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Smokung fu

There’s only one way to beat the urge to smoke. Yeah: kung fu! Turn ‘em to ashes… Wooops!!!

A PSA sponsored by California Department of Health Services. The spot was directed by Kevin Donovan (the director of The Tuxedo) at Form.

C’è un solo modo per battere la voglia di fumare. Il kung fu!!! Forza, riducile in cenere… Oooops!

Pubblicità progresso per il dipartimanto dei servizi sanitari della California. Spot diretto da Kevin Donovan (regista de Lo smoking) presso Form.

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  1. Felicia Marie | 26 November 2006 at 01:59 | Permalink

    Who needs gum or a patch, when you can have your very own Kong Fu master to help you kick that dirty little habit.

    First of all, any PSA with a man dressed up as a big fat cigarette with a cloud of smoke billowing from the top, will grab my attention. But when you mix a nicotine-clad man with a Karate master, you are just asking for trouble.

    I will admit that in general, I have noticed that there are far less smokers in California than in New York. But after watching this video, I almost want to start smoking so that I can have my own Kong Fu master to help me quit.

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