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{ Monthly Archives } October 2006


Trees are dying.

A music video that is also a Public Service Announcement about global warming produced by MTV for the thinkMTV campaign.
“The video features a number of young actors including the talented J.J. Singleton. The innocence symbolized by the children in the video is countered by a dark and barren industrial landscape devoid of living [...]

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Since I recently experienced a big load of traffic from VJing related blogs and from Japan, I thought I could post something that can appeal to them.
Japan is a visual piece that shows a city changing from a rural area to a metropolis.
The movie has been directed by Nobuo Takahashi, professor in Computer Graphics at [...]

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FOUTAISES – Post Updated

One of our readers pointed out that, in the post for Foutaises, I made an erroneous attribution of the Human Suit promo to Jeunet: the real director was Albert Kodagolian. Sorry about that. The post has been fixed.
Uno dei nostri lettori mi fa notare che nel post di Foutaises, ho erroneamente attribuito a Jeunet il [...]


Many thanks to our reader who left this comment. I’ve updated the post for Little Pony with the links provided and posted the other two shorts on Ticklebooth.
Also on Tickle, something for Charlie Brown fans. Yeah, it’s ’bout this Halloween thing too…
Mille grazie al lettore che ha inviato questo commento. Ho aggiornato il post di [...]

NINA SIMONE – My Baby Just Cares for me

Another fine work of claymation by Peter Lord, here before with Adam. And another piece of my childhood goes in the mosaic.
The clip is made up by three intertwined parts: the performance of a feline jazz band, some abstract animation with piano keys, and the adventures of a cat that has fallen in love with [...]

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MATT MORRIS – The Other Side

A bi-dimensional man is living in a flat, colourless world, made up of newspaper pages. One day, he’s enticed through a gap in a fence into a colourful 3D world. However, all is not as it seems…
Matt Morris has been a freelance animator. Now he’s at Studio AKA, where he worked on The Big Win [...]

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Some news

One of my favourite, Lumen Eclipse, celebrates one year in Harvard Square, Cambridge.
Thanks to Gigazine that linked back, my little blog has gone far past 1024 visitors in one day. And it was Sunday!!!
Uno dei miei preferiti, Lumen Eclipse, celebra il primo anno in Harvard Square, a Cambridge.
Grazie al link di Gigazine, il mio piccolo [...]

JEROEN JASPERT – The usual suspect

Who did start the fire? Let’s round up the usual suspects!!!
A short shortie (23 seconds) by Jeroen Jaspert. Jeroen works at Tandem Films.
Chi avrà appiccato il fuoco? Fermiamo i soliti sospetti!!!Un corto corto (23 secondi) di Jeroen Jaspert. Jeroen lavora presso Tandem Films.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica The usual suspect.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: [...]



Some days ago, someone made a post on M&C about a new active combat vehicle called Trophy. That reminded me of this short.
A scientist builds a tank that is piloted by enemies’ thoughts (for defending purposes) and fears (to attack) and shows it to the generals. But maybe, he’s not exaclty aiming at helping Mother [...]


TERRI EDDA MILLER – Dysenchanted

What is a snowjob?

Storybook characters Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Goldilocks, Alice, Dorothy, and Red Riding Hood are in group therapy dishing and dealing with what comes after “happily ever after.” When Clara, a New Jersey divorcee, joins the group, she finds out that while life is no fairy tale, it doesn’t mean her dysenchantment [...]

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Imagine This

“A surreal, mind-blowing network ID for Fuel TV, featuring wonderfully weird imagery and an intensely odd sensibility. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without some sick skating from today’s leading Professionals”
From Shilo Design. Enjoy!
“Un ID surreale e d’impatto per Fuel TV, con immagini magnificamente inconsuete ed una sensibilità intensamente fuori dal comune. Ovviamente, non poteva [...]


Beck – Cellphone`s Dead

Hi guys! Welcome back to Gondryland! :P Here’s the video you’ve probably seen around but, since Partizan made it available again at its place, I thought I could use the situation at our advantage.
In the video, we see Beck playing “morph and seek” with a building and a window in his own apartment. Something [...]

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Three little links

Just added links to: Gari@Sata-GUTI, Sul divano and NicoSite.
A little update for the post on Humanity.
Aggiunti link verso: Gari@Sata-GUTI, Sul divano e NicoSite.
Piccolo update per il post su Humanity.

Check (it) out

As I threatened before, I’ve made a couple of other posts for Floria’s Day, namely: Most High on Ticklebooth and Blue on antville. Also, Jaymis gave its contribution on Create Digital Motion.
Now I’ll (try to) slow down posting so that your modems can breath a little…
Wooops: I completely forgot to credit Otha Star, who put [...]


Eatons: Aubergine

She’s got IT!

The film for Aubergine, the 270 seconds spot for Eaton’s directed by Floria Sigismondi is, “detail to detail, a modern homage to 1950s musicals such as Singing in the Rain or Funny Face.” (Source: ‘boards)
Edited by Michelle Czukar at Panic and Bob.
And this closes Floria’s Day for this blog. But the [...]

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DAVID BOWIE – Little Wonder

Sending me so far away…

Time to move, time to go on with Floria’s day. Here’s one of the clips that, back in the days, made a video addicted out of me. Obviously, at the time, I ignored about the director being Floria Sigismondi. That would came later…
Awesome, cinematic, visionary, scattered, highly disorientating, meta-something, and [...]

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FLORIA SIGISMONDI – Postmortem Bliss

I declare open the Floria’s Day. What’s Floria’s Day? It’s the day when I only post about Floria Sigismondi. Starting with her first (I guess it is) short movie.
In september, Turner Classics and Hermès presented the Behind The Camera: The Shorts Circuit film festival. To highlight the festival, various acclaimed directors have been invited to [...]

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Fur Envy: Link Updated

It seems that I pretty messed up the post for this short. Now everything is in its right place.
Also, Sul divano points to a huge (but only in size) clip of the Snowball spot for Travelers, so I’ve added it to the post.
Sembra che il post per questo corto fosse venuto fuori maluccio. Ora tutto [...]

Lo: Vampire

Strange that I happened to post the Gnarls Barkley video, because I was going to post this commercial anyway that advertises the services of LO, a Norwegian foundation.
Produced at the Norwegian studio Qvisten.
I’ve posted a couple of their music videos around: Substitute and Lawrence of Suburbia.
Strano che abbia postato il video di Gnarls Barkley, perché [...]


CAMERA – Out on the Water

This nice music video “follows the whimsical travels and underwaters trials of an adventurous young maggot.”
Realized by animation collective Fraterfilms (Benji Davies and Jim Field) with Paul Rains, the clip came third in the public choice category for the British Animation Awards 2006. Fraterfilms recently signed with Partizan.
Camera is a Welsh band whose members are: [...]


Gnarls Barkley – Who Cares?

Bah! Was gonna post something completely different, but I can’t get to encode it properly. I’ll try again tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I’ll go with flow and post the last antville sensation.
It’s a spoof of Blacula, blaxploitation version of Dracula, where the vampire’s approaches for a young lady fail, so he have to provide himself [...]

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Cinema Europa

A wonderful spot for Media Salles where Italian master Gianluigi Toccafondo shows all his deep love for cinema.
I’ve also posted La piccola Russia, just today on Ticklebooth.
For something very similar, thus very different, check out Grand Classics.
Magnifico spot per Media Salles in cui il maestro italiano Gianluigi Toccafondo mostra tutto il suo amore per il [...]

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LA BIONDA – I Wanna Be Your Lover

Voices on the speakersWispers in my ear

A blast from the past! The year was 1980…
As soon as a couple of astronauts land on a planet, a beatiful woman approaches and lures them into a strange building.
Carmelo La Bionda and Michelangelo La Bionda were two of the most active artists in the Italian electronic music in [...]

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Web 2.0

A little something you have probably seen before, as it won at The First Post Viral Competition. But if didn’t, this is the right time!
It shows a very interactive computer system, a kind of interactivity that goes beyond virtuality.
The short has been directed by Leo Bridle and Leo Powell. The music was composed by Tom [...]

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Travelers: Snowball

Roll with anything!

The third TV spot in the campaign Insurance In-Synch for St. Paul Travelers insurance, uses a Katamari Damacy style ball of “stuffs” to deliver the message. Just like the previously covered You Are Here.
Developed by Minneapolis based agency Fallon, the commercial was produced at MJZ, with the direction of Dante Ariola. Special [...]

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Defending the Nature

A nice commercial for some art exhibition about nature, realized by Serbian studio Fried Pictures. Directors: Siniša Sumina and Vuk Tatalović.
In the comments of the original posts, one user pointed to a similar movie, Bhopal Follies by Helios Design, that itself happens to be similar to Blue Flowers, a commercial for IBM.
Bello spot, per qualche [...]

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DJ PATIFE – Enigma

A nice video about an old pair of shoes that, abandoned in an old warehouse, dream of that time when they were made for walking. If I got it right…
DJ Patife (real name: Wagner Borges Ribeiro de Souza) is a Brazilian drum’n’bass DJ and producer. (Source: Discogs)
Enigma is featured on his latest album, called Na [...]

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Updates. Some.

Updated the post for Tempbot with its victory at No Spot Festival and added two alternate links. (via ‘boards)
Updated the post for Negative with informations provided by our reader in the comments.
Updated the post for Happy Mornings with more infos and links. (via Duncan’s TV)
Aggiornato il post di Tempbot con la vittoria al No Spot [...]

Over Time

Over Time is an amazing short movie written, directed, animated and edited by three Supinfocom students: Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrié. An obvious hommage to Jim Henson.

The songs in the soundtrack: Inconsolable by The Silberman Orchestra; Shien vi di l’vone and Eli Eli by Cyril Ornadel and the Starlight Symphony Orchestra.

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Every time I update a post it shows up in the Atom and RSS feeds.
I suppose this is tremendously annoying for podcast users. Blogger Helpdesk has been informed.
Ogni volta che aggiorno un post, ricompare nei feed, Atom ed RSS.
Immagino sia tremendamente fastidioso per gli utenti podcast. Ho scritto all’helpdesk di Blogger.

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[BEST OF] September 2006

Even September had its share of nice surprises. Let’s remind of some.
Autobahn: Psychedelic visual interpretation of Kraftwerk’s song.
Parenthese: A man that finds himself in the places of his childhood.
Beauty is the Promise of Happiness: lovable weirdness by Jon Yeo. [Link Updated]
Hail: tons of visual effects help the return of the sun.
Scorpio Rising: a samurai story [...]


One of that commercials where you will not guess the advertised product until the very end, unless you have seen it before.
The authors are Thierry Poiraud and Didier Poiraud, better known as (you guessed it!) Les Frères Poiraud. Post produced at BUF.
I actually posted this before with a wrong attribution. Sorry ’bout that…
Uno di quegli [...]


TOWER 8: The Face Off

Tower 8 is basically “a comic book rock opera set in a post apocalyptic world”. A great multimedia project that will tell the story through a series of experimental animations and an original soundtrack.
“In the future, the oceans recede leaving the world with too many inhabitants and too little water. Adding to the chaos is [...]

La bonne etoile: Link Updated

Updated the link pointing to the music video for La bonne étoile. The old location now holds a low quality version.
Added a mirror for Tziganes and an alternate link for Road Trip.
Aggiornato il link che punta al video de La bonne étoile. Il vecchio indirizzo ora ha una versione a bassa qualità.
Aggiunto un mirror [...]


Sex sells. It’s a physical law…
Ad produced by London based studio, Banana Park.
Il sesso vende. E’ una legge fisica…
Spot prodotto dallo studio londinese Banana Park.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Voilà.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Voilà in finestra.
LINK: Visita Banana Park.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime



Another classic, maybe not with a capital C, but something I enjoy to watch every time that I catch up with.
It is a (unofficial, I suppose) music video, produced by Cube and realized by Romain Segaud (here before with the amazing short Tim Tom) for an old song by Joe Dassin.
The story is not that [...]


DAVE HUTH – There Are so Many of Us

Do I Matter?

It is time to recover an old post from Tickle.
There’s still space for individuals in our world? Does it really matters what I do? Aren’t my actions just a insignificant drop in a see of (Gaussian) normality?
This beautiful short movie comes from Dave Huth. If you didn’t before, I warmly recommend to explore [...]


Updates: Minimal Edition

Added a banner for the Creative Commons fund raising campaign.
Updated the best of list.
Minimal updates to Rock Wars and Humans!
Aggiunto il banner per la raccolta fondi di Creative Commons.
Aggiornata la lista del meglio di.
Aggiornamenti minimi a Rock Wars e Humans!

Der Propellervogel

Three little sparrows are trying to make some jazz in the woods, but a motorized noisy bird comes to annoy our trio.
The movie has been directed by two students of the Filmakademie, Jan Locher and Thomas Hinke. Music by Carsten Raabe. It was screening at the Berlinale this year.
Jan Locher is also one the makers [...]

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A nice commercial for Johnnie Walker. More infomations about it, when available…
UPDATE: Duncan’s has some. Filming was directed by Dante Ariola at MJZ, with producer Debbie Turner. Editing was done by Andrea McArthur. Post production was done at The Mill.
Also, Stash points to a promo website where you can chit chat with The Android [...]

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A Gigabyte Day Night (+Updates)

Well, let me add up: 321 + 102 + 179 + 286 + 86 = 974 MB! So I missed the giga… But that was not the point.
The point is that a party like this will not be possible anymore when DRM will be the rule, not the exception. So, if you liked it, and [...]

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Les Ailes du Papillon: Link Updated

The last installment in our Gigabyte Day is just a fix to a broken link. Enjoy!
L’ultimo articolo del nostro Gigabyte Day è una semplice correzione a un link morto.

REFERENCE: Il post di Les Ailes du Papillon.

The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky

I posted this music video for The Little Explorer’s song on Ticklebooth and M&C, just before my beloved ISP left me offline. Now, I managed to download the DVD image, extract the MPEG stream and repost it. A good way to continue our Gigabyte Day.
“As snow falls on a sleeping world, one window remains [...]

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J DILLA – Nothing Like This

The first in a series of three (at least) music videos that will appear weekly on the web. They will be part of the Chrome Children DVD, a collaboration between Adult Swim and Stones Throw Records.
It’s a universal tale about the search for the loved ones, thru the seven seas and the four (five?) elements. [...]

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Hollis: Clip Updated

The second installment in our Gigabyte day is the high quality clip (179 MB!) for our last featured video, Hollis, courtesy of Crankbunny.
Seconda portata del nostro Gigabyte day è la clip ad alta qualità (179 MB!) per l’ultimo video postato, Hollis, gentile concessione di Crankbunny.

tnx, Norma
REFERENCE: Il post di Hollis.

Deja Vu: Clip Updated

Lubricate your modems! Today will be the gigabyte day!
I’ve added a DVD quality clip (286 MB!!!!) for Déja vu, the music video directed by Pieter van Houte. Enjoy!
Added an alternate link for Love me or Hate me.
Lubrificate i modem! Oggi sara il gran giorno del gigabyte!
Ho aggiunto una clip da DVD (286 MB!!!!) per Déja [...]


Whatever seems real livesa second more unbalanced identity in Hollis.

Norma Toraya wrote in about her music video for her friends’ band. You may remember her short movie Lover Supplant, or her Self Portrait. Yea, you definitely need to see this.
What we got is a tale of eros and thanatos (you know, unrequited and/or destructive love) [...]

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The real magic of the circus, the whole life of a circus artist condensed in this three minutes of video.
The director is Laurent Seroussi, who has been previously here with the music video for La bonne étoile.
The soundtrack is credited ad Romanian Tale. Mvdbase has an entry about a song called Tikana, with Tziganes being [...]

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Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose

He sees all, he knows all; he’s just been everywhere;Some night, he might wait for you upon the stair!

Well, let me see. I found this movie on Drawn!, it was on March. So I looked for a decent clip for about… seven months. I think it’s enough. If a better clip will became available, [...]

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DOUWE DIJKSTRA – The Washing Machine

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.How about a nice game of chess?(from Wargames)

That’s a very nasty picture we’re seeing each given day on TV. That war… All that blood… People dying… And for what? But you have the power to change this. Yes! It’s called remote control! And you never [...]

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Rock Wars: Clip Updated

Alternate clips added for Rock Wars. One is higher quality (found on The Daily Reel), the other is… not.
Links added to the sidebar: The Daily Reel, CG Talk, Hydrocephalic Bunny and Con-Can.
I’ve also removed the Day Against DRM banner. Dammit, next time I’ll be online… I’ve added an Anti-DRM badge in the sidebar.
Aggiunte clip alternative [...]


The guy is spraying something on his peepee… But what? And why?
Novio (Boyfriend) is a commericial for Rustek, directed by Luciano Quilici and produced at Landia.
Il tizio si spruzza della roba sul pipino… Ma che roba è? E a che gli serve?
Novio (Fidanzato) è uno spot per Rustek, diretto da Luciano Quilici e prodotto presso [...]

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LADY SOVEREIGN – Love Me or Hate Me

If you hate me then fuck you!

Pure visual entertainment. The girl comes out of tetris blocks, get a new belly, new boobs, hairy armpits, and so on and on. You may not link the song, but how can you resist a lady who burps right at the face of a monkey?
Lady Sovereign (real name Louise [...]

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DAVID MUNOZ – El despacho

¡Viva Zapatero!

The poor Gomez (Marc Prat) did something very bad. We don’t know exactly what, but it costed big money to the company he’s working at. Now, Mr. President (Miquel Bordoy) wants to talk with him, in his office, immediately. What will Gomez be asked to do in order to redeem his sins? You’ll never [...]

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Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

A new feature on Blip allows to post several clips for the same movie. So, for this movie, I’m posting you the original DivX found zipped on the official website, and a lower resolution MP4.
Inspired to the universe of the Cthulhu Mythos, this short tells the story of a fisherman [...]


ARIA: Alternate Clip

Somebody complained about the clip for Aria being too heavy weight for their computer. Finally, Blip managed to convert it to Flash, so if you want…
Qualcuno si è lamentato perché la clip di Aria è un pochino pesantuccia per il suo computer. Alla fine, Blip ha terminato la conversione in Flash, per cui…

REFERENCE: Il post [...]


“A hilarious, ultra violent, semi pornographic tour through just about every famous album cover known to man.”
Well, more than a tour, this is a fight to the last drop of blood (blood?) to decide the best rock band, or at least the best album cover ever…
Directed by Ugly Pictures (Abraham Spear and Rohitash Rao) and [...]

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M`aggio accattato `nu putipu`

Hi ya, guys! My provider decided I needed another week off the net. Very kind of them to care about me…
Well, in the meanwhile I spent some time to watch, rip and encode stuff, so expect some nice posts in the next days.
Anyway, did I miss something cool?
Salve, giovani! Il mio provider ha deciso che [...]

If it Happens in your Life

A boy become able to fly as soon as he eat a butterfly in this commercial for a Once TV, a Mexican channel.
The author is Marco Vinicio Morales and you’ll find his other stuff on his own website called Kult Nation.
KIDS: do not try this at home. Butterflies does not tastes really good. Some beetles [...]

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I Was a Teenage Intellectual

Intellectuals are not a myth.They’re real and dangerous!

This is the story of two teenagers, Pavel and Eva, living a satisfactory life of dumbess when Pavel got bitten by a werewolf intellectual. He’ll soon start to find Hegel much more interesting than action movies…
Not the best movie ever: for example, the idea could have been [...]

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I put this Blogitron thingee in the sidebar. It should point to similar blogs, like a webring updated to the Web2.0 era. It should… I guess there are too few blogs submitted yet…
Added the link to the official website of Hallucii, along with a mirror link. And an alternate link for Humans! too. Also, updated [...]