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The Day the Skeleton Stole the Sausages

The Schraubers are four mentally ill members of a mediocre aviation club whose club house floats 150 meters above the Earth.
This is the pilot or the opening sequence (or both?) for Les schraubers, a French animated TV series of 52 episodes, written and directed by Daniel Klein. Production by Metronomic.

Gli Schraubers sono quattro membri, con [...]


OMFG!!! Blogday!

It’s Blog Day!
Sorry, if I knew I’ve had took the pants off the lightings and the socks from the desk…
Anyway, I’m supposed to link five of my favourite blogs. Well, keeping out the obvious ones like antville and Milk and Cookies, here’s a shortlist of what first came into my mind…
Giavasan: my favourite way [...]


Four Steps: Updated

No new posts yesterday. You’ll know why one of these days…
I’ve put online a better quality clip for Beck’s Four Steps; the old one is not available due to the usual bandwidth issues on Fileden.
The high quality clip for The Tale of How is back online at Blackheart Gang website.
Niente nuovi post ieri. Uno di [...]

Updates: Le regulateur and Empire

Changed the link for Le regulateur and fixed the informations for Empire. And that’s all.
Cambiato il link a Le regulateur e corrette le informazioni per Empire. E questo è tutto.

Artcade: Head

Posted on Ticklebooth before, but worth a repost now that I got a better clip.
Starting from the print ad that won a Gold Lion at Cannes, TBWA Paris and Def2Shoot packaged these sexy and fascinating 30 seconds of CGI for Artcade, a gaming magazine.
The director is Thomas Marqué.
Postato già su Ticklebooth, ma merita un repost [...]

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Nice and little short about Chupu, a nice little bear, and his nice and little daily routine.
The director is Ali Taylor and she’s signed at Sherbet. Ali likes to experiment with new types of media, developing strong mystical styles that captivates the imagination. She won the Award for a first film at Annecy 2005 with [...]

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MARC CRASTE – Children 1st

A commercial directed by Marc Craste for Children 1st, Scotland’s leading childcare charities. Audio was post produced at 750 mph.
Previous post related to Marc Craste: The Big Win, Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins.
Spot di Marc Craste per Children 1st, la maggiore istituzione caritatevole scozzese dedita all’infanzia. Audio prodotto presso 750 mph.
Post [...]

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Faery Cakes with Baba Ganushka

The little bit of stop animation was made by Nick Hilligoss for StopMoShorts, based on some given keywords: Box, Feather, Hate, Surprise, Bitter, Tear.
Baba Yaga is the witch of Russian folktales. This is her sister Baba Gana, or Ganushka to family and friends. And she’s making some treats (or threats?) for some flying faeries…
The short [...]


THE SUBMARINES – Peace and Hate

Yell and shout and kick me outThen forget what we fought about

You never can tell where you find the Right One. Maybe, 20000 leagues under the sea?
The Submarines are John Dragonetti (Jack Drag) and Blake Hazard.
Peace and Hate is featured in Declare a New State!, their first album released for Nettwerk.
The video has been directed [...]


KENT HUGO – L`or rouge

Play Airways is the motion graphics and animation team of Kent Hugo, Josh Rankin and Alex Kurina, three Canadian artists. In 2005, Kent Hugo take a break to learn 3D animation at the Sheridan College.
The result is this short movie, designed as an homage to the work of the French artist A.M. Cassandre (born Adolphe [...]

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The Tale of How: Link Fixed

The original source is down right now and I messed up the Lumen Eclipse link. At least, the latter is fixed now…
La fonte originale è andata, e l’altra volta ho pasticciato il link verso Lumen Eclipse. Il secondo funge, adesso.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Tale of How.

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“Fallen is a 7 minute short film by Portland artist Ryan Jeffery. The latest in a series of collaborations with musician Ethan Rose, the film depicts the merger of humanity and technology.”
The machine you see in the movie has been made especially for this feature by Karin Merkl, in collaboration with the filmmaker.
“Presenting itself as [...]

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Link Update: Est-ce que tu aimes?

I’ve put up a copy of another Greatest Journal victim, Est-ce que tu aimes? which gathered some traffic from Google yesterday.
Ho rimesso su un’altra vittima di Greatest Journal, Est-ce que tu aimes? che ha attirato un po’ di traffico da Google, ieri.

REFERENCE: Il post di Est-ce que tu aimes?.

PSYOP – Come for Brazil

The Internet is for porn!The Internet is for porn!Why you think the net was born?Porn! Porn! Porn!

Sorry, but no screen shot can capture the spirit of this piece of motion graphic: it’s all in the motion. And in the graphics too…
The author is the New York collective Psyop, previously here with Drift and Anthem.
The clip [...]

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Pluto Revenge

Seems like it’s the hype of the moment…
Copyright for the source images is of the owners. Don’t wanna make any harm. Just have some fun… UPDATE: take a look at the work of people who really know how to photoshop…
Sembra che non si parli d’altro…
Il copyright sulle immagini originale e’ degli aventi diritto. Non [...]

THE FORMAT – The Compromise

If you can’t danceThere’s someone else in line.

“Los Angeles design studio Nylon Motion unfolds an origami orgy of epic proportions to animate this track called The Compromise, from pop-hook masters The Format“. (Source: feed)
The Format is a rock band formed by Arizona natives Sam Means and Nate Ruess. Their first single was remarkably called [...]

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ASHVIN KUMAR – Little Terrorist

So I’m trying out my new shiny Blogger Beta 2.0 heh… This deserves a great clip! *tsk*
Sto provando la Beta 2.0 di Blogger, nuova di zecca. Ciò merita una grande clip! *tsk*

A little Pakistani boy chases his ball in a minefield, somewhere at the borders between Pakistan and India. The guards spot the kid, but [...]

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Monalisa: Count Zero

People is still coming here to download Monalisa Descending a Staircase. Obviously, my Fileden account ran out of bandwidth again. But: did you notice that there’s another download link? Yeah, I mean this one. Ok, Rapidshare is a pain in the ass, but it’s better than nothing, ain’t it?
Oh, my last posts may seem a [...]

Not the Nine O`Clock News: Kinda Lingers

Goodbye is the hardest word to sayso let’s just say… Kinda lingers!

Not the Nine O’Clock News was a comedy television programme shown on the BBC, broadcast from 1979 to 1982. It featured a new generation of young comedians, principally Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones.
This skit closes the final episode of [...]


Hellgate: London

“Our heroes triumphantly shoot and slash their way through a London Underground Station filled with all manner of demonic minions, only to discover that the real battle has just begun…”
This is a cinematic trailer for Flagship Studios game Hellgate: London, realized by the guys at Blur Studio, and screened at the E3 2006.
Blur Studio has [...]


FATBOY SLIM – Praise You

Do I have to praise you?

What to say about this video? There really is someone who hadn’t seen it before? Well, you should…
According to MVDbase, the video has been directed by Torrance Community Dance Group, that is the directors Spike Jonze and Roman Coppola of The Director’s Bureau.
The guy dancing is actually Spike Jonze itself [...]

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It took a long time but in the end I managed to find a clip of the movie without encoding glitches. It’s a bit blocky (it’s the standard for MPEG-1) but viewable.
Poumse… (orig: ПУМПС) sees a trader arriving on a tropical island and selling his stuff to the natives. This will make happy not only [...]

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FRANZ FERDINAND – Eleanor Put Your Boots On

I could be there when you land

In this colourful music video, we follow the trip of a girl (that I guess is Eleanor) thru roads, rollercoasters, and even the bottom of the sea, close to the lyrics of the song.
Franz Ferdinand is a Scottish rock band based in Glasgow. As of 2006, Franz Ferdinand is [...]

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Frigo is a charming funny short animated movie from three Supinfocom students: Alexandra Gasztowtt, Tristan Hocquet and Claire Michaud.
One day, the refrigerator overheated and all the food inside started to warm and melt. But one hero will risk his life to save the situation. Will he succeed?
Frigo è un affascinante e divertente corto animato di [...]

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Human Ball: Link Update

A better clip has been added to the post for the Human Ball commercial. Thanks to Duncan’s TV.
The short movie The M Word can still be downloaded from MJZ, but not watched in a window, so I’ve put it on Vapshare. I also added a link to EnJoy… Enjoy! :P
Una clip migliore è stata aggiunta [...]


A self promotional video by Andreas Schroder for DForm, where a lot of transformations occur starting from a cup of coffee.
Clip auto-promozionale di Andreas Schroder per DForm, dove un mucchio di trasformazioni partono da una tazza di caffè.

via feed

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Trash Totem. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Trash [...]


YUJI ARAI – Morning of the End

Imagine to wake up one morning, the last morning, the beginning of the end of the world…
This is what you get in this lyrical short dreamy movie by Yuji Arai, mostly based on sketches and illustrations.
The movie showed (and still shows) at the DotMov Festival 2005, being one of the six movies selected by [...]

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HIFANA – Fat Bros

If you remember (and how you could not?) the music video for Wamono, well, this is just another share of goodness from the same source.
The group is the same, the director is again +cruz with Yiing Fan and Jack Peng. You can find other stuff from +cruz on Love.
The video doesn’t seem to be included [...]

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Aides: Femme

Let’s end this day devoted to old stuff with this clip. I can’t help to chuckle every time I watch it.
It’s the original campaign for Aides, of which Sugar Baby Love is the follow-up.
Same director, Wilfrid Brimo, same post production house, Mikros, same coolness.
Chiudiamo la giornata dedicata al già visto con una clip che [...]

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THE FEVER – Waiting For the Centipede

Wake me from these bad badShake me from these bad badTake me from these bad bad dreams.

A clip that I’ve already posted around, but that I can’t help to post up here as well. A great match of music and paper cuts animation. And that balloons scene…
The Fever are Achilles Tzoulafis (drums), Geremy Jasper (vocals), [...]

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My peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

A bank teller lose the pen he does his work with. He sets off in a mad pursuit of the customer who pocketed it in order to have the tool back.
This is a skit from The Kids in the Hall, the TV show run some years ago by the Canadian comedy group with the [...]


Updates: memoria edition

In memoriam.

Added a new clip for Empire, Danger! High Voltage, Postman and Lucky.
New links in the sidebar: The Last Minute Blog, Create Digital Motion and Peter Van Dijck’s Guide to Ease.
Aggiunti link alternativi per Empire, Danger! High Voltage, Postman e Lucky.
Nuovi link nella sidebar: The Last Minute Blog, Create Digital Motion and Peter Van Dijck’s [...]


Hable per ellos.

A moving public service announcement from Portugal directed by Carlos Manga Junior at Republika Filmes.
Toccante “pubblicità progresso” portoghese diretta da Carlos Manga Junior presso Republika Filmes.

via Duncan’s TV

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Alzheimer.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Alzheimer su Cannes Lions.
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Alzheimer.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 2 MB [...]

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The complete name for this short is Onnazuri, or: Men, Women and Capitalism. And it is also a comprehensive description for it. You may also happen to see a business man fishing with money as a bait, but that’s just a suggestion…
The author is Yusuke Murakami, a student of the New York University, and his [...]

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[BEST OF] July 2006

The usual mid-month showcase of goodness.
Skyfall: the afterwards of a nuclear explosion through the eyes of a survivor.
Perestroika: dystopian steampunk story.
Some Analog Lines: digital technology and the artistic process of filmmaking.
The Green Hornet: martial arts pulp galore!
Round 5: is your dream to become a boxer?
Les astronautes: an inventor builds a spaceship in his house and [...]

Artegence – Babcie

I guess this will never made into an olypmic sport. Too bad… :(
Artegence is a Polish advertising agency, so this is, uhm… a viral for virals. So… Meta-advertising?
Immagino che questa non sarà mai disciplina olimpica. Peccato! :(
Artegence è un’agenzia pubblicitaria polacca, quindi questa è pubblicità della pubblicità. Metapubblicità?

via eggtea

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Babcie.[Format: MP4 - Size: [...]

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ZERO 7 ft. JOSE GONZALEZ – Left Behind

Cleaning up the mess you left behind

A very short yet intense music video directed by Adam Bizanski, that is becoming a habitué on this blog. Computer graphics by Studio Aiko. Actor: Nevo Shinar.
Zero 7 is a musical duo comprising Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker from the United Kingdom. (Source: Wikipedia)
Left Behind is included in their [...]

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IVAN MAXIMOV – Wind Along the Coast

Wind along the Coast (orig. ВЕТЕР ВДОЛЬ БЕРЕГА) is a lyrical and funny story about the hard life of a seaside village, suffering from very strong wind that scrapes the coastline.
Ivan Maximov is a well known Russian animator. Upon graduating from the Filmmaking and Scriptwriting course in 1988, he produced a number of animated films [...]

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Starlight(Starlight have what you need)Can you give me the fame…

Well, let’s see… It’s about a guy who doesn’t like the music usually aired on mainstream channels, so he makes his own record, but nobody wants to listen, and… oh, and there’s the singing skeleton. And the aliens, and… Oh, whatever. This is just an amazing [...]

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Advices and Updates

I’m anticipating the usual update briefing to recommend you to check out the latest posts on Ticklebooth. The site is coming up pretty well.
Today updates regard: Year of the Rat, added a high quality clip and fixed the links on Soft Citizen; Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers, flash clip updated.
Anticipo il ragguaglio sugli [...]

Nexus Bus

Axis Animation teamed up animation director Dana Dorian with talented designer Andy Fielding to create a commercial for Nexus that uses a bold visual style and create an intriguing animated world blurring the lines between 2D and 3D animation. (Source: AWN)
Previously from Axis Animation: Code Hunters and Killzone.
Axis Animation ha riunito l’animation director Dana [...]

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RILO KILEY – It`s a Hit

Any chimp can play human for a dayAnd use his opposable thumbs to iron his uniform

Animated music video that features “a clarinet-playing museum, a giant cyclops drummer and many other bits of cheesy strangeness.” (Source: iFilm)
Rilo Kiley is a Los Angeles-based alternative rock band. Its members are Jenny Lewis, Blake Sennett, Pierre de Reeder and [...]


Mysteries: Link Updated

Dominic Leung, the director of the video for Mysteries by Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man, is not repped by Independent anymore, so the link died. I’ve put the clip on Blip and fixed some other details in the post.
Some other new links added to the sidebar: Boing Boing, NYC Arts, Banana a Motore.
Dominic Leung, il [...]


Alea iacta est.

A bunch of humans are assaulted by a die hard robot. Will our heroes eventually defeat the evil machine?
Die-Cast is a full action short movie shoot with a few money, and a lot of creativity. The authors are Alex Mallinson and his brother Ben Mallinson.
A second episode is in production and a third [...]

Dream: Link Updated (+ News)

First of all, good luck to Neill Blomkamp that is going to direct the Halo feature movie. Check out his Alive in Joburg and Tempbot if you didn’t yet.
I’ve reencoded the clip for Dizzee Rascal’s Dream in full resolution, and put in of FileDen. Go for it, ’cause it may not last for long…
I’ve also [...]


Caps is a short movie “where one goofy character spoils an old tradition, but brings the warmth and the color back into the world.”
This animation is part of the trailer for the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2006, that is a series of short films produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg as an opening for the screening [...]

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Le deserteur

A deserter hides in a room, and with the help of a mechanical virutal reality headset and a bird, will try to find a little freedom.
A film about war, its cruelty and its horror, as it’s reflected on the spirit of a man who must kill another man in order to survive. (Source: DS Studio)
The [...]

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Guitar Vader – Morrison House

A nice and short unofficial music video. We’re taken from the underground, up to the skies, passing thru the floors of a building.
Guitar Vader are a Japanese pop rock band. Formed in 1998, the band is probably most well known outside Japan for their participation in the soundtracks of Jet Set Radio and Jet Set [...]


GOO-SHUN WANG – Hallucii

By unpopular request, here’s another installment in the cross-blogging series…
After abusing alcohol, a worker on his way home find himself trapped into a M.C. Escher nightmare. He’ll try to escape with any means but…
This short movie is the work of Goo-Shun Wang, a student at the MFA Computer Art school.
The movie is currently showing at [...]

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PGi-13: Link Updated

I’ve uploaded this awesome short movie to Google Video to watch and on Fileden to download. Enjoy!
The Blogger outage scheduled for yesterday has been postponed to today. Anyway, I should be able to post before that time.
Ho messo questo incredibile corto su Google Video (da guardare) e Fileden (da scaricare). Enjoy!
L’outage di Blogger programmato per [...]

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What`s Opera, Doc?

What did you expect in an opera, a happy ending?

The animation masterpiece directed by Chuck Jones, my favourite in Warner Bros cartoons.
Wikipedia holds all the information you may want to know, so I’ll leave you with the clip.
Oh. This is a public domain copy. If you want high quality, you’ll find the short on the [...]

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Dreams: Link Updated

There’s some problem with the clip for Dizzee Rascal’s song. I switched to the low quality version on Colonel Blimp. Expect a new update soon.
Fileden is completely down again, so I couldn’t upload anything. And they expect users to pay for this service… Ha!
Oh. Blogger will be down too, [...]


Sarah is searching for Mr. Right, but she’s also a busy woman. She use to spent her free time with Rick 1.0, an advanced chatterbot (a digital gigolo?) but one day, an handsome stranger call on her holophone…
iRomance is a revival of the 1970’s science fiction cinema: make up, costumes and even the orchestra-like score [...]

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THOM YORKE – Harrowdown Hill

It was a slippery slippery slippery slopeI feel me slipping in and out of consciousness.

The tilt shift technique is used by some photographers to make a real scene looks like a minuature. Look at the work of Olivo Barbieri, for instance.
This video, directed by Chel White, uses this trick on moving images featuring scenes of [...]

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Max + Little Man on Campus: Updates

First, I added to the template the Blip widget with the latest clip I posted there.
The clip for Max by Samuel Bayer is now available for download via FileDen. The site who hosted it is now dead.
I’ve was up to delete the post, then I decided to put Little Man on Campus on FileLodge. [...]


I worked for hours on this clip, to make it looks the best possible, and still not happy with the final result. I’ll probably try again tomorrow. The XviD file seems slightly better.
The video is set on a 1950s kids TV show, where Dizzee plays a puppet on community service. The director’s cut was in [...]

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Mass Update

The post to An Eye for Annai has been updated, for the few that still don’t know this little masterpiece. New clip and some infos about the music.
Also, an update for Altai: all the links changed, and there’s a new clip in Flash format.
The post to Kasabian’s Empire video has been updated too, with some [...]

Hanne Hukkelberg – A Cheater`s Armoury

Beautiful song: the music, the words and the voice create a perfect blend. Beautiful video: good style, nice concept, great execution, deep meanings. You’ll like it. ;)
Hanne Hukkelberg is a Norwegian singer. She started singing and playing instruments at the age of 3. Throughout her youth and musical education, she was a vocalist in various [...]

Si quieres puedes

Volere è potere.(If there’s a will, there’s a way.)

Now, this is certainly not the best movie in the world. (Neither is the worst…) The reason I’m making a post about it is that the idea which is based on is completely sick and fucked up. Really.
The movie starts with a thief that tries to rob [...]

A Couple of Updates

As I said, there’s been some problems at Blip. One of my videos get lost in the process, namely Far West by Arturo Brachetti. I’ve uploaded it again. Props to Mike and the other guys at that did a great job to put back working everything they can.
Another link update concerns the music video [...]

La migration bigoudenn

Another classic (well, it’s just one year old, but time’s very fast on the Internet) that can not be missed on any video blog that is worth its name.
A group of ladies from Brittany, in traditional dress, compete in a contest to cook the Breton speciality, crêpes of an ethereal lightness.
The movie is the work [...]


Egg: Link Updated

I’ve some update to do. The first post to benefit of my attention is Egg: I’ve put the hi quality DivX back online, and made an upload to Google Video if you prefer Flash.
I also added a Quicktime format clip for One Man Wrecking Machine. Not really better of the one I posted before, [...]

GUY MADDIN – Heart of the World

My list of “artists I never heard about before but please, please, I want more!” have just gained a new entry: Guy Maddin.
The Heart of the World is Maddin’s acclaimed, award-winning short created for the 25th anniversary of the Toronto Film Festival; a brilliant, breathless parody of silent Soviet propaganda montage films.
Ingredients: Anna, a scientists [...]

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THE CONSTANTINES – Working Full-Time

Stop motion rocks!

A nice music video that uses stop animated rocks to deliver a couple of minutes of pure amusement.
The Constantines are an indie rock band from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed by Steve Lambke, Bryan Webb, Doug MacGregor, and Dallas Wehrle in 1999.
Working Full-Time is featured in their third album, Tournaments of [...]

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I posted this one on Ticklebooth before, but it well deserves an extra time in the spotlights.
Blissful is a short yet amazing blend of animation and motion graphics did by Leftchannel for Fantômas (brainchild of Mike Patton), “a trip through torment and obstacles of supposed demise within the mind of an evil being.”
Mike Patton (born [...]

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No FAT32 Clips

My hard disk crashed. I’ve managed to put everything back working. New posts will follow when I’ll be back working as well.
Il mio hard disk è crashato. Sono riuscito a rimetterlo in sesto, quindi nuovi post seguiranno allorché mi rimetterò anch’io…