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BJORK – All is Full Love

It’s all around you

BJORK: All is Full Love - MPEG-4 clip
All is Full of Love is an elegant, moving description of two Björk robots in love. As they are pieced and wired into existence, they sing to each other and fall in love. [Source: Director File]

You may also want to check out Mouvement mécanique, a different take on the theme.

Björk’s multi award winning video All is Full of Love was directed by Chris Cunningham who put all the digital effects work through Glassworks. 3D artist James Mann build movement into twin interacting androids, modelled to look like Björk. He also created robotic arms to complement live action arms used in the video. Pasi Johansson carried out the warping of Björk’s face onto the robotic models. (Source: Glassworks)

About the song: All is Full of Love was the fifth and final single by Icelandic singer, Björk, to be taken from Homogenic. (Source: Wikipedia)

Previously featured on this screen: Chris Cunningham’s video for Squarepusher’s Come on my Selector. Björk related: Lisa Rubisch’s spot for MTV.

All is Full of Love è una elegante e toccante raffigurazione di due Björk robotiche innamorate. Mentre vengono costruite, cantano l’un l’altra e si innamorano. [Fonte: Director File]

Potreste trovare d’interesse anche Mouvement mécanique, ottima variazione sul tema.

Il pluripremiato video per All is Full of Love di Björk è stato diretto da Chris Cunningham che si è rivolto a Glassworks per gli effetti speciali. L’artista del 3D James Mann ha creato i movimenti dei due androidi gemelli somiglianti a Björk. Ha anche modellato dei bracci meccanici come complemento a quelle usate nelle riprese dal vivo. Pasi Johansson ha eseguito il warping della faccia di Björk sui modelli robotici. (Fonte: Glassworks)

Circa la canzone: All is Full of Love fu il quinto ed ultimo singolo della cantante islandese Björk, estratto da Homogenic. (Fonte: Wikipedia)

Precedentemente su questi schermi: il video di Chris Cunningham per Come on my Selector di Squarepusher. Su Björk: lo spot per MTV di Lisa Rubisch.

video hosted on Greatest Journal
Chris Cunningham: All is Full of Love

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LINK: La pagina di All is Full of Love su Director File.

LINK: La pagina di Chris Cunningham su Director File.

BUY: Compra The Work of Director Chris Cunningham.

MVDBASE: Pagina di All is Full of LoveChris CunninghamBjörk

IMDB: Pagina di BjörkChris Cunningham

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