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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006

See you on Monday

I’m off. Be good kids!
Vedo. Fate i bravi!


Hummer: Monster

It’s a little monster.

On a raid, Godzilla meets Robotto. It’s love at first sight, and not a sterile love.
This (by now) classic commercial was directed by Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks.
Visual effects done at Method Studios. Editor was Avi Oron at Bikini Films. Director of photography: Toby Irwin.
Godzilla all’attacco incontra Robotto. E’ amore a priva [...]

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RICHARD SWIFT – Beautifulheart

You with your beautiful heart,your beautiful heart

Life ends to start another life. Men and women, together, perform the miracle. In pixilation.
Richard Swift is a singer, pianist and guitarist from Orange County, California. (Source: Wikipedia)
Beautifulheart is his latest single, released th 13th of November 2006 in the United Kingdom.
The clip is credited to Ulysses & Onasis [...]

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T.I.T.A.N: Genesis

Genesis energy is the source of existence in this universe. All is created from the energy, and all must return to the infinite Nexus of energies flowing through dimensions.
It is also a good excuse to have two giant mecha fighting, in this classical tale of revenge from the grave… Yeah! One the the robots is… [...]


Something personal

Two new links in my personal section in the sidebar. I “had” to open a MySpace account, so I’ll link to it even tho’ I don’t know what else to do with it. But that’s not the big deal.
The Daily Reel is syndicating some of my posts and, one of these days, I’ll start posting [...]


A panda (Badukki) and a logo (KN) find themselves in a place called Wonderland…
Kind of funny piece of animation and motion graphics, realized by Marco Vinicio Morales for his very own Kult Nation. Music and sound design by Bun Lee.
Un panda (Badukki) ed un logo (KN) si ritrovano in un logo chiamato Wonderland…
Un divertente pezzo [...]

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MARC LAVOINE ft. BAMBOU – Dis-moi que l’amour

Tell me that love will never end.

Fake claymation. Why? Well, why not?
That’s what you’ll find in this music video: a tiny CGI generated clay man, will take the resemblance of the singer and perform the song with his band.
Marc Lavoine is a French singer and actor. He’s married with Princess Sarah Poniatowski of Poland. (Source: [...]

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Here’s a short that should have been here earlier. Now it should be permanently online, so…
The short, created at Monovich Studio and directed by Stephen Fitzgerald, serves as a “metaphor for life with a decided slant towards optimism”; it was inspired by the book Stand Against The Wind by Erwin Raphael McManus.
Says the director: “I [...]

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Renault Clio: Scarecrow

This must be my time to go away, so far awayLeaving all behind, that’s what i want, i just want to live

One of the things to do before you die? Seeing the sea. That is a little bit hard if you’re a scarecrow…
This good spot was directed by Luciano Podcaminsky (of Father and Daughter fame) [...]

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In the forest, hundreds and hundreds of ducks are gathering for… say what? Oh, yeah! There’s Jay Duck and his rockin’ band performing one of their greatest hits.
Another animation by Guido Manuli, also here with I Wanna Be Your Lover. I really don’t know how to thank whoever is blogging at Seksuroba for making me [...]

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Thermostat 7

Here I am again. I thought you might have appreciated the little break. Let’s start with this piece of stop animation directed and animated by Dominique Deluze and Marc Ménager, produced at La Ménagerie, in 1999.
The short looks like that old-school abstract animations, but it shoud be regarded as the history of the world as [...]

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Bob & Sam: Link Updated

The link for Bob and Sam has been updated.
Updated the post for La coda with a link to People Who Like Toccafondo, posted on Ticklebooth.
I’ve also added this widget to display the Google Pagerank in the sidebar. Don’t know how reliable it is.
Il link per Bob and Sam è stato aggiornato.
Aggiornato il post di La [...]

Full Frame: March of the Penguins

There’s a new emperor in town…

The point is that some stories make better documentaries than fiction. To illustrate the point, we’ll be shown The March of the Penguins as if it was a sci-fi B-movie.
The clip has been directed by Kevin Donovan and produced at Form. Special effects by Suspect. Puppeteering by Ron Stefaniuk.
It is [...]



Beneath the concrete lies the beachIn my hands not out of reach

Similarly to La coda, this music video has been entirely created out of photographs. I like it. Hope you like it too…
“With the exception of the last 15 seconds, you watch the lovely effect of stop motion animation – a result of manipulating approximately [...]

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A two minutes short movie realized by Gianluigi Toccafondo, produced by Mix Film, in Milan.
La coda features “about 1200 drawings (12.5×10 inch) about the movings of Buster Keaton, which I photographed and xeroxed on small sheets, then painted and filmed with a 35mm camera.” (Source: Dispenser Online)
The final result is surprisingly smooth and… [...]

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Rock the World: Updated (again)

Both post and repost for Rock the World have been updated with a working download link.
Post e repost di Rock the World sono stati aggiornati con un link per il download funzionante.

Updates: Steel Teeth and Links

New clip for Steel Teeth.
Links added to the sidebar: Gigazine, Revista G7, Seksuroba.
Nuova clip per Steel Teeth.
Link aggiunti alla sidebar: Gigazine, Revista G7, Seksuroba.

Axe: Love Story

The guy had a little transpiration problem. Well, he could actually keep a fish alive under his armpit. Everybody praise him for this. Everybody except the woman he loves. Until, one day…
Commercial directed by Traktor and produced by Pioneer Productions. Director of photography: Crille Forsberg.
Traktor’s website holds a different version of the clip, which shows [...]

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THE RACONTEURS – Broken Boy Soldier

The boy never gets older

Following her classic, here’s one of the latest efforts from Floria Sigismondi. I was thinking about uploading a better version, but those MTV graphics are annoying.
In the video, a broken tambourine player toy is trying to put his pieces back together, with a little help from the animals in the forest.
My [...]

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MARILYN MANSON – The Beautiful People

If you live with apes man, it’s hard to be clean.

It’s passed almost a month since Floria’s Day, and here I am again, with what is probably the most Floria-esque music video in her production. Colors out of reality, obsessive compulsive cuts, disembodies figures, technology fused with flesh, stop animation, and all the other trademarks [...]

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Kumita, l`apprentie Sorciere

Well, fart jokes are really not one of my favourite themes, but this one is good!
“Kumita is a charming and mischevious girl of seven, though she undoubtedly is a little more touchy than most kids of her age. And when she does take offense, better not be at the wrong end of her magic wand…”
Kumita, [...]

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Rexona: Mirror

And you thought you had a hard life! Just look at what happens to your reflection in the mirror…
The spot was directed by Eric Hillenbrand at Gang Films, with additional services produced by Wasabi Films.
P.S. The short version is 60″, while the other clips are 75″ long.
E tu che pensavi di fare una vita da [...]

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MAN MAN – Banana Ghost

please don’t go and build a fence around your heartlike you’ve done beforewhen you’re losing groundi know i can’t wait

“Broken hearts, handlebar moustaches, vagabond lice…” Everything stuck together in this masterly crafted piece of motion design realized by Jeremy Mayhew.
Man Man is an American experimental rock band from Philadelphia. Members of the band [...]


STEPHEN IRWIN – Bows & Arrows

The Caretaker lies in his hospital bed whilst an evil robot wreaks mayhem outside in the city. What is the link between the two of them and the man’s imaginary friend, a fat weevil?
You’ll find out in this amazing short movie written, animated and directed by Stephen Irwin and produced by Margaret Milner.
The narration passes [...]

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Smokung fu

There’s only one way to beat the urge to smoke. Yeah: kung fu! Turn ‘em to ashes… Wooops!!!
A PSA sponsored by California Department of Health Services. The spot was directed by Kevin Donovan (the director of The Tuxedo) at Form.
C’è un solo modo per battere la voglia di fumare. Il kung fu!!! Forza, riducile in [...]

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The Mexican Cloud-Swing Disaster

During a performance of a circus act, the Luna Carnavalera, the “Mexican Cloud Swing” girl hurts herself. Is this a part of the performance… or not?
I’m not actually sure of what goes on, in the movie; but I’ve been overwhelmed by its sense of wonder.
Author of this fascinating animated short is Tom Schroeder, who produced [...]

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A light edition, today, in every sense of the word.
We’ll be told the tale of an elder couple who came to visit their old playground. A ride on the old merry-go-round let them revive their youth, literally.
An heart warming bit of traditional animation, somewhat reminding of the work of Bill Plympton.
Swing was realized by Esteban [...]


Esign: Links Updated

Both the MP4 and the MPEG-2 clips for Esign are avaiable again, for your pleasure.
Also, added a mirror link for Lux Provocateur.
Le clip MP4 ed MPEG-2 per Esign sono di nuovo a vostra completa disposizione.
Ho anche aggiunto un mirror per Lux Provocateur.

La bete et la belle

La bête et la belle (The Beast and the Beauty) is a beautiful commercial for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montral, mixing dancing performances and motion graphics.
The clip was directed by Guillaume de Fontenay at Cinélande. Motion design, color correction and compositing done at Fly Studio.
La bête et la belle (La bestia e la bella) [...]

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ISAAC KING – Puffing Away

There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s needbut not for man’s greed.

I like this description: “Our gremlins of energy over-consumption hit a hyperactive high in this head-nodding short…” (Source: Planet in Focus)
The film features a song from Wagon Christ, namely I’m Singing, from the 2004 album Sorry I Make You Lush.
The short has [...]


Une charogne

Et le ciel regardait la carcasse superbeComme une fleur s’épanouir.

It’s not that I want to post every short ever made by the students of Supinfocom. It’s that these guys are awesome!
This short is based on Une charogne, a poem from Charles Baudelaire’s Les fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil), a different kind of love [...]

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Lucie: Post Updated

The website for this old Supinfocom movie is not available anymore. Lucie is now up on Blip.
Also, if you had problems downloading Birthday Boy, the link changed. Now it should work.
Links added to the sidebar: Mald’è, Slamdance, StupidApp.
Sorry for the inconvenience on Esign. That turned out to be my fault. I’ll put the big version [...]

Rexona: Musical

Another post I did on M&C. Only 20 clicks, uh… Nobody likes musicals anymore?
That’s what it is, an urban musical packed in 40 second, but complete in its shortness. The message is: live without minding the bacteria.
The commercial was directed by Armando Bo and Baby at Rebolucion. I posted Father and Daughter just yesterday.
Music by [...]

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OCHRE – Esign

A video built as a series of abstract visuals realized in Blender. Actually, the whole thing was created from start to finish using nothing but open source software. The clip won the Best Animation Artwork award at the 2005 Blender Conference.
Ochre is the stage name of English electronic musician Chris Leary. (Source: Wikipedia)
Esign is an [...]

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MTV: Father and Daughter

Papá, como nací yo?

Warning: Not Safe For Work!!!
The cute daughter of a rock star asks him how she was born. So he tells her…
The commercial was directed by Armando Bo and Luciano Podcaminsky at Rebolucion as part of the campaign Don’t Kill the Music.
Postproduction by: Metrovisión. Sound by: La Casa Post and AnimalMusic.Same campaign, same [...]

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OLIVIA RUIZ – La femme chocolat

C’est le temps des grandes métamorphoses

Chocolate is sometimes seen as a substitute for sex. But in this music video (for a particularly ambiguous song) it is something more. A metaphore? And fondness for chocolate is just the wish to leave out inhibitions? Don’t know, but this is a very cool video!
Olivia Ruiz is [...]

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SARA POCOCK – Ballyvaughan Story


Following Birthday Boy, here’s another story about a kid in wartime. A very different story as well, but equally poignant.
The story is based on the narration of Jim Hyland, an old Irish man. It is something that happened to his mother when she was a young girl in 1921, during “the troubles” in Ireland. (Source: [...]

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SEJONG PARK – Birthday Boy

Black Bear, Black Bear,Snow falls on the mountain.

I feel terribly ashamed admitting it, but the first time I saw this movie I didn’t get it. Yes, I completely missed the point, even though I found the animation awesome. Luckily, I often give a second chance, and that’s why you’re not going to miss this masterpiece. [...]

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Lux Provocateur: Replacement

Sorry, the Lux Quicktime clip doesn’t stream, making the inline player useless. I’ve replaced it with MPEG-4 encoded version. Enjoy.
I’ve also updated the post for Cellphone’s Dead with informations and a new clip.
Ooops, la clip Quicktime di Lux non strimma. E ciò rende inutile il player in linea. L’ho sostituita con una clip MPEG-4. Enjoy!
Ho [...]

Lux Provocateur

A girl find some soap in the woods that turns her into a slut. If I got it right… [Cartoon Brew agrees]
Commercial directed by Chel White at Bent Image Lab, previously here with Harrowdown Hill.
Artists: Randall Wakerlin, Tarn Fox, Orland Nutt, Steve Balzar, Brian Kinkley, Loren Judah, Carlos Stevens, Fred Ruff, Rob Shaw, Jim Clark, [...]

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TMBG – Bastard Wants to Hit Me

Some Crazy Bastard Wants to Hit Me

Well, it’s just about a guy that’s waving at our hero. But our hero is sure he doesn’t know him: so that must some crazy bastard!
They Might Be Giants (commonly abbreviated to TMBG) is an American alternative rock duo consisting of John Linnell and John Flansburgh. (Source: Wikipedia)
Bastard Wants [...]

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GARETH O BRIEN – Semi-Competitive

That squirrel’s gonna be dog food

Our hero Little Yella is a yellow puppet. He can’t wait to se his beloved Frieda. But when they meet, the fatal discovery: she’s been cheating on him with a kinky squirrel. Then, Yella goes on a quest to find out his rival.
In his short travel, thru a descending elevator, [...]

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[BEST OF] October 2006

What was hot in october? Climate. And…
Gigabyte Day: five huge videos. Really huge. And really good too.
Floria’s Day: need a description? C’mon!
I Was a Teenage Intellectual: if you find Hegel more interesting than action movies, something’s gone wrong…
Rock Wars: the battle of the album covers.
Ryleh: Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fthagn!
El despacho: necessity can led you into [...]

Metro de Madrid: Post Updated

That post was a complete mess. Now everything is in its right place, including a quicktime clip found on Llámale Lola. Watch the new viral too.
Il post era un casino completo. Adesso tutto dovrebbe essere a posto, inclusa una clip quicktime trovata su Llámale Lola. Guardatevi pure il nuovo spot.

REFERENCE: Il post di Metro de [...]

Post deleted

The post for Disconnected has been deleted. The movie is still available on the Super Shorts website.
Updated the post for Aubergine with informations about the editor and an alternate shorter clip.
Ho dovuto cancellare il post di Disconnected. Il film è ancora disponibile sul sito web Super Shorts.
Aggiornato il post di Aubergine con informazioni sul montatore [...]

MTV: Pizza Guy


I posted this some months ago on M&C and wow… almost 20000 people watched it!
It’s a mainstream appearence of porn actor Ron Jeremy, asking two gals (Cassie Moore and Milie Moore) who ordered the pizza with that big big sausage…
The spot has been directed by Theodore Melfi at his own company Golden Light Films. Telecine [...]

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IVAN LOBON – Fighting for the Blood

No more blood from stupid war

Your monthly “what the fuck?!?”
Pads and tampons are fighting each other in this anti-war short animated movie. As you can easily guess, it’ll all end in a blood bath.
The short movie was realized by Iván Lobón using 3D Studio Max and Combustion.
Appuntamento mensile col checazz?!?…
Assorbenti interni ed esterni guerreggiano in [...]



Realized in 2004, this animated short is the effort of one man. Sebastien Laban did almost everything, except the music.
Unfortunately he had to cut the story: the deadline (it was a graduate movie) allowed him to realized only one half of it. However, the movie is a must see.
The story was about the love between [...]

Four more links

Added links to Directors Notes, Cuppa Coffee, The Daily Feed, Giuseppe Liguori.
Also: updated the post for Tyger with an audio interview with the author.
Aggiunti link verso: Directors Notes, Cuppa Coffee, The Daily Feed, Giuseppe Liguori.
Aggiornato il post di Tyger con il link ad un’intervista all’autore.

The Fish Heads Fugue and Other Tales for Twilight

“Through the device of a magic puppet theater, a small seer orchestrates a child’s journey deep into a multilayered world of the imagination.”
To add something to this bare description is very hard. The short has a fascinating visual style that hooked my onw eyes to the screen during the six minutes the movie runs. [...]

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RUSH – Darn That Dragon!

In 2004, to commemorate their 30th year as a band, Canadian rock gods Rush came to Cuppa Coffee to develop a rear screen projection minifilm for their world tour.
Inspired by Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds TV show, the film tells the story of Rush’s alter egos defending the world (particularly their merchandise tent) from the fiery [...]

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BGH – Bola

Another commercial exploting the Katamari Damacy meme. This time, it’s just for fun.
Directed by Chanel Basualdo at Mía Films. Music by Andrés Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab.
Altro spot che sfutta il meme di Katamari Damacy. Stavolta per puro divertimento.
Diretto da Chanel Basualdo presso Mía Films. Musica di Andrés Goldstein e Daniel Tarrab.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bola da [...]


FIVE IRON FRENZY – Wizard Needs Food Badly

A heavily armed robot is chasing a small van. The metaphore is made clear in the second half of the video.
Five Iron Frenzy (also known as Five Iron or simply FIF) was a Christian ska band formed in Denver, Colorado.
Wizard Needs Food, Badly is featured on their last album, The End is Here, released on [...]

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RICARDO BIRIBA – Run Dragon, Run!!

A dragon is plundering some fruit for his meal, when a raging mob breaks in to fight. In this cases there’s only one thing to do: RUN!
Run, Dragon, Run!!! was produced by Ricardo Biriba as a Graduation Project for the Master in Animation he took at Academy of Art College, in San Francisco. (Source: [...]

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The other side: Link Updated

Looks like Matt Morris‘ website died. I’ve put his movie on Blip, so that you can view it.
Sembra che il sito di Matt Morris sia morto. Ho messo il suo film su Blip a vostro beneficio.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Other Side.


With no particular reason at all, it’s cross blogging time again! Let’s begin with this funny short.
While mindlessly walking around, a guy find a big red rope dangling from the sky. Yea man, you crossed the border to the twilight zone…
Written and directed by Phil Traill, who also plays the main (and only) role in [...]


Casey`s Next at Bat: Links Updated

The download links for Casey’s Next at Bat were both dead. Now they should be up again.
Updated the Best of list.
Also, added an alternate link for the commercial Together.
I link per il download di Casey’s Next at Bat erano entrambi morti. Ora dovrebbero andare.
Aggiornata la lista del meglio di.
Inoltre: aggiunto un link alternativo per lo [...]

ROBERTO CATANI – La funambola

Well, there was a unfortunate lack of Italian stuff on this blog. I’m slowly fixing this… So, here’s a short movie written, directed, animated and produced by Roberto Catani.
The images of the life of a woman run thru her closed eyes. Standing still in front of the sea, she feels the need for lightness. (Source: [...]


Cocktail para dos

Oh baby, yea baby, oh baby oh baby, give it to me baby…
Commercial for Martini Baby. Any idea who did this?
Oh baby, yea baby, oh baby oh baby, give it to me baby…
Spot per Martini Baby. Qualcuno ha idea di chi l’ha fatto?

via G7

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Cocktail para dos. [Mirror][Format: MPEG - Size: 5 MB - [...]


Smiling Addiction

Treat your smiling addiction, today…

A beautiful short movie and/or music video “about the pursuit of happiness, and self medication.”
Smiles are like a mask that we wear to adapt to our social context and its expectations, often unconsciously. Yeah, that was Luigi Pirandello. But today we have our little friends to help us keep smiling…
The [...]

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Amnesty: Irrepressible

When one man is not free, no man is really free.

You may have noticed the Amnesty badge in the sidebar. It is part of the Irrepressible campaign. Join them!
Avrete notato il badge di Amnesty nella sidebar. Fa parte della loro campagna Irrepressible. Prendetevi parte!


Human Tweaks

I noticed that the auto discovery didn’t export the Feedburner feed in the single post pages. I did a quick tweak to the template to fix this. As a nice side effect, the internal RSS feed is now hidden. As a drawback, the comments feed is hidden as well. Let me know if the comment [...]

Toyota Planet

Fire Horse Studio worked with Brand New School and realized the teaser for the new Toyota campaign. That is better than the spots themselves, in my opinion.
Fire Horse Studio collabora con Brand New School e realizza il teaser per la nuova campagna Toyota. Che a mio parere è anche meglio degli spots stessi.

via [...]

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Contes celestes: La ville folle

I liked this so much that I said to myself… two posts are better than one!
In La ville folle (The Crazy City), the Moon is being harassed by aerials, cranes, and other human artifacts.
The short is part of the series Countes celestes by David Gautier and Irene Iborra. More informations to be found in the [...]

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Contes celestes: Les hauts sommets

Yesterday, starting from a joke did using this web-toy, I was trying to making a point: the world doesn’t need us to save it. We should just choose if we want to stay or to go. To go forever, I mean…
Contes celestes (Cosmic Tales) is just a visual representation of that. It is a series [...]

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Horn OK Please

The movie follows a momentous day in the life of a hapless Bombay taxi driver who dreams of a full optional, air conditioned car.
The desires, suggested us by the society’s artificial values, hinder our ability “to understand the way”, bringing bad karma. Nice, uh?
“Shot in high definition with a Nikon D70 camera, this short film [...]

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I’ve updated again the post for Still Island, with informations provided by our reader in the comments.
Links added to the sidebar: Paranoid Projects US, Paranoid Projects France, Channel Frederator and …pero qué blog!!!.
Ho aggiornato ancora il post di Still Island, con informazioni fornite da un nostro lettore nei commenti.
Links aggiunti alla sidebar: Paranoid Projects US, [...]

Give me an M!

A very nice commercial for a TV channel, produced by Argentinian Nunchaku Cine and directed by Nicolas Kasakoff. Post production by Edgard Allan Post. (LOL!)
Simpatico spot per un canale televisivo, prodotto dall’argentina Nunchaku Cine e diretto da Nicolas Kasakoff. Post produzione presso Edgard Allan Post. (LoL!)

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Give me an M![Format: Quicktime - Size: 16 [...]

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SUBTLE – The Mercury Craze

What if your blood weren’t you?

The collaboration between Subtle and SSSR continues with this new music video. As usual, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Some of the images reminds me of The Shining, for what it’s worth…
Subtle is and Oakland based hip hop sextet. Members are: Doseone (real name: Adam Drucker), Jel (real [...]

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Brother, Can You Spare A Job?

America never was America to me,And yet I swear this oath–America will be!

A little propaganda movie from Tom Neely and Greg Saunders, realized in Flash. Slow but enjoyable. Maybe less enjoyable if you’re jobless…
The short tells the story of Melvin McBean and his family’s struggle to make ends meet in Bush’s economy juxtaposing a depression [...]

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Human: Post Updated

The post for Human has been updated with informations about the spot and alternate links.
Ho aggiornato il post di Human con informazioni relative allo spot e link alternativi.

REFERENCE: Il post di Human.

Hold on, I will Be Back

I know…

I’m leaving for a couple of days. Gonna count the water drops in the ocean. But not alone. So it will be easier. :)
Even though I’ll have an Internet conncection, don’t expect new posts since Sunday night.
Vi lascio per un paio di giorni. Vado a contare le gocce d’acqua nell’oceano. Ma non da solo. [...]

Orange: Hide N Seek

A commercial produced at Indipendent and directed by PES. Editing by Tim Fullford at Cut + Run, post production made at The Moving Picture Company. Animators: Brian Demoskoff and Tim Allen.
After having delighted us with retro gaming, PES offers us a glance at secret habits of the socks. Yes. They actually plays hide and seek! [...]

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KENG-MING LIU – Travel Diary

I posted this on Ticklebooth, when the GSAA competition was open. The short finally won the audience award, Lumen Eclipse posted a (not that) better clip, so here it comes again. (I also posted it on M&C, but some asshole hasn’t liked it…)
The short follows a diary while it travels around the world, recording experiences, [...]


BRIAN SAVELSON – Counting Water

But how much do you love me?

Sorry, I had to post this. The plot sounds like that nauseatingly cheesy stories you sometimes receive by e-mail and delete but… you know…. I’m human after all.
Everything starts when a guy asks to his loved one, how much she loves him. What follows is probably intended as a [...]

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Still Island: Link Updated

Another clip that died with Greatest Journal is back online. This time is the turn of the music video for DJ Krush’s Still Island.
Un’altra clip defunta con Greatest Journal torna in linea. E’ la volta del video di Still Island, brano di DJ Krush.

REFERENCE: Il post di Still Island.

XPLODING PLASTIX – Joy Comes in the Morning

Queues, queues everywhere! You have to wait your turn even to work! That’s kind of tiresome. What about a break? A trip to the moon? A Godzilla style fight with a big monster? Yea, dream on…
Xploding Plastix is a Norwegian two-man band (Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen) playing electrofunk with elements of jazz. (Source: [...]

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Simple, little, cute short movie that looks like a non depressing version of Don Hertzfeld.
The plot is plain: a child is playing with his balloon, but a bully keep bursting it with a needle. Until…
Directed and animated by Tom Kyzivat, the film features an original score by Alex Riggen.
Un corto piccolo, semplice, carino, che sembra [...]

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NICE DAY: Link Updated

Updated the post about Nice Day. Same clip, but new address.
Aggiornalto il post di Nice Day. Stessa clip, ma nuovo indirizzo.

REFERENCE: Il post di Nice Day.