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The Last Autumn Journey

The caressing breeze of summer
has turned into the blustering winds of fall…

Short motion graphic done by Minds of Intelligence Studios.

The Last Autumn Journey, is an animation which attempts to capture the beauty and serenity of leaves dancing in the wind, brightly colored by the warm tones of autumn.”

“A motion piece with poetic illustrations and animations inspired to oriental art, Japanese poetry and the beautiful animation Drift, by Given life with the beautiful music of Secret Garden, composed by Rolf Løvland.”

If you’re eager to know, the name of the song is Sometimes When it Rains. (Source: Llamame Lola)

If this reminds you of another clip with a leaf in the wind, it was the video for Lambchop’s song Is a Woman.

Breve pezzo di motion graphic opera di Minds of Intelligence Studios.

The Last Autumn Journey, è un’animazione che prova a catturare la bellezza e la serenità di un foglia che danza nel vento, colorata dei toni caldi dell’autunno.”

“Un’animazione con illustrazioni poetiche ispirate all’arte orientale, alla poesia giapponese ed alla bella animazione Drift, di Altra linfa vi è portata dalla musica di Secret Garden, composta da Rolf Løvland.”

Per i più curiosi, il nome del brano è Sometimes When it Rains. (Fonte: Llamame Lola)

Se vi ricorda un altra clip con una foglia nel vento, si trattava del video per Is a Woman di Lambchop.

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica The Last Autumn Journey.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 24 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

WATCH: Guarda The Last Autumn Journey in finestra.

LINK: La pagina di The Last Autumn Journey.

LINK: Visita Minds of Intelligence.

CODECS: Apple Quicktime

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