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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

Flash Updates

I finally managed to deinterlace and compress the clip for the Mono Village ad and put it online.
I’ve updated the post to Sugar Baby Love with informations about Lâm Le Thanh and with the clip from his website.
There’s also a flash clip, which refers Samael in the comments, for La legende de la [...]

5 AM Mono Village

Perché sempre io?

One of my favourite commercials ever. Directed and produced by Traktor for Diesel.
At the Clio Awards 2002, the spot was introduced in the prestigious Clio Hall of Fame.
The song is Warum immer ich? sung by Jürgen Drews.
Previously from Traktor: the music video for The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song and the commercial Spy vs. [...]

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ASAF AGRANAT – A Bus Ride And Flowers in her Hair

Asaf Agranat is a 27-year-old artist and animator from Israel. He currently lives in London. He moved there to study animation at the Edinburgh College of Art. His graduation film, Bus Ride and Flowers in Her Hair took a couple good months to brew, and once production started it took about 6 months to finish. [...]


Links Up, Links Down

The bandwidth quota on my Fileden account has been reset. That means you can go for the movies you tried to download and didn’t managed to. For a couple of days, at least…
As a downside, a lot of clips on Putfile have been deleted (for inactivity?) but that’s something I can deal with.
La quota di [...]

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The Man who Walked Between the Towers

What a wonderful place to stretch a rope…

It was August 7, 1974 in New York City, when Philippe Petit made eight crossings on a rope stretched between the still unfinished Twin Towers.
You know what happened in 2001. Well, actually nobody know (and probably never will know) what really happened that day, but that’s another story.
In [...]


Some News

This blog has been nominated (for some oblivious reason) in the Podcast Peer Awards.
Did I say podcast? Yes, you can actually get this blog as a podcast, on my Feedburner RSS feed. I never buzzed around about it, but some of you may probably find it useful.
Oh, once and for all. I’m not interested in [...]


Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.(Orazio)

WIZ directs a music video set in the World War One some war the Crimean War, with an amazingly huge production value and a story line that slips away from my obnubilated senses…
Kasabian is a British band from Leicester, England. The band is named after Linda Kasabian, a member [...]

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Yay, as I told ya, the clip is now fixed and waiting to be enjoyed. I wrote the post yesterday, and doesn’t need to be changed, except for the image…
Another case of serendipity: I was looking for something else and just bumped into this little gem. Well, not that little after all…
A weird short movie [...]

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Chili Bucket: Post Updated

I did a little mess in the post for Chili Bucket. It IS available on Supinfocom site, so I added that clip, as well. The post as been modified accordingly.
Oh, Fileden (the site) is up again, while my main account is still out of b/width until the next month.
Fatto un po’ di casino nel post [...]


La legende de la pierre qui tourne

Some tales can never be forgotten…

Whew, I spent half day on a movie (finding, encoding, uploading and cursing) just to find out, at the very last moment, that the clip had the wrong aspect ratio. You may not care, but I do. I’ll work it out soon, don’t worry. And now…
Another short from Supinfocom Promo [...]

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Other Updates

First, FileDen seems to be down since yesterday. I opened a second account to store temporary some of the stuff I got on the first, but now…
The following posts got an alternate link from GSAA website: Humans!, Clikclak, Abridged. They also fixed the voting widget.
Also, Come on my Selector is no more hosted on RSA. [...]

Field of Dreams

Is there something that a father would not do to clear the path for his beloved child to realize his own dreams?
Commercial for Vault that aired during the Superbowl 2006 pre-game air time.
Directed by Baker Smith at Harvest Films. Post Production by The Mill. Audio mixed by Tom Goldblatt and Kelly E. Harnett at [...]

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THE NEW YORK DOLLS – Dance Like a Monkey

Intelligent design? Pastafarianism? All rendered obsolete by the last groove: dancing! Warning: may contain traces of Dick Cheney.
The New York Dolls is a punk rock band made up by David Johansen, voice, Sylvain Sylvain, guitar and backing vocals, Steve Conte, guitar, Sami Yaffa, bass, Brian Koonin at the piano and Brian Delaney at the drums.
Dance [...]


“In the game of life, EveryGirl finds herself benched. This animated comic yarn follows her exasperated attempts and subsequent failures to join a world that is oblivious to her. It takes a curious cat with a volatile temper to awaken the girl to her own untapped courage.”
Juxtaposer is a sweet short movie written, animated, directed [...]


Some More Updates

The post for Cocotte minute has been updated with some links to the authors, an high definition clip and a comprehensive making of that you really should watch. Sometimes one can not appreciate how many work and passion goes in 90 second of animation.
I also updated the post about Chaperon Rouge with a new clip [...]

THE KNIFE – Marble House

I can’t find absolutely anything about this video. There’s a previous promo for this song, directed by Bjorn Renner, but it clearly has nothing to do with this one.
This one, is directed by Chris Hopewell, and it’s a stop motion fable about a rodent family. I’m not sure if there actually is a story line, [...]

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Chili Bucket

The fox condemns the trap, not himself.(William Blake)

Good news: Supinfocom Arles put online all the shorts from the Promo 2006. Go for them! I’ll make a post about some of these as usual, when I feel like that. Now, let’s talk about Chili Bucket, that is not one of the movie you’ll find on [...]

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Space Invaders: Link Update

Wow! Hundreds of people are coming here for this short. For some reason Google point to my post. And the official site went down.
So, I put the clip up on Blip. Go for it!
Wow! Centinaia di persone sono venute per questo corto. Per qualche ragione Google punata al mio post. E il sito ufficiale è [...]


“A fun play on the vicious cycle that is life.”
This movie has been done for the 55DSL motion graphics competition held on By Designers For Designers. All the shorts were themed about life.
This one ended up fourth (or third runner up if you prefer). It is the work of Alex Amelines and Mar Hernández.
“Uno sguardo [...]

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Chaperon Rouge

The first animated short of Supinfocom 2006 to come out on the net. I was not sure of posting it, but I’ve been busy (watching DVDs :P) today, and so… Not that it’s bad. It’s a good movie, and that’s why it’s here.
As you may guess, the movie is based on the Little Red Riding [...]

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Broken Links Are for Assholes

Aw, I knew you’d be surprised…

Thanks to our French friend who magically finds stuff on his own hard drive but, for some reason, prefer to link to the one I upload, my bandwidth quota on Fileden is running out. So, please, be patient until next month. I can’t re-upload all the stuff I got up [...]


PSYOP – Drift

Named and posted as well!
Creative collective Psyop created Drift, a minute long art film for Bombay Sapphire Gin.
Drift takes viewers on a floating visual journey, presenting elements of Bombay Sapphire’s branding along the way. (Source: Blue Vertical Studio)
Psyop created a meditation that’s also a love story: a man and woman have a connection but never [...]


The Last Autumn Journey

The caressing breeze of summerhas turned into the blustering winds of fall…

Short motion graphic done by Minds of Intelligence Studios.
“The Last Autumn Journey, is an animation which attempts to capture the beauty and serenity of leaves dancing in the wind, brightly colored by the warm tones of autumn.”
“A motion piece with poetic illustrations and animations [...]


GAELLE DENIS – City Paradise

I know, I know. Almost any video blog (including my previous one, even tho it was not exactly a blog) did a post about this movie… I tried to resist. But some of the images from this movie are stuck on my mind from the first time I saw it, more than one year ago.
Tomoko, [...]

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Birthday Massacre: Link Updated

Well, yesterday Blogger took a rest, and so did I.
Anyway. All the links to the video for The Birthday Massacre’s Blue were dead. I’ve re-encoded and uploaded a clip. Enjoy!
I’ve also added a new and better link for the Dominoes commercial.
E ieri Blogger si è riposato, e quindi pure io…
Comunque. Tutti i link al video [...]

Come on my Selector: Link Updated Again

I’ve uploaded the music video for Come on my Selector, directed by Chris Cunningham, to a new location.
I’ve also added an alternate link to the Aqualtis commercial.
Ho rimesso su il video di Come on my Selector, diretto da Chris Cunningham, quindi cambio d’indirizzo.
Ho anche aggiunto un link alternativo per lo spot di Aqualtis.

REFERENCE: Il post [...]

MUSE – Knights of Cydonia

In an martian far west, knights fight robots, cowboys do kung fu (martian arts?) and duel with laser beam guns to decide who gets the girl. Almost every genre of trash cinema is referenced in this long music video directed by Joseph Kahn.
Muse are an alternative rock band formed in Teignmouth, Devon, in 1994. The [...]

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And now for something different…

Artuto Brachetti, the man of a thousand faces, peerless master of transformation, reinvented the art of quick-change. In the blink of an eye he becomes the sheriff, the bandit, the entreneuse, the drunk… Leaving audiences mystified, breathless, blown away. (Source:
Brachetti is considered the greatest quick-change “actor” in the world. Unlike [...]

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This is just a Space Invaders game. Redone in stop motion. With people instead of the pixels.
Space Invaders is the second movie in the Game Over series, the first being Pong.
Game Over is a project by Guillaume Reymond and despite of the name and the similarities, has nothing to do with PES‘ Game Over.
Una semplice [...]

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[BEST OF] June 2006

I’m taking a day or two for myself, so here’s a list what I like better of the last month posts.
Les Kiriki: pretty (camera) tricks in this short dating back 1907.
Rocky Took a Lover: a merry go round to the end (or the beginning) of the world.
Sailor’s Girl: a girl provides an odd service in [...]

PETER DODD – The Tale of Sir Richard

The story of an ill-fated knight: no one is braver than sir Richard, no one wants more than him to slay a dragon. But he has a little and humiliating problem with his… ehm… sword.
The film was made in stop animation, by animating objects on glass. It should be the first of a series.
Pete Dodd [...]



Visual palindrome…

Short animated movie by three students of Supinfocom: Louis Blaise, Thomas Lagache and Bastien Roger.
A man got some troubles dealing with his own reflection in the mirror. Resolution will come after a frantic chase through a collapsing urban universe.
The characters may not be the state of the art, but the direction and the landscape [...]

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National Film Boards of Canada (+ Updates)

As read on Cartoon Brew, NFB “has posted on-line fifty of their most well known animated shorts.” Enjoy! They’re all flash streams, so I’m not gonna link them here, unless I find some different source.
The updates includes: some links added to the best of section in the sidebar; an alternate link for the 14th Raindance [...]



! ada va diezshna da duzshnata !

Good old Adolf put on his best dress and shows us his greatest hits about queer love, in this crazy all dancing all singing episodic short movie by Gregory Roman of Magic Box Films.
There’s nothing I can say about it. You just have to watch it!
Il buon vecchio Adolf [...]

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First Taste

An old man realize that his old days are worth more than the boredom of the retirement house.
Directed by Dante Ariola at MJZ. Sound by Audio Engine.
Un anziano signore intuisce che i suoi ultimi giorni meritano di piu’ che la noia della casa di riposo.
Diretto da Dante Ariola presso MJZ. Suono di Audio Engine.

via Llamame [...]

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ARCHIVE – System

Hey, it was a long time I didn’t post any music video. Here it is: doodles go frenzy, dance all around and invade the house.
Archive are a London-based trip-hop group formed by Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths in 1994, from the ashes of UK house act Genocide 2.
On May 2006, Archive released Lights, from which [...]


SIRI MELCHIOR – The Dog who was a Cat Inside

This is a classic, but I’ve found this nice high resolution version, and like to share it.
The Dog Who Is a Cat Inside is a special animal. The dog and cat live together in the same body, but this causes conflict. They learn that only by resolving their differences and working together can they [...]

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The Cat with Hands: Link Updated

As I told, it was there. I just need a better pair of glasses. The Cat with Hands is avaiable for download thru FileDen.
Also I’ve added a mirror for The Deadline, hosted on blumaise.
Come avevo detto, era lì. Devo cambiare occhiali. The Cat with Hands è disponibile per il download tramite FileDen.
Ho anche aggiunto un [...]

WALERIAN BOROWCZYK – Les astronautes

Short animated movie directed by Walerian Borowczyk in collaboration with Chris Marker, released in 1959.
It is about a spare time inventor who designs and builds a spaceship in his little house. Once completed, he jumps in and goes for adventure.
The animation is mostly performed composing together cuttings from photographs, newspapers and other similar stuff.
Chris Marker [...]


Updates: World Cup Edition :-)


I had to change the link to Perils in Nude Modeling, which I referenced yesterday evening, cause the old link was dead. The new version is hosted on The Director’s Cut. It’s also remarkably better in quality, so enjoy.
On the same site I found a version of Rock the World with alternate audio. I’ve added [...]

Round 5

Hit me.

A very cool short movie from a mexican directing duo where the world in black and white, the boxe fights are mixed and the number five seems to be a recurring theme.
Eliseo dreams of being a boxer some day. After he crashes into a mysterious woman on the run, he suddenly finds himself on [...]


Box + Le moine et le Poisson: Fixes & Updates

First, I have to apologize with The Ebeling Group: the information I supplied in the post about Nakd’s short movie Box were wrong. The updated post should be alright. I hope, at least.
Then, Le moine et le Poisson, the short movie by Michael Dudok De Wit, is back online. Don’t know how will it last, [...]

What’s Inside

Impossible is nothing.

Adidas commercial directed by Noam Murro, featuring NBA player Kevin Garnett. They worked together on a previous ad, Carry.
The characters are a metaphor for the different parts of Kevin’s personality that are displayed on the basketball court. (Source: Adidas Press Room)
Noam Murro is currently signed to Biscuit Filmworks and is represented by Circle [...]

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Another fine short animation from the e-magiciens of the Supinfocom. The authors of this comedic musical are: Thomas Bernos, Jérôme Haupert and Nicolas Lesaffre.
“Hernando shows different emotions. It is funny and slightly crazy. Hernando is a musical, based on old sixties MGM movies. The film is an all singing and dancing story of the Pirate [...]

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A Ribbon + Sugar Baby Love: Updates

The link to a the music video for Devendra Banhart’s A Ribbon by Michel Gondry is back working.
Also, there’s a slightly better (yet lower resolution) version of Sugar Baby Love available.
Il link al video di Michel Gondry per A Ribbon di Devendra Banhart è di nuovo funzionante.
Inoltre, è disponibile una versione migliore (benché a bassa [...]

The Tube Side of the Toon

Matter of fact it’s all dark.

There’s a post on Cartoon Brew, with links to similar posts, about the “enforcing copyright” policy that the Tube adopted lately. Check it out.
C’è un post su Cartoon Brew, con link a post simili, sulla politica di “difesa dei diritti d’autore” attuata dal Tubo di recente. Dateci una letta.


14th Raindance Film Festival

It’s a movie.You should do something.

Trailer for the Raindance Film Festival, directed by Kosaï Sekine, previously here with Right Place.
Trailer per il Raindance Film Festival, diretto da Kosaï Sekine, già qui con il suo corto Right Place.

via Uruk (itself via Gari@Suta-Guti)

DOWNLOAD: Scarica il trailer.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda [...]



Adam is so lonely: nobody around him, and that planet is so small… Thus, God decide to give him a companion.
Adam is claymation short movie, written, directed and animated by Peter Lord. The Hand of God is Nick Upton.
Peter Lord is co-founder of Aardman Animations. He directed Chicken Run and created the odd couple Wallace [...]

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Finally a martial art short movie! And what a movie! The Green Hornet is based on the characters from a pulp series from the ’40s.


Psst! Pass it on… (#6: Cosmic Dancer)

Psst! Pass it on… is a project conceived and curated by Bran Dougherty- Johnson of Grow Design Work. It consists of six short movies, from one to two minute long.

Every movie is made up of three parts, every part is the work of a different visual artist or collective and features a different soundtrack. Every technique is represented, from CGI to origami.

In this post I’ll cover the sixth short, named Cosmic Dancer. The link between the three parts, in this case, seems to be the element of water.

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The Child: Link Updated Once Again

The link to the video to Alex Gopher’s song, directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet is now working again.
Il link al video del pezzo di Alex Gopher, diretto da Antoine Bardou-Jacquet funziona di nuovo.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Child.

The Thief and the Cobbler: Escher Scene

I usually don’t post excerpts, trailers and stuff like that. But I usually do exceptions on anything…
This is a scene from the “legendary unfinished film” of Richard Williams. Filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist undertook the thankless task of creating a new, not-for-profit, version of the film. (Source: Cartoon Brew, where you’ll find all you want to know [...]

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Prey Alone


A short movie which proves how you can achieve big-screen quality even on a low budget.
The plot revolves around the obsessive search of a National Security agent for a faceless, nameless criminal: he only has two words in a notebook (P-R-E-Y A-L-O-N-E) and an unhelpful witness from a military prison. [...]

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DAVID LOWERY – Some Analog Lines

The SXSWclick! 2006 shorts are online, now. You can also vote your favourite movie for the Popularity Contest Award. So, go on, watch ‘em in gorgeous hi res clips and choose the best. I picked up this documentary written and directed by David Lowery.
“Some Analog Lines is a playfully philosophical, surprisingly personal essay film that [...]

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Italia uber ass… ehm, alles!

Clips will come back tomorrow! :)
Lo ammetto.Ho goduto come un riccio.
I video tornano domani! :)

tnx to Ery for the panorama…


Emilie Simon – Flowers

From NoBrain it comes a very nice looking CGI clip that look like a stop motion animation and pays hommage to Tim Burton worlds.
Émilie Simon was previously here with the video for Fleur de saison, also from NoBrain. Flowers is included in her eponymous album, released in 2003.
No Brain is a collective of four French [...]

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ROBERT MORGAN – The Separation

And here’s another movie from Robert Morgan, the author of The Cat with Hands, probably the most visited post on this blog.
The story revolves around the separation of two conjoined twins and its extraordinary consequences.
The movie has been produced by Sylvie Bringas at Animus Films. The soundtrack is a peculiar version of Franz Liszt’s Liebestraum [...]


Rough Approach: Link Updated

Some of you tried to download this clip, but the link was broken. Now it’s back working. Enjoy!
Alcuni hanno provato a scaricare questa clip, trovando il link non funzionante. Ora va di nuovo. Enjoy!

REFERENCE: Il post di Rough AppRoach.


ALEX FRIDERICI – Perestroika

Perhaps a lunatic is simply a minority of one.George Orwell

I remember when I first saw this (can’t remember… Was it in 2003?) it looked like the state of the art in CGI. Now it looks an ordinary (very well done) job. Anyway, I haven’t managed to properly encode the clip I was about to post, [...]


GRAND NATIONAL – Drink to Moving on

It’s a hard life when you’re a piece of tetris! You have to fight discrimination in the work place and in the social life. But above all, you have to be careful when meeting your friends…
Grand National is a London based duo made up by Rupert Lyddon and Lawrence “La” Rudd.
Drink to Moving on [...]



You grabbed my handand we fell into it,like a daydream or a fever

An animated short movie with a first person view. We see the afterwards of a nuclear explosion through a backward narration.
I like how the author used and composed several elements to achieve a realistic yet stylised look in the first half of the [...]

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My Friend Marjorie on DVD

Just to say that My Friend Marjorie, the short movie by Louise Wilde and Model Robot is available on Stash 22 DVD.
Solo per informare che My Friend Marjorie, corto di Louise Wilde e Model Robot, è incluso sul DVD di Stash 22.

REFERENCE: Il post di My Friend Marjorie.