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BLACK STROBE – Me and Madonna

NICK RYAN - A Lonely Sky: MPEG-4 Clip
A moody sequence of events in a dark subway station evolves from sinister to the ridicolous as the animated tale unfolds.

Black Strobe is a French electro music duo, build up by Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe. The Me and Madonna single has been released on 2002 for Output Recordings.

Ne-O is the working name of directors Jake Knight and Ryoko Tanaka. They was previously featured here with their spot for Toyota, Humanity.

If you want an high quality of the clip, and don’t like TV recordings, you may consider purchasing OneDotZero Select DVD 2 which includes this and other cool clips.

Una strana sequenza di eventi in una buia stazione della metro evolve dal sinistro al ridicolo, man mano che la storia di dipana.

Black Strobe è un duo francese di electro music, formato da Arnaud Rebotini ed Ivan Smagghe. Il singolo Me and Madonna è uscito nel 2002 per Output Recordings.

Ne-O è il nome d’arte dei registi Jake Knight e Ryoko Tanaka. Sono stati ospiti qui precedentemente col loro spot per Toyota, Humanity.

Per chi vuole una clip ad alta qualità e non gradisce le registrazioni TV, un’opzione è acquistare OneDotZero Select DVD 2 che include il video insieme ad altra bella roba.

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DOWNLOAD (DVD): Scarica Me and Madonna. Formato DVD.
[Format: MPEG-2 - Size: 35 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Me and Madonna.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

DOWNLOAD (LOW RES): Scarica Me and Madonna. Bassa qualità. Bassa risoluzione.
[Format: MPEG - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

WATCH: Guarda Me and Madonna in finestra.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Me and Madonna.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 17 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

LINK: Visita il sito di Ne-o.

LINK: Visita il sito di Black Strobe.

LINK: Pagina di Black Strobe su MySpace.

MVDBASE: Pagina di Me and MadonnaNe-OBlackstrobe

IMDB: Pagina di Jake KnightRyoko Tanaka

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  1. Anonymous | 30 April 2007 at 15:39 | Permalink

    Dek could you please up Thanks so much. (your blog is inexhaustible, would like 5 months to go through it all)

  2. DeK - Delirium & Kaos | 2 May 2007 at 02:39 | Permalink

    That quicktime was encoded with an early version of X.264 from an MPEG-2 source.
    I don’t have it anymore. Just uploaded the source and a new and better MPEG-4 file.

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