le immagini.

REFERENCE: Scarica grain.S.

Historia tragica… Link Updated

The better clip available for Historia Tragica com Final Feliz is now only streamable. Now I’m linking to the lower quality version. I could put online a copy of the old clip, but that was bad quality too. So, I’d rather wait for a better good version to come out. For those intolerant to Real [...]

CLARK – Herr Bar

WARNING: may be Not Suitable For Work.
A white woman, painted in white. A black man, painted in black. Their encounter will have non ordinary effects.
Chris Clark is an English electronic musician currently signed to Warp Records. With the 2006 release of Throttle Furniture, he shortened his artist name to Clark.
Herr Bar is featured on its [...]

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Not a soul…
HD Video available below!

A pint-sized samurai is faced with a seemingly impossible challenge as proposed by a behemoth Emperor and his wicked minions. If he don’t succeed, he’ll lost his head.
Samurai is an animated short created for General Electrics’s campaign, Imagination at Work, ideated at BBDO by creative directors Don Schneider and Greg [...]

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A Ribbon: Link Updated

The video for Devendra Banhart’s A Ribbon got a new link. I’ve also added a link for Walkie-Talkie Man.
Il video per A Ribbon di Devendra Banhart ha un nuovo link. Ho anche aggiunto un link a Walkie-Talkie Man.

DOWNLOAD: Il post di A Ribbon.

TER: Guepard

Guépard (Cheetah) is a commercial for French Regional Express Transports, “depicting usual travel nightmares, showing that a car might not be the easiest way to get from A to B.” (Source: Annecy)
The directors are Smith & Foulkes at Nexus Productions. The animation team includes Darren Price.
There could be a 80″ version out there. Leave a [...]

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THE GUILLEMOTS – Annie Let`s Not Wait

And that’s all you need to know…

A boxeur is payed to fix his next match. But our hero got another plan on his mind…
This beautiful animated music video aims to recreate the visual feeling of one of the first feature lenght animated films ever, Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed. Don’t know how much technology [...]

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ERIC HENRY – Pirates & Emperors

‘Cause there are pirates and emperors,but they’re really the same thingwhen they go and try to reach the same endsby using the same means…

“While critics decry the United States’ current brand of military and economic imperialism as dangerously unprecedented, great powers have been throwing their weight around like schoolyard bullies since St. Augustine’s time. This [...]

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