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[BEST OF] August 2006

A little late, uh?

Little Terrorist
: do not fear the other side.

Blissful: amazing animation for a bit of music by Mike Patton.

Heart of the World: no words can describe this. Just watch it, even if you did before.

What’s Opera, Doc?“: The animatied masterpiece directed by Chuck Jones.

Le deserteur: a film about war, its cruelty and its horror.

Come for Brazil: hold on, I’m coming!!!

Caps: one goofy character spoils an old tradition.

Wind Along the Coast: a lyrical and funny story about the hard life of a seaside village.

Fallen: the merger of humanity and technology.

Left Behind: A very short yet intense music video directed by Adam Bizanski.

Onnazuri: Men, Women and Capitalism.

Femme: the classic AIDES campaign.

Morning of the End: wake up! It’s the beginning of the end of the world.

Poumse…“: Poumse is the sound of pleasure.

Hellgate London: cinematic trailer for a videogame.

L’or rouge: hommage to A.M. Cassandre.

Children 1st: PSA directed by Marc Craste.

Head: what’s inside the head of a videogame player?

Fatto un po’ tardi, eh?

Little Terrorist
: non temere l’altra parte.

Blissful: splendida animazione per la musica di Mike Patton.

Heart of the World: le parole non possono descriverlo. Guardatevelo, e poi di nuovo…

What’s Opera, Doc?“: Capolavoro animato firmato Chuck Jones.

Le deserteur: un film sulla guerra, i suoi orrori, la sua crudeltà.

Come for Brazil: un attimo che vengo!!!

Caps: un buffo personaggio rovina un’antica tradizione.

Wind Along the Coast: poetica e divertente storia della dura vita in un villaggio della costa.

Fallen: la fusione fra umanità e tecnologia.

Left Behind: Brevissimo ma intenso video musicale diretto da Adam Bizanski.

Onnazuri: Uomini, Donne e Capitalismo.

Femme: la campagna classica di AIDES.

Morning of the End: oh, sveglia! E’ l’inizio della fine del mondo!!!

Poumse…“: Poumse è il suono che fa il piacere.

Hellgate London: trailer animato per un videogioco.

L’or rouge: omaggio ad A.M. Cassandre.

Children 1st: pubblicità progresso, da Marc Craste.

Head: cosa c’è nella testa di un video giocatore?

ARCHIVE: Tutti i post dell’archivio 08 – 2006.

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  1. Nicop | 25 September 2006 at 02:21 | Permalink

    Very good selection ! :-)

    i don’t know how to contact you to submit a link so i use the comment:

    do you know Exit:

    a cute short !
    Thanks for your very good site!

  2. DeK - Delirium & Kaos | 26 September 2006 at 08:22 | Permalink

    Thanks nicop.
    I know that one, I’ve even mailed the author to ask for a better clip, because the one hosted there is very poor. Still no answer.

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