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Ariston: Aqualtis

Following the Crème Lounge one, here’s another clothes based commercial, for an italian washing machine.

Director Dario Piana is currently signed to Film Master. Post production made at BUF.

The music is Ask the Mountains by Vangelis. (Source: ‘boards)

Dopo Crème Lounge, un altro spot “basato sui vestiti”, questa volta per un modello italiano di lavatrice.

Il regista Dario Piana è attualmente di casa presso Film Master. Post prodotto da BUF.

Colonna sonora: Ask the Mountains di Vangelis. (Fonte: ‘boards)

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Aqualtis.
[Format: MPEG - Size: 8 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

WATCH: Guarda Aqualtis in finestra.

WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Aqualtis su ‘boards.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Aqualtis su Ads of the World.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

LINK: Visita B.U.F..

CODECS: Apple Quicktime

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    you are a fag

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    So what?

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