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NINE INCH NAILS – Help me I`m in Hell

The video “depicts a man in a padded cube room, sitting in front of a table completely filled with flies. He silently cuts a piece of meat, and eats it, giving the flies no awknowledgement. Various scenes also show the man in bondage. Very strange.” (Source: New Sweat to Drove me in)

Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN and typeset as NIИ) is an American band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988 by Trent Reznor.

Help me I’m in Hell is featured on the Broken EP, released in 1992. Broken was followed by the Broken Movie, a full length music video that included this sequence but was never released.

The music video for Help me I’m in Hell, directed by Eric Goode and Serge Becker, edited by Ted Tucker, with Russell Swanson as cinematographer, has never been aired but is included on the Closure VHS set. A DVD version of Closure has been announced but it didn’t came out yet.

CREDITS: As usual, Wikipedia has been my main reference.

Il video “mostra un uomo in una stanza dalle pareti imbottite, seduto ad una tavola piena zeppa di mosche. In silenzio, taglia un pezzo di carne e la mangia, senza dare alcun peso alle mosche. Alcune scene mostrano l’uomo in legacci. Strano forte!” (Fonte: New Sweat to Drove me in)

Nine Inch Nails (abbreviato con NIN e scritto NIИ) è una band americana formata a Cleveland, Ohio neò 1988 da Trent Reznor.

Help me I’m in Hell è inclusa nell’EP Broken, uscito nel 1992. Broken fu seguito dal film Broken Movie, un lungo video musicale che include questa sequenza ma non e’ mai uscito ufficialmente.

Il video per Help me I’m in Hell, diretto da Eric Goode e Serge Becker, montato da Ted Tucker, con le luci di Russell Swanson, non p mai stato trasmesso, ma è incluso nel set di videocassette Closure. Una versione DVD di Closure è stata annunciata da tempo ma non è ancora uscita.

CREDITS: Come sempre, Wikipedia è stata la mia fonte primaria.

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