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“A climber is ascending a diffucult mountain and his will is drying out. He have to choose between the fall or keep climbing. He has to face his own fears… and defeat them.” (Source: CG Society)
A short movie by Carlos Villareal Kwasek, done while studying at the Vancouver Film School.
Great modeling and animation skills, but [...]

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Skyfall: Links Updated

Three out of four links for Skyfall are now back working.
Tre dei quattro link per Skyfall funzionano di nuovo.

REFERENCE: Il post di Skyfall.


Robogirl vs Spankbot

Id clip for Comedy Central, the first foray into the dark underbelly of the Robo domination porn scene. Get out your favorite lube, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. (Source: Interspectacular)
The short film is 15 seconds in length and has been directed by Luis Blanco and Michael Uman, [...]

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A very nice mix of 3D and motion graphics in this music video. That stuff looks like my desk…
Arman Méliès (real name Jan Fiévé) is a French singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist. (Source: Wikipedia)
Low cost is featured on his second album, Les tortures volontaires, released in May 2006 for Warner.
The video has been directed by [...]

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The Bushman of Bunyip Billabong

Or you’ll come a-swimming in my swamp with me.

The Bushman of Bunyip Billabong tells the tale of a careless swagman, who learns his lesson for disrespecting the environment.
“Based on the ballad of Waltzing Matilda and the legendary myth of the bunyip, the film portrays Australia’s distinct outback environment and characters using a unique style of [...]

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Shakedown: Link Updated

Finally I’ve found a good quality clip of the peppy music video for Love is a Game.
Also, I’ve added a link to a related article for Hi Sci.
Some links added to the sidebar: Love, Create Digital Music, Papel Continuo, I Like Toys.
Alla fine ho trovato una clip più che decente per il piccante video di [...]

DJ YODA – Wheels

A colourful and variegated music video with square wheeled cars, DJs and UFO abductions. And “some kind of linear story”.
DJ Yoda, real name Duncan Beiny, is a British hip hop turntablist who utilises obscure samples to create his unique style. (Source: Wikipedia)
Wheels will be included in his own first album called The Amazing Adventures [...]

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Aunt Luisa

The film centers on an aging widow who, through a scotch-induced haze, has become convinced that Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians have taken up residence in her house. She hears them playing, but she’s never actually seen them as the performance is always happening in another room. (Source:
By the way, the song that [...]


My Own Private Feed

Switching to Blogger Beta 2.0 added an internal RSS feed to this blog. Since the Feedburner feed one is in many ways better, I’ve added a button in the sidebar linking to it. Also, autodiscovery function should now correctly detect that feed.
CREDITS: “How to” for Gimp found on A.P. Lawrence’s blog. Original image stolen from [...]


Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead.(Non piangete per me, sono già morto.)

I never cried watching a movie. Never, with a single exception. This one. So, prepare the napkins, you may need some: this movie has probably the most painful final scene ever.
The story is a variation on Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, set on a [...]

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Updates. Sort of.

Added the nome of the track on Blissful.
Added a link for the DVD and the correct categorization to Gisele Kerozene. Thanks to suny2000 and Michiel.
Sorry no clip uploaded. My connection comes and goes… I’ll try again tomorrow.
Aggiunto il nome del brano in Blissful.
Aggiunti un link al DVD e la corretta categorizzazione per Gisele Kerozene. Un [...]

[BEST OF] August 2006

A little late, uh?Little Terrorist: do not fear the other side.
Blissful: amazing animation for a bit of music by Mike Patton.
Heart of the World: no words can describe this. Just watch it, even if you did before.
“What’s Opera, Doc?“: The animatied masterpiece directed by Chuck Jones.
Le deserteur: a film about war, its cruelty and its [...]


IE users should notice a better visualization
I’ve taken some stuff off from the sidebar. Even though it was correct HTML (almost), that Microsoft browser fucked up the whole layout. Do yourself a favor and get a real brower!
NOTE: I’ll be off for a couple of days. A post with the best of August will follow [...]

Nissan: Naturally Capable

I’m in the mood for experiments, so here’s the inline player from Blip TV. Try it and let me know what do you think about and how it works. Remember: comments are moderated, so while I’m away, they did not appear. However: only spam will be deleted. Trolling and blind date proposal are always welcome.
About [...]

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JAN KOUNEN – Gisele Kerozene

Three witches in a (post) modern city are worshiping a bird shaped statue, when Gisèle Kérozène come and steal it. The three fellow jump on their brooms and start an hilarious (yet very graphic) chase to the thief.
The director is Jan Kounen (who also plays the guy on the wheelchair), who has later directed several [...]

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MIDI SAINT – Deja vu

UPDATE: Well, the author put a DVD clip on his website, so you’d rather get that on if you have the bandwidth. I’ve also made a stand alone MPEG-2 video, if you prefer.
I’ve had a hard time converting this clip from WinMedia to MP4. The original file doesn’t work in free players that use ffdshow [...]

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The absurdly complicated title means that the images have grain, but also that the main character will be disturbed by some grains of sand while trying to build an endless wall.
This animated short movie by Cédric Nicolas and Vincent Meyer won at Webcuts 2002, an online German film festival.
Unfortunately the compression greatly the images (due [...]

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Metallica: Link Updated

Same old story every time I try to post some major music video. Five out of five links went dead. Six if you count the MP3. Need to say? New link available.
Stessa storia ogni volta che posto un video “importante”. Cinque link su cinque stecchiti. Sei contando l’empitré. C’è bisogno che lo dica? Nuovo link [...]


The British government haslearned that Saddam Husseinrecently sought significant quantitiesof Uranium from Africa.

Music video directed by James Reitano.
Video musicale diretto da James Reitano.

via videos.antville.orgclip courtesy of iFilm

DOWNLOAD: Scarica 16 Words.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 22 MB - Running Time: 4 min.]
WATCH: Guarda 16 Words su Dailymotion.[Format: Flash]
LINK: La pagina di James Reitano su iFilm.
LINK: La pagina [...]

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I guess there’s a political message under the superficial comedy layer of this short. Not that I care too much about it…
Gagarin (orig. Гагарин) is the story of a caterpillar who yearns to fly before the right time has come. The result will be catastrophic for the poor guy; laughable for anyone else.
This animated short [...]

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The End

Here’s the tale of a scarecrow who is imprisoned for being too kind to birds, thus betraying those of his own kind.
The authors of this amazing short are Maxime Leduc, Martin Ruyant and Michel Samreth, three student of Supinfocom. Music by Arnaud Liefooghe.
Sorry for the poor video. I can’t wait to watch (and post) it [...]

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“In a world where people actually do not communicate with each other face to face, it is very important to rethink what the word communication really means.” … “C++ explores society value systems in regards to personal communication and responsibility.”
The movie, directed by Teppei Kuroyanagi, was recently screening at the Siggraph 2006. Music composed by [...]

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Sound Mirrors: Link Updated

Updated the link for the music for the song by the Coldcut, Sound Mirrors.
Ho aggiornato il link per il video della canzone dei Coldcut, Sound Mirrors.

RECLOOSE – Mana`s Bounce

Oh yeah! It’s time to party. Kids are playing, the barbecue is hot and every thing is gonna be alright! Or not? Yeah!
Recloose is Matthew Chicoine, an eclectic musician from New Zealand. Mana’s Bounce is taken from his second album, Hiatus On The Horizon, released for Loop Recordings in 2004.
The video has been directed by [...]



A man (José Luis López Vázquez) gets trapped inside a phone booth. People try to free him, with no success. What starts as a laughable accident ends up to be a surreal trip to the twilight zone.
This short written and directed by Antonio Mercero won the International Emmy Award fot the Best film in 1973.
The [...]

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PUZZLE – Animal de compagnie

It’s not funny when you should be the man of the house, but you’re treated like sort of a pet. That could drive you crazy!
Puzzle is a French hip hop act comprised of four members: Resha, Benny Blanco, Zedoo et Tony. If you have more information and/or the lyrics for the song, drop a line.
The [...]



Stop Dreaming.

Inspired to Roger Hargreave’s Little Miss and Mr. Men books, Mr. Citymen is a collection of five short movies realized by Eric Lerner, a recent graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
Mr. Deja Vu is one of the five Citymen, the worker, slave of his daily routine, like a pig [...]


Nothing`s Gonna Change Your Mind

Strange how something comes from nothing.

Seeing people, going places, playing piano, in the last music video from two of our old friends.
Badly Drawn Boy has been here before with The Year of the Rat, his last release until now. Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind will be featured in his fifth album called Born in the [...]

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Download-Ready Movies

As you may have noticed, I added a nice banner with the link to a nice page.
The following movies are back available for download: Monalisa Descending a Staircase, Come on my Selector, The Dog who was a Cat Inside and the music video fro The Birthday Massacre’s Blue. C’mon, let’s kill that bandwidth!
Come potete [...]

KAREN CUNNINGHAM – Wonderful World

I hear babies cryin’, I watch them growThey’ll learn much more than I’ll ever knowAnd I think to myself, what a wonderful worldYes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Wonderful World shows children of all ages in gritty surroundings reciting the lines of the Louis Armstrong classic (What a) Wonderful World.
The Half Moon [...]


Together: Link Updated

Visiting Lobo’s site, yesterday, I’ve found two better clips for thier Together commercial.
Visitando il sito di Lobo, ieri, ho trovato due clip migliori del loro spot Together.

REFERENCE: Il post di Together.



Outstanding promo video for Dupont realized by Lobo.
Every post about Lobo, here.
UPDATE: You can read an interesting article about the making of this clip on Motionographer.
Eccellente video promozionale per Dupont realizzato da Lobo.
Tutti i post su Lobo, qui.
UPDATE: Potete leggere un interessante articolo sulla realizzazione della clip su Motionographer.

via Motionographer

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Hi-Sci. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - [...]

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LAMB – B Line

Ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da…

When it is about scientific experiments in fiction, there must always something that goes wrong. Always!
Lamb was a duo comprising of Andy Barlow (AKA the Hipoptimist) and Louise Rhodes. Thus being from Manchester, they joined the Bristol sound, commonly associated with groups like Portishead. (Source: Wikipedia)
The group is [...]

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An hallucinating sequence of whirling images. Don’t let the snapshot below deceive you. This clip is everything but peaceful…
It is the work of Monkeymen International. I’d like to tell you more, but I will when I actually know something more about it…
Allucinante sequenza di immagini vorticanti. Non fatevi ingannare dall’immagine in basso. Il film è [...]


Ooooops up!

It looks like the bad quality of the Quicktime clip for Versus was part my fault. I left the deinterlace option switched on from another encoding I did.
I’ve put a new clip on, in MP4 format. I also removed all that annoying letterboxing.
UPDATE: Hold on, it’s coming. This time it’s not my fault, anyway…
RE-UPDATE: Now. [...]

MURENA – Export Tripoli

This clip takes the silhouette effect, delivered world wide by the iPod campaigns, and gives it a whole new twist.
The story sees a music thief stealing a sheet and running away on a giant hand! Chased by the musician, the thief will lose all the melody, one note after another.
Murena, as you can tell by [...]

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On two islands lost in the ocean, two samurai clans fight for the control of a little island. I love when satire is as funny as hell, and this is the case.
Guess who? Yeah, Supinfocom again. The authors are François Caffiaux, Romain Noel and Thomas Salas.
And finally, my dream has come true: you can look [...]

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One Year of Clips with Less or no Fat in it

Funny to see my first posts, and the way I modified the layout to go, heh, international…
Oh, look: Blogger added labels for old style templates! Isn’t that great? Now I only have to modify my previous 600 posts…
Little update: I added informations about the soundtrack of Come for Brazil. Thx Norma.
Mi diverte guardare i miei [...]


TELEMETRY ORCHESTRA – Under the Cherry Tree

Not your usual trip on your ordinary train in this full animated music video. The paper cuts look seems to add another dimension to the world where the story is set in.
The video is an “allegory that explores the obstacles of love. Two characters travel on two different trains in parallel worlds; the boy from [...]



A foreword: the (high quality) version on the author’s website uses the WinMedia Audio 9.1 Lossless codec. The only way (to my knowledge) to play it correctly, is installing the official Microsucks codecs, thus being haunted by their DRM. Do it at your own risk, if you want: I pass. Luckily, the author’s blog points [...]

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Updates: SNAFU edition

Almost there. Situation will be back normal (all fucked up) again in a couple of days.
Updated the posts for Singin’ in the Rain and Le Vieil Homme et les Poissons.
Added links in the sidebar: 40 fakes, Cinematical, Torrenti, Twitch.
Ci sono quasi. La situazione tornerà stabile (tipo Torre di Pisa) in un paio di giorni.
Ho aggiornato [...]


“The smell of cigarettes and cheap perfume waft from this the answer to an age-old question.”
Short stop animated movie directed by Tennessee Reid Norton, previously here as an animator on Facing that Void and Do me I’m the Best.
Oh, here’s a cartoon on the same theme. Watch it after the movie if you don’t want [...]


THE DECEMBERISTS – Los Angeles, I’m Yours

Here’s another of that works that mixes several techniques, managing to create something that’s more (or, at least, not less) than the sum of the parts.
The Decemberists are a indie pop band fronted by singer and songwriter Colin Meloy. The other members currently are Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query and John Moen. (Source: Wikipedia)
Los [...]


VOICE – The Divide

The hardest part of my job is to connect Iraq to the War on Terror.George W. Bush

Your daily share of Marxist propaganda. A musical tribute to the War on Terror.
Really, I cannot believe there’s so many people who believe in this shit. Like me, just to say… :D
The Divide is a song by Voice, released [...]

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JEREMY WARMSLEY – I Believe in the Way You Move

A rose it’s a rose it’s a rose.

A nice music video with that warm feeling. We see two intertwined stories (or is it just one?) that seem to have nothing in common. Except for one thing.
Jeremy Warmsley is a London bases singer and songwriter.
His debut album, The Art Of Fiction will be released on Transgressive [...]

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HYUN-HO CHOI – Grandma`s Happy Fist

Once upon a time…

Hey ya floks! Missed me? Posting stuff will be little less than regular in the next few (I hope) days.
Here’s a short movie from the Class of 2004 of the Ringling School. The author is Hyun-Ho Choi.
We’ll see how Little Red Riding Hood faces the big bad wolf with her new skills [...]

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DEATH IN VEGAS – Scorpio Rising

Scorpio rising, and paint it red.

That’s cross blogging time! Today we got two video of Japanese director Muto Masashi. The other one is here.
A samurai story of love and death, maybe a little self indulgent in recreating the look of Japanese doll teather, but unsettling and sometimes visually stunning.
Death in Vegas is a psychedelic rock [...]

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Hail: The Return of the Sun

Tons of visual effects and huge production values, “to prod you into thinking about the sheer quantity of power that arrives from the sun each day.”
Online promotional short film from HSI director Joseph Kahn for Solon AG a German company involved in solar power business.
The film “was shot at Universal Studios in Hollywood with blockbuster [...]


Geeky Updates

Added a new clip in MP4 format to Parenthèse. Details in the post.
Added The Directors Bureau to the sidebar.
Aggiunta una clip in formato MP4 per Parenthèse. Tutti i particolari in cronaca.
Aggiunto The Directors Bureau alla sidebar.

REFERENCE: Il post di Parenthèse.


Hey you! Yes, I’m talking with you! Now, take a look at your bedroom and tell me what you see. A joyless bedroom, ain’t it? Now, watch the image below: that’s a bedroom with Joy! Forget all those cheap substitutes like booze, videogames or wives. Get Joy. Only $279,96*. Lines are open.
Directed by Melodie McDaniel, [...]


Amora: Spider

One in a series of three commercials for ketchup that spoof old science fiction B movies.
Directed by The Vikings, that is Bjoern Ruehmann and Joakim Reveman, produced by Big Fish, the campaign won the Silver Lion at Cannes Lions, this year.
Uno in una serie di tre spot per del ketchup che scimmiottano i film di [...]


JON YEO – Beauty is the Promise of Happiness

A very strange kind of short movie, that mixes animation, motion graphics, real action and whatever you can think of.
The inspirations for this piece include: Buddhism, Stendhal’s Syndrome, Nietzsche’s God is Dead, the work of Gottfried Helnwein, and even the cinematics for the playstation game Killzone that I posted before.
The title is also a quote [...]



No clips updated. Just some links added to the sidebar: Sergio Gandrus, Post Rock Notes, Shots Ring Out, Cliptip.
Nessuna clip aggiornata. Solo un po’ di link in più nella sidebar: Sergio Gandrus, Post Rock Notes, Shots Ring Out, Cliptip.



Senza nulla a pretendere…

I know that I always says like that. But it’s true. Yes. Another masterpiece from Supinfocom.
Don’t know if it’s the music, the alternation of claustrophobic scenes with open spaces or just “symbolism at work”, but this short gives me the creep every time I see it, so I decided to share it [...]


Fuggy Fuggy: Link Updated

Updated the link to Fuggy Fuggy. Not sure if it works, actually. If it doesn’t, let me know.
Added a new but lower quality clip for Purity.
Aggiornato il link a Fuggy Fuggy. Non sono sicuro che funzioni. Nel caso fatemi sapere.
Nuova clip, ma di qualità inferiore per Purity.

REFERENCE: Il post di Fuggy Fuggy.

Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the Flow

The well known video from Shynola, featuring a heavy load of sexual innuendos. A must see. And a must post, as well!
The Queens of the Stone Age is the rock band of Joshua Homme, also a member of Eagles of Death Metal and Kyuss. The rest of the line up changes frequently. (Source: Wikipedia)
Go with [...]

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Leunig: Doom and Gloom

On the bus, the smell of doom hung heavily in the air.At the office, the smell of doom!In the coffee shop, everywhere he went,the unmistakable smell of doom..

Narrated by Sam Neill, Leunig Animated brings to life the magical and poignant cartoons of Australian [...]

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Fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn.

Psychedelic visual interpretation of Kraftwerk’s Autobahn produced in 1979 at Halas & Batchelor by John Halas and directed by Roger Mainwood.Even though this was one of the first movies produced specifically for laser disc, video quality sucks, both for compression and because the source seems likely to be an [...]

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More self promotion than updates…

First of all, thanks to Pixel y Dixel and Dois Cliques who linked back yesterday. I’ll keep an eye (or even two) on your blog.
Second thing, I’ve updated the Best of section.
Third: my huge post about Internet is for Porn finally went live on Ticklebooth. Check it out and feel free to leave a comment.
Finally, [...]