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[BEST OF] May 2006

A little late, but maybe it’s even better. Here’s my picks. The star [*] denotes posts that have been updated. (Wow, there’s been some epidemic disease…)

The Raftman’s Razor: Chaos is the soul in which truth grows. [*]

Kamiya tsushin: Japan and the essence of living in that culture.

CodeHunters: a fake anime; but a real eye candy.

Tyger: Guglielmo Marcondes turns the urban jungle of São Paulo into an actual one. [*]

Psyop’s Anthem: Persuade. Change. Influence. [*]

Elephants Dream: an open source movie!

Sand: A laugh out funny spot for Midnight Spank. Stupid monkeeees!!! [*]

Humans!: the ultimate parasite…

Flatlife: hanging a painting on the wall can become a quite hazardous operation.

Foutaises: Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s rubbish. [*]

Butterfly: a woman transforms into a butterfly.

Game Over: PES reenacts classic video games in his own style. [*]

Some classic music videos: Just, Untitled #1 [Vaka] and All is Full of Love.

Un po’ in ritardo, ma forse meglio così. Ecco le mie scelte. L’asterisco [*] indica i post che ho aggiornato. (Wow! C’è stato una grande moria delle vacche…)

The Raftman’s Razor: il caos è l’anima in cui la verità cresce. [*]

Kamiya tsushin: il Giappone e l’essenza della vita in quella certa cultura.

CodeHunters: un finto anime; un vera gioia per gli occhi.

Tyger: Guglielmo Marcondes muta la giungla urbana di São Paulo in quella vera. [*]

Psyop’s Anthem: Persuade. Change. Influence. [*]

Elephants Dream: un film open source!

Sand: Uno spot tutto da ridere per Midnight Spank. Stupide scimmie!!! [*]

Humans!: il parassita definitivo…

Flatlife: appendere un quadro alla parete può diventare un compito rischioso.

Foutaises: le sciocchezze di Jean-Pierre Jeunet. [*]

Butterfly: una donna muta in farfalla.

Game Over: PES rifà alcuni classici del video games nel suo stile. [*]

Un po’ di video classici: Just, Untitled #1 [Vaka] ed All is Full of Love.

: Tutti i post di Maggio 2006.

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