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MARILYN MANSON – The Beautiful People

If you live with apes man, it’s hard to be clean.

It’s passed almost a month since Floria’s Day, and here I am again, with what is probably the most Floria-esque music video in her production. Colors out of reality, obsessive compulsive cuts, disembodies figures, technology fused with flesh, stop animation, and all the other trademarks you should know by now…

Marilyn Manson is the industrial rock and alternative metal band of Brian Hugh Warner.

The Beautiful People is featured on their second album, called Antichrist Superstar and released in October 1996 for Nothing Records.

Born in Pescara, Italy, Floria Sigismondi is currently signed to Revolver Film Company.

Non è passato un mese dal Floria’s Day, e rieccomi qui, con quello che è forse il video più Floriesco della sua produzione. Colori fuori da ogni realtà, montaggio ossessivo compulsivo, figure eteree, tecnologia fusa con la carne, brani in stop motion, e tutti gli altri marchi di fabbrica che ormai dovreste conoscere bene…

Marilyn Manson è la band di rock industriale e metal alternativo Brian Hugh Warner.

The Beautiful People si trova sul loro secondo album, intitolato Antichrist Superstar ed uscito nell’ottobre del 1996 per Nothing Records.

Nata a Pescara, Floria Sigismondi lavora attualmente per Revolver Film Company.

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Beautiful People.
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WATCH: Guarda Beautiful People su Revolver.

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