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{ Monthly Archives } December 2006

Blissful: Clip Updated

The clip for Blissful is back online, now playable inline and in a standard compliant MP4 container. This time I used Graphedit to perform the lossless video conversion.
La clip di Blissful è di nuovo online, ora visibile in linea e in un contenitore MP4 standard. Stavolta ho usato Graphedit per effettuare la conversione video senza [...]

MOGWAI – Travel is Dangerous

Sink, sinkDrowned by our countryGreat machineIs crushed, old and rottenNever surface again

The first time I saw this, I didn’t liked it. Luckily, I sometimes change my mind…
“For Mogwai’s Travel Is Dangerous, Monkmus depicts the plight of a band of alien creatures fleeing their crumbling planet. Making extensive use of textured environments and multi-plane compositing, Monkmus’ [...]

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Crystal Buxton is a goody-goody girl from the perfect town of Peachy Hills. She’s about to set off on her student exchange. However little does she know that the kid she’s about to swap with is Richo… the son of the Overlord of the Underworld!
My best Fiend is designed, created and directed by Pete Candeland [...]

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Japan: Post Updated

In order to post it on Ticklebooth, I’ve updated the post for Japan, and put the clip back online.
Ho aggiornato il post di Japan, e rimesso online la clip, in modo da postarlo su Ticklebooth.

A Ninja Pays Half My Rent

A funny short movie written and directed by Steven K. Tsuchida and produced at Oil Factory. Director of photography: Rhet W. Bear. Editor: Ken Mowe.
“When your roommate dies from an allergic reaction to fruit and the rent is due and you don’t have the cash to cover it, there’s no time to mess around picking [...]

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Giocattoli Futuristi

This “digital theatre of futurist marionettes”, inspired to the art of Fortunato Depero, is the thesis degree of Claudio Castelli, student in design at the Politecnico di Milano. I’ll leave him any explanation, and then to the images of the movie…
The story aims to be a reprise of a certain futuristic representation, a tale [...]

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Modern World: Post Updated

Modern World just won Best Animated Video at the 2006 antville Music Video Award, so I’ve updated the post with the director’s commentary on the making of it.
Added links to One Small Step, Ain Nith e 41 and Shmentura in the (overcrowded) sidebar.
Modern World ha vinto come Miglior Video Animato all’antville Music Video Award 2006, [...]

LFO – Freak

This is going to make you freak.

In a Chinese school, a group of girls put their teacher in the toilet and start to get freaky…
There are several similarities between this vid and the works of Chris Cunningham. Check out Come on my Selector. Also, the fight scene reminds me of Floria’s clip for Vaka. But, [...]

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WARREN EIG – A Family Xmas

A man that doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.

A nice addition to our Xmas posts.
Santa (John Capodice) is in the house. The house of a mobster (Robert Costanzo) actually. And things are getting worse from the moment his presence is noticed.
I could’ve done without the (compulsory) happy ending, but [...]


The Cat Came Back: Clip Updated

A new clip for The Cat Came Back is available. Also, I’ve update the posts for MTV: Bjork and Orange: Hide N Seek.
Disponibile nuova clip per The Cat Came Back. Aggiornati, inoltre, i post di MTV: Bjork ed Orange: Hide N Seek.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Cat Came Back.

Whatever you are into

It doesn’t matter what turns you on. Just be sure to wear a condom!
This new contribution to MTV’s Staying Alive campaign has been directed by Brent Harris and produced at Egg Films.
Non importa cosa sia ad eccitarti. L’importante è che indossi un condom!
Il nuovo contrubuto alla campagna Staying Alive di MTV è stato diretto da [...]

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INUMANOS – Polegar opositor

The space rubber duck is threatening the city with its egg bombs. Who’s gonna save the day?
Inumanos (Inteligência Natural União Maior Através de Núcleos Originários do Subterrâneo) is a Brazilian hip hop act made up by MC Aori and DJ Babão.
The music video has been directed by Cadu Macedo at Lobo. Complete credits, here.
La [...]

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All Gates Open

Some time in the future, some city in the world. A man become aware of his own nature: he’s a robot, his reality being just a software on a micro punched tape. The robot will then start to modify the tape…
The plot is based on the short story The Electric Ant by Philip Kindred Dick, [...]

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Femme: Link Updated

By popular demand, the high resolution clip for Aides’ Femme is back online.
A grande richiesta, la clip in alta risoluzione per Aides – Femme è di nuovo online.

REFERENCE: Il post di Femme.

Ratamahatta: Clip Updated

The video for Sepultura’s Ratamahatta is online. Since I can’t find the Quicktime clip in my archives, I’ve uploaded the MPEG source.
Il video di Ratamahatta dei Sepultura torna online. Siccome non trovo la clip Quicktime in archivio, ho caricato la sorgente MPEG.

REFERENCE: Il post di Ratamahatta.

Corona Station: Link Updated

The post for Corona Station has been updated to the previously available clip.
Ho rediretto il post di Corona Station verso la vecchia clip sul sito dell’autore.

REFERENCE: Il post di Corona Station.

HP: Il Postino

It’s gone postal…

The postman… Niether snow, nor heat, nor giant robots will keep him from delivering your mail.
Commercial for Hewlett-Packard technology applied to US Postal system, directed by Fredrik Bond at MJZ.
Editor is Hank Corwin at Lost Planet. Visual effects made at Method Studios.
Il postino… Non la neve, nè il calore, nè un robot gigante [...]

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Ego: Link Updated

The clip for Ego is back online. If you have a better quality one, or know where to find one, you’re welcome!
Updated the posts with alternate links for: Father and Daughter, Rexona: Musical, Human, First Taste, Snowball.
Added a link to Les Télécréateurs in the sidebar.
La clip di Ego è di nuovo online. Se qualcouno ha [...]


I’ll keep digging for some old stuff, from my forum posts, as I get some things fixed…
It’s not easy when you wake up at the wrong place. It’s even worst when you’re a character in a painting.
This 3D animation by Marcelo Ricardo Ortiz is set to Duran Duran’s song The Chauffer and pays homage to [...]

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Treevil: Link Updated

The clip for Treevil is back online since a couple of days. I forgot to post about it…
La clip di Treevil è di nuovo onlin da un paio di giorni. Avevo dimenticato di farci un post…

REFERENCE: Il post di Treevil.

SOUNDGARDEN – Black Hole Sun

No one sings like you anymore

The end of the world, this time, is exactly how we know it. But… exactly!!!
The visual effects are probably not that appealing nowadays, but that was one of my favourite videos at the time, and still one that I like to watch from time to time.
Soundgarden was a Seattle rock [...]


How to Tell When a Relationship is Over

I’ve recently posted the winner of the latest edition of Depict! and that reminded me of this short, from the 2003 contest. It didn’t won anything but to me, it’s a great one!
It’s basically what the title tells: a series of little things that, when happen to you… Well, man, it’s over!
The director is Tony [...]

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ANNA K – Vecernice

A nice music video set in a Computer Graphics world where the sense is getting lost…
Anna K is a “leading czech singer” and Večernice (Vesper) should be her latest single.
The clips was produced at the Czech animation studio 3desade, that is the partnership between animators Pavel Sadílek (also director of the video) and Jan Brukner [...]

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MARC GRAVAS – Show and Tell

A day, at the school. Earl is called for a public speaking: he have to show stuff he collected during the week and tell his fellows about that stuff. Despite of his fears, he’ll end having the best day of his life. Since then, at least.
Based on an original idea by Breadley Trevor Greive, the [...]

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No Fat Links

Links added to the sidebar: Atom Films to Go, Hotel St. George Press, The Spec Spot, La Ménagerie.
Links aggiunti alla sidebar: Atom Films to Go, Hotel St. George Press, The Spec Spot, La Ménagerie.


Actually, the clip for What Else is There? was online. I just forgot to link to it… Now I did.
In effetti la clip di What Else is There? era online. Mi ero soltanto scordato di linkarla…

MARC MENAGER – Jean Paille

Another brilliant stop animation from the French studio La Ménagerie, this one from 2002. Previously here: Thermostat 7.
Abandoned at the moment of his birth in an attic, Jean Paille (Jean-Michel Caillebotte) built his universe far from humans, with the animals (alive or stuffed) which populate its attic. Acting like an apprentice Frankenstein, Jean Paille tries [...]

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ROYKSOPP: Link Updated

Ok, ok, ok, I got it! You want Röyksopp’s music video, and you got it. The clip for What Else is There? is back online. I’ll probably make available a better clip some time in the future. But this is not the right moment…
Ok, ok, ok, ho capito! Volete il video dei Röyksopp: eccovelo! La [...]

Overt Time: Updated

The high resolution clip for Over Time is back online. Go on and get it, if you want.
Also Updated the post for Harrowdown Hill.
La clip in alta risoluzione di Over Time è di nuovo online. Andate e servitevi, se volete!
Inoltre, aggiornato il post di Harrowdown Hill.

REFERENCE: Il post di Over Time.

Save my Bacon

A Christmas turkey escape death and uses some chocolate to ultimately save his neck.
The commercial has been directed by Ruairi Robinson and produced at Blinkink. Post production made at The Mill; the 3D team, supervised by Jordi Bares, includes Martin Contel, Laurent Makowski, Jules Janaud and François Roisin.
Un tacchino natalizio fugge da morte certa e [...]

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RADIOHEAD – Go to Sleep

I’m gonna go to sleepLet this washAll over me.

The clip is set in a fictional town square. “As the track builds up, the location begins to dramatically transform. One by one, the buildings surrounding the square begin to self destruct and turn into rubble. Oblivious to this, the crowds of people continue to go [...]

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A travel to the n-th dimension, and back, through the spires of an unearthed giant serpent. Based on the stories of Pupshaw and Pushpaw from the Frank comics, by Jim Woodring.
The short is part of the Visions of Frank DVD, featuring seven animated shorts based on classic Frank comics and made by Japanese filmmakers, plus [...]

Der Propellervogel: Link Updated

The clip for Der Propellervogel is back online. Get it while you can…
Given the situation, I’ve updated several other posts that needed a refresh. Sorry for the guys who are subscribing my feed.
A complete list: Rock Wars, The Other Side, Psyop’s Anthem, The Compromise, Grand Classics, Little Town, Humans! and Run Dragon Run!!
La clip di [...]

[BEST OF] November 2006

I wanted to post this later this month, but since the situation evolved in the bad direction…
Counting Water: How much do you love me?
The Mercury Craze: the collaboration between Subtle and SSSR continues… [link updated]
Horn OK Please: a momentous day in the life of a hapless Bombay taxi driver.
Smiling Addiction: of the pursuit of happiness, [...]

Six Days: Update

The video for Six Days, directed by Wong Kar Wai, is back online.
Also updated the links for Jay Duck, Dis-moi que l’amour and Autobahn Polizei.
Il video di Six Days, diretto da Wong Kar Wai, è di nuovo online.
Aggiornati anche i link di Jay Duck, Dis-moi que l’amour ed Autobahn Polizei.

REFERENCE: Il post di Six Days.

Play Inline Again

All the post in the play inline category are now back online. Playback is ensured by Cinegage’s vPIP script, momentarily hosted on Altervista.
The updated posts: Naturally Capable, Snowball, Cinema d’Europa, Lux Provocateur.
Tutti i post nella categoria play inline sono di nuovo funzionanti. Riproduzione assicurata dallo script vPIP di Cinegage, al momento ospitato su Altervista.
I post [...]

Cubic Tragedy

Come undo(ne)

Here’s a meta-referential short movie about a poligonal girl who tries her newly purchased “cosmetic” 3D editor to smoothen her own face.
It may sound like something for geeks only, but actually the short is so funny that anybody should be able to enjoy it. If you ever tried to do something with Maya or [...]

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Fatbros: Post Updated

Added some CD/DVD tips in the post for Fatbros. And (again) removed the dead links.
Aggiunte informazioni sul DVD al post di Fatbros. E (di nuovo…) rimossi i link defunti.

Parenthese: Post Updated

Added a link to Christophe Stampe’s blog in the post for Parenthèse and removed the dead links.
Links added in the sidebar: VJ News, Erich Ian, The Sect of Rama, mirá!
Added a new link for AIDS (You are here).
Aggiunto un link al blog di Christophe Stampe nel post di Parenthèse e rimossi i link defunti.
Link aggiunti [...]

SKETCHIE – King Clandestine

A dull black and white world. The total loneliness. Then anger breaks loose and the color invade the surroundings.
Sketchie, AKA Joe Shetcliffe, is an electronic musician.
King Clandestine is featured on The Writer’s Line Benefit, a collection of out-takes, original tracks and b-sides released on 2004 for Lumenessence.
The director of this video is Eugene Riecansky, currently [...]



I’ve posted the music video for Waves, directed by Sebastián López and Sabrina Mottino, a couple of weeks ago. Here’s another clip from their portfolio.
Just like Waves, Change is made up from photos and animated in After Effects.
The use of imagery is powerful, and well suited to the music, Tear Out My Eyes by Tricky.
Ho [...]

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Goodbye Blip

My account on Blip has been removed. I think it’s time to think seriously of my own storage space. I’ve updated the post for My Angel Rocks Back and Forth, as well. Other updates will follow.
Also updated the posts for: Modern World, Little Pony and Fortress.
Mi hanno cancellato l’account su Blip. Immagino sia tempo di [...]

Crack Catches up with You

A man who purchased some cheap windshield, is chased by a cracks that developed into it.
The spot has been directed by Daniel Levi at Independent. Post produced at Glassworks by Yafei Wu, 3D artist, Duncan Horn and Ludo Fealy, both 2D artists.
Un tizio che ha preso un parabrezza a buon mercato, è inseguito dalle crepe [...]

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FOUR TET – My Angel Rocks Back and Forth

And here’s another clip that mixes motion graphics, animation, and real action, this time in an artsy black and white.
Four Tet is the name used by Kieran Hebden for his electronic music-oriented solo efforts to differentiate from his work with post-rock band Fridge. (Source: Wikipedia)
The video is included in his EP My Angel Rocks Back [...]

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KUN-I CHANG – Fission


My telco is upgrading the net from mechanical gears to vacuum tubes, so my connection is unstable. The next posts were supposed to be here yesterday…
Like a dream within a dream, a man is arguing with his alter ego in the murales. The film uses captivating motion graphics (notice how the style continuosly change passing [...]

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Friend of the Night: Link Updated

Digital7 doesn’t allow hotlinking anymore, so my post is now pointing to the copy on that is higher quality too. Also updated the posts for The Other Side, Watermelon Love and It’s a Hit.
Digital7 non permette più l’hot link, per cui adesso il mio post punta alla copia su che tra l’altro è [...]

RUTH MEEHAN – And the Red Man Went Green

A little sweet short movie the will not leave you untouched. Or will it? Well, there’s only one way to know…
The story. “An old woman (Elizabeth Ross) negotiates the hectic streets of London fearful of being knocked over. At a pedestrian crossing her worst fears are realised as a rollerblader (Bruce Alexander) collides with her.”
This [...]


An old French commercial for an Italian sewing machine. The sewing patterns are used to visualize the music. Cool!
Vecchio spot francese per una macchina da cucito italiana. I ricami vengono utilizzati per visualizzare la musica. Fico!

via Cartoon Brew

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Zig-Zag da Adeater.[Format: MPEG - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Zig-Zag.[Format: AVI [...]

JASON FORREST – War Photographer

I guess you were all wondering when I would have posted this video by Joel Trussell here. Stop badgering yourself: the moment is come!
So, tonight we’ll rock with the rocking vikings on their boat. Feel free to sing along, even thought there are no lyrics: you can always improvise something.
Jason Forrest is an electronic music [...]

Red Dragon

Another lotto commercial: this time is Danish. What we learn here is that dreaming too wildly can be harmful for you and the people around you.
The commercial has been directed by Axel Laubscher. I’ve posted it on M&C long time ago.
Altro spot per una lotteria: stavolta danese. La lezione che impariamo è che sognare troppo [...]

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SHELBY FLOYD – The Harder Pill

Reality or delusion?

This short movie has been made for the fourth edition of the Wis-kino film festival. The contestants were given an ingredient they had to fit in the story, in this case: the phone.
Not that it will have a relevant part in the movie. In fact, it is mostly about reality issues, and how [...]


Public Relationships

Links added to the sidebar: Neave TV, Roba di Tark and andreaxmas. Also: updated the best of section.
Link aggiunti alla sidebar: Neave TV, Roba di Tark ed andreaxmas. Inoltre, aggiornato il meglio di.

12TWELVE – Autobahn Polizei

An elaborate robotic mechanism release a steel ball into a king size, pinball like, maze. Show time ensues. Enjoy it!
Javier Garcia, bassist of the band 12Twelve, spent seven months in the making of the video. The song is taken from their latest album, L’univers.
The other members of the band are: Jaime Pantaleon, Jose Rosello [...]


Potapych: the bear who loved vodka

Why… Why is it easier to make friends than to keep them?

This short movie, directed and written by Darren Price, produced by Nicola Black, is one of the four animations made for the Channel 4 Mesh program in 2006.
I’ve posted about the whole bunch of movies on Ticklebooth some time ago, and about this short [...]

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Call me Fix. I will be your Update!

Added alternate links for Broken Boy Soldier and Endless Cookie. Fixed the posts for Gifts to the World, Monster and Mars Delight: Bruce Lee.
Aggiunti link alternativi per Broken Boy Soldier ed Endless Cookie. Aggiustati i post di Gifts to the World, Monster e Mars Delight: Bruce Lee.

Dodge: Nitro

The point here seems to be that this freakin’ SUV is too freakin’ heavy and it will suck a lot of gasoline. So you’d rather buy a smaller and cheaper car. How could I disagree?
Directed by the Swedish collective ACNE. Director of photography: Crille Forsberg.
Il punto qui, sembra essere che questo cavolo di SUV è [...]

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MAXIME ROBIN – Carlos (my name is not)

Prenez place vous-même

A nice music video with a retro-ish look. Like the clip on the previous post, I’m not sure about what I’ve seen, but I liked it…
Carlos (my name is not) by Maxime Robin AKA DNT, is the first single from the album Maxime Robin is a towntempo kind of guy that will be [...]


Don’t eat the bears

Don’t know about you, but I’ve got routing problems all the day long, until a few hours ago. So, today, I’ll take the chance to kil some stuff from my “to post” queue.
Phlegmatic is a weird animation. Not really sure what’s that all about. Something to do with words and their meaning? [...]

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Screenvision: Disco Holiday

No freezin’ in funky townSanta’s gonna get down

Singing and dancing, 70s style!
A funny commercial directed, designed, animated and edited by Digital Kitchen.
Cantando e danzano, stile anni ‘70.
Un divertente spot diretto, progettato, animato e montato da Digital Kitchen.

via Motionographer

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Disco Holiday.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Disco Holiday su [...]

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SIN DESTROYERS – Gifts to the World

He is Christ the Lordand He brings gift to the worldHe brings smiles to the boys and the girlsHe died for your sins, so you could get presents.

Our monthly “what the fuck?!?” is this Christmas themed music video where Jesus becomes Jesus Clause and dies on the cross so that the world can get its [...]

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Inspired by the series Psst… Pass it On!, eight young fellow form Swinburne University in Australia did this animation based on the idea of an “exquisite corpse”: a collective work where each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence.
Each member developed his 14 second slice knowing only the final frame of the previous one. Also, [...]

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Zune Arts: Endless Cookie

That would be great if cookies never end! Not that this has really something to do with Zune…
The commercial has been directed by SSSR at Passion Pictures. The song is Magic Trick by M. Ward.
Sarebbe bello se i biscotti non finissero mai! Non che questo abbia qualcosa a che vedere con Zune…
Lo spot è [...]

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GERARD DARMON – Mambo Italiano

everybody can capisc’how to Mambo Italiano.

I’ve posted Dis moi que l’amour just before leaving, but when I posted this clip, the latest from Les Sp6men, on M&C it has been an instant hit, so…
It’s a classic musical number, after all. It is just made with puppets. And puppets are made in CGI. And the [...]

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HENRY SELICK – Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions

Written and directed by Henry Selick, this is the pilot episode of what should have been a series. It uses live action, stop motion and cut-out animation.
Bob is a strange guy: kind of a loser in the ordinary (?) world, a slow loser, he becomes a hero in the lower dimensions.
The following episodes were scripted [...]

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