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MAN MAN – Banana Ghost

please don’t go and build a fence around your heart
like you’ve done before
when you’re losing ground
i know i can’t wait

“Broken hearts, handlebar moustaches, vagabond lice…” Everything stuck together in this masterly crafted piece of motion design realized by Jeremy Mayhew.

Man Man is an American experimental rock band from Philadelphia. Members of the band are: Honus Honus (real name: Ryan Kattner), Pow Pow (real name: Christopher Powell), Alejandro Bjorg (AKA Cougar), Sergei Sogay and Chang Wang.

Banana Ghost is featured on their second album, Six Demon Bag, released on February 2006 for Ace Fu Records.

Jeremy Mayhew was born and grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. He realized a number of short movies, and the award-winning feature documentary, Striker’s Passing. He cofounded the company Oceanscape Arts with Michelle Mayhew.

“Cuori infranti, baffi a manubrio, pidocchi vagabondi…” Tutto ciò, ed altro, è riunito in un pezzo di motion design di splendida fattura, realizzato da Jeremy Mayhew.

Man Man è un gruppo rock sperimentale proveniente da Philadelphia. Ne fanno parte: Honus Honus (vero nome: Ryan Kattner), Pow Pow (vero nome: Christopher Powell), Alejandro Bjorg (alias Cougar), Sergei Sogay e Chang Wang.

Banana Ghost si trova sul loro secondo lavoro, Six Demon Bag, uscito nel febbraio del 2006 per Ace Fu Records.

Jeremy Mayhew è nato e cresciuto sull’isola di Martha’s Vineyard. Ha realizzato diversi cortometraggi, ed il multipremiato documentario Striker’s Passing. E’ cofondatore della compagnia Oceanscape Arts con Michelle Mayhew.

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Banana Ghost.
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WATCH: Guarda Banana Ghost su Oceanscape.

LISTEN: Ascolta Banana Ghost su The Hype Machine. [MP3]

LINK: Visita Oceanscape, sito di Jeremy Mayhew.

LINK: Visita il sito dei Man Man.

IMDB: Pagina di Jeremy Mayhew

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  1. Felicia Marie | 26 November 2006 at 00:44 | Permalink

    I’ve never heard of this band before but the video is pretty rockin. The old world images and the texture of the ink are so uniquely interesting. And the music is really fun, sort of reminds me of Beruit.

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