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{ Monthly Archives } May 2006

Sometimes + Me and Madonna: Links Updated

Yeah, whatever. So, I updated the two last posts that used Greatest Journal : now they point to the low quality versions available online. The posts are Sometimes by Pleix and the video by Ne-O for Black Strobe’s Me and Madonna.
Inoltre, i seguenti post hanno un link alternativo: AIDS (You are Here), Honda Choir.
E vabbè, [...]

Greatest Journal videos down

Mumble mumble…

Not the first time it happens.I still hope for good…
Non è la prima volta che succede.Io spero ancora per il meglio…


PES – Game Over

The amazing PES reenact Centipede, Pac Man, Frogger, Space Invaders, and other classic videogames in his signature style. The short is an Atom Films Studio release.
PES is based in Harlem, New York. His first animated film, Roof Sex, became an overnight phenomenon and was featured at nearly 100 film festivals worldwide. Since then, PES has [...]

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My skin is your garden.

In this little and somewhat disturbing short, a naked woman transforms into a butterfly.
Directed by Stephane Levallois at Quad Productions. Post production by Wizz. 3D computer graphics by ExVoto.
Don’t know anything about the soundtrack. The song is an original composition by Raphael Ibanez de Garayo. (Thanks Irene!)
Quad hosts a [...]

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Becks: Four Steps

In this commercial produced by Blink for Beck’s beer, Dougal Wilson employs 2D animation, stop-frame animation, a marionette and live action to convey the four steps that go into the final product.
Creative agency: Leo Burnett. Post production has been made at Passion Pictures.
Dougal Wilson was recently featured here with another ad, Work and Play and [...]

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PLEIX – Sometimes


Pleix is a virtual (why?) community of digital artists based in Paris. Some of them are 3D artists, some others are musicians or graphic designers.
In Sometimes, a skyscraper explodes into little black shards (that seem to reference Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odissey) just to recompose a little further.
Later, Pleix did an Audi commercial along [...]


GINTS APSITS – Ministry Messiah

This post is mostly based on the movie profile found on AnimWatch.
Ministry Messiah began life as a one minute Diesel Dream advertisement, called My Angel’s Wings Are Broken. The work was commissioned by Italian mega fashion brand Diesel. Apsits added the second part, to create an extended festival version.
It is very hard to understand what [...]


The Future Box: Movie Updated

Morgan Christie sent us the link to the final version of his The Future Box. The old one I posted before was unfinished to meet the submission terms of the Getty competition.
Also, Humans! got an alternate link.
Morgan Christie ci manda il link alla versione finale del suo The Future Box. Quella precedente non era ultimata [...]

JOSSIE MALIS – Memento Mori I

Mo’ me lo segno…

Ever being stuck in an elevator? This what can (not) happen to you in that case. Really. Think about it.
Directed and animated by Jossie Malis, produced at Zumbakamera (that is essentially Jossie Malis), this bizarre stop animated short may result unimpressive at first, but I’m sure that (most of) you will appreciate [...]

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Elephants Dream: Link Added

A low resolution clip of the movie can be seen on DevilDucky. If you have had problems with the download and don’t mind to renounce to high definition…
Una clip a bassa risoluzione del film si trova su DevilDucky. Se avete avuto problemi a scaricare il film e non vi costa rinunciare all’alta definizione…

REFERENCE: Il post [...]


GUSTER – One Man Wrecking Machine

Maybe now I’ll get in her pants,whatever…

A very nice music video, realized in stop animation by director and animator Drew Lightfoot, starring Kevin the Monster and some of the other puppets at The Monster Factory.
The clip uses the “movie inside the movie” standard trick (in the drive-in shade) to visualize the lyrics of the [...]

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RYAN LANDELS – The Midnight Express

What monster may be lurkingdeep within the shadows…

End of the month, it’s time for another cross-blogging experience!
Young Charlie Foster have a little problem that doesn’t make him sleep at all: the midnight express train for New York passes through his closet, crosses his bedroom floor and continues to his bathroom…
The movie was written and directed [...]


Badgered: Link Added

The Oscar nominated short by Sharon Colman got a new clip, a little better in quality and a lot smaller in size. Good for the new users who missed the early post.
Il corto nominato agli Oscar di Sharon Colman ha una nuova clip, un pochino meglio in qualità e molto meno voluminosa. Buon per i [...]

Man of Action: The Terrible Cosmic Death

Will our heroes, Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America and Suki Kung Fu Gogo Morning Star Perfect Assassin, prevent the evil plan by their arch enemy The Tha Mad Misunderstood Professor Evil Maniac to have place and destroy America(?) with his Super Positronic Metaraygun… and eventually have sex together?

This short by MK12 was linked in the post about Icarus on tween, as an earlier example of narritive using motion graphics.

The style is quite different from the movie by Adam Swaab, sort of a kitsch spyxploitation movie, if something like this exist or ever existed… Yes, it does.

MK12 (Ben Radatz, Jed Carter, Tim Fisher, Matt Fritchman) is currently represented worldwide by The Ebeling Group.

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We lost a robot related clip, so it’s time to put a new one in, don’t you think?
Here’s the ancient mythologycal tale of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun having his wings burnt, retold using cool visuals and – yay! – robots.
Be captured by the pace of the movie, and try not [...]

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COLDCUT – Sound Mirrors


Can’t find anything about this video on the net, except for the video itself.
It depicts some sort of underwater organism, evolving from an unicellular form to more elaborate structures, until it reaches for the surface. Something like that…
Coldcut are the English DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More. Sound Mirrors is featured on their latest album [...]

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Little short animated movie by Thelvin Cabezas, with intriguing visuals and a charming, bittersweet story.
There are two unseen narrators: an excitable child and a parent who wants to cut down and send the child to bed. As the child describes Bogo’s wondrous adventures, we see Bogo in action. But the parent’s voice intrudes on each [...]


Movement: Links Updated

One of the first post here, it came with no downloadable clips. Now it has one, provided by the author on his website.
Also, the links to the original versions of Perk are all dead. The English version still resist.
Uno dei miei primi post qui, e non aveva una clip scaricabile. Ora ce l’ha, fornita dall’autore [...]


BLACK STROBE – Me and Madonna

A moody sequence of events in a dark subway station evolves from sinister to the ridicolous as the animated tale unfolds.
Black Strobe is a French electro music duo, build up by Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe. The Me and Madonna single has been released on 2002 for Output Recordings.
Ne-O is the working name of directors [...]

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Foutaises (Rubbish) is a “nostalgic catalog of the pleasures of life”. And this short can surely be in the list.
Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Delicatessen, Amelie, Alien 4), the movie comes in form of a monologue about “Things i like, things I don’t like”, enacted by Dominique Pinon (Delicatessen, Amelie, Alien 4). As you may know, [...]

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Ariston: Aqualtis

Following the Crème Lounge one, here’s another clothes based commercial, for an italian washing machine.
Director Dario Piana is currently signed to Film Master. Post production made at BUF.
The music is Ask the Mountains by Vangelis. (Source: ‘boards)
Dopo Crème Lounge, un altro spot “basato sui vestiti”, questa volta per un modello italiano di lavatrice.
Il regista Dario [...]

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An archer who’s living on a very small planet, shot an arrow to a bird perched on the moon. He misses it, and the arrow will eventually hit a star of the constellation Leo…
Created by Raphael Perkins as his graduation project at the Vancouver Film School, El arquero (The [...]

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Some (Rock) Updates

The post for Node Based have had its clips deleted, so I deleted the post as well. You can still find the movie on Render Node, but you need a lot of luck, and a good download manager to view the short.
On the other side, the spot for Capitalia have an additional link from B.U.F.
I’ve [...]

Comfort: Creme Lounge

Gorgeously animated commercial, directed by Rachel Guidera. Outstanding animation provided by The Mill.
The spot features a singer who’s entirely made up of fabric, as you can see from the image.
Pubblicità splendidamente animata, per la regia di Rachel Guidera. Le eccezionali animazioni sono opera di The Mill.
Lo spot raffigura una cantante interamente composta di stoffa, come [...]



In Flatlife, hanging a painting on the wall becomes a quite hazardous operation, houses of cards seem subject to Murphy’s Law, doing the laundry requires special skills in the field of ethology, and watching TV turns out to be a life-threatening activity. (The last one is true in real life, as well…)
The short animated movie [...]

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Medieval knights battle it out at last blood. With a twist.
Commercial for online gaming, directed by Radke Film’s Stephen Creet, edited by Andy Ames at Panic & Bob.
Cavalieri mediavali lottano all’ultimo sangue. Con sorpresa.
Spot per un sito di gioco online, diretto da Stephen Creet di Radke Film, montato da Andy Ames presso Panic & Bob.



METALLICA – Turn the Page

On the road again…

The video directed by Jonas Åkerlund revolve around the life of a prostitute (played by American pornstar Ginger Lynn Allen) who tries to raise up a child. This is the uncensored version and contains full nudity: viewer discretion advised, whatever it means…
Turn the Page is a song originally written and recorded by [...]

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Two cogs start to dance on their own will, drawing shapes like spirographs. They seem to be happy, but…
The title should not be considered a typo (though it probably is…) but an attempt to translate the original russian title, that means gears, but also sounds like the word for slaves.
So, in the words of [...]


Tender Buttons: Post Updated Again

I am sorry, that GUBA clip sucked bigtime. The original file is now available on Blip TV.
Mi spiace, la clip su GUBA faceva schifo. Il file originale è ora disponibile su Blip TV.

REFERENCE: Il post di Tender Buttons.

Igglo: Once Upon a Time

Jakob Ström tells us a fairy tale on a new way of doing real estate business. Too bad it’s just a fable…
Jakob Ström ci racconta una fiaba su un nuovo tipo di agenzia immobiliare. Peccato sia solo una storia…

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Once Upon a Time da R.A.F.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 33 MB - Running Time: 2 [...]


Tender Buttons: Post Updated

F**k the censorship!

The Ramon Bloomberg video for Tender Buttons is now the video for a different song. Since I like the old version better, I’ve uploaded it on GUBA. I’ve added a link to the new version, as well.
Il video di Ramon Bloomberg per Tender Buttons è adesso il video per un’altra canzone. Visto [...]

ANOUK – I Live For You

I live for youWhy can’t you live for me?

In this music video for Anouk, Rosto enact an amniotic dreamlike sequence. The movie won the award for the Best Music Video at Holland Animation Film Festival in 2004.
Anouk Stotijn-Teeuwe is a Dutch singer. The song I Live for You is included in her album Graduated Fool, [...]



The future is now, plus one.

UPDATE: as you can read from the comments, the author provided us with the finished version of the movie. It also plays more smoothly than the one on Getty. So, enjoy! :)
Short movie that mixes archive footage to tell a story. A young boy uses a huge flip-book viewing machine [...]



Who knows what’s next…

Once upon a time, there a was a little healthy planet who got a bad case of some very nefarious parasites: the humans!!!
Humans! is an hilarious short by Three Legged Legs, depicting our race while destroying the wildlife and polluting the environment. Yay, very funny!
Three Legged Legs is a Los Angeles based [...]

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Tyger: Link Updated

The links to download this great short have been updated to the new locations.
Also, Impactist’s Ranch has some alternate links from the authors website.
Ho aggiornato i link per scaricare questo bellissimo corto con i nuovi indirizzi.
Anche Ranch di Impactist ha un paio di link alternativi, dal sito degli autori.

REFERENCE: Il post di Tyger.

Shibaura Island: Post Updated

Just added the English translation of the Japanese text in the short.
Giusto l’aggiunta della traduzione in inglese del testo giapponese nel corto.

tnx progosk
REFERENCE: Il post di Shibaura Island.


Midnight Spank: Sand

Stoopid monkey!!!

A monkey is making some sand sculpture, while the other one particularly enjoy to abuse it…
The two reckless monkeys are featured in a series of commercials directed by Peter Sluszka and created to launch G4’s Midnight Spank night programming block.
This is the first time Peter Sluszka is featured on this blog as a director. [...]

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Elephants Dream

Free as in beer and as in speech…

Elephants Dream is (probably) the first full CGI animated movie made using only open source applications, specifically Blender, and released with Creative Commons license.
The movie has been created by a crew of seven artists and animators from around the world, gathered under the name of Orange.
Orange are: Bassam [...]

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Chaleur d`hiver

A very cute short movie by Christine Dallaire-Dupont, one of the winners at the International Manga and Anime Festival 2005, together with Kamiya tsushin.
Corto carinissimo (troppo!) di Christine Dallaire-Dupont, fra i vincitori del International Manga and Anime Festival 2005, insieme con Kamiya tsushin.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Chaleur d’hiver.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 1 [...]

LOUISE WILDE – My Friend Marjorie

Don’t get old…I don’t want to, but I know I’ll have to accept it.

An animated short movie directed by Louise Wilde, produced by Model Robot with the support of UK Film Council and Film London. The film mixes 2D and 3D animation to achieve a strong emotive response from the audience.
Marjorie is a retired Vaudevillian [...]


MODEST MOUSE – Ocean Breathes Salty

You wasted life, why wouldn’t you waste the afterlife?

So, MVPA award for Best Video of the 2005 went to Chris Milk’s video for Audioslave’s Doesn’t Remind Me. Here’s a previous work from the same director, and a song taken from an album I played over and over, at the time.
Modest Mouse is an American indie [...]

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Sigur Ros’ Untitled #1: Link Updated

Eheheh… the GUBA experiment failed. At least, it didn’t take a lot of time to find out.
The video for Untitled #1 got a new link, still from Guba. It’s a MP4 transcoded version for iPod. It seems to work. By now. Let me know.
Also, City of Love have got the same job done.
Eheheh… l’esperimento GUBA [...]


Shibaura Island

UPDATE: progosk kindly provided an english translation of the text: you’ll find it in the comments. Not as significant as I supposed…
I wish I could read Japanese, but I can’t. Nevertheless, this short movie by Koichi Iguchi and Takeshi Yoon, deserves to be seen.
Within a peaceful scene, where the sound of a boiling kettle [...]



As far as I remember, this is the first game cinematic I post here. It’s a top class animation, from Axis Animation, the same guys who did the animation on Code Hunters.
The animation gives the gamers some background on the apocalyptic scenario and on the character of Scolar Visari. “A classic Darth Vader type, he [...]

Code Hunters: Post Updated

I’ve added two high quality clips of this short movie. The bigger one is 550 MB in size!!! Wow. I’ve also added a bio note on Ben Hibon, a link to his company, Stateless Films, and a better thumbnail from the High Definition file.
Other posts that have been updated: Sugar Baby Love (additional download source), [...]

HOUR CAST – Freeze

And when I say good nightthe pictures in my headwill dance around my room…

Hey, just when I was thinking to let the day pass without posting, here comes Freeze…
Vivid images tells us a story where progress and evolution lead to the same unpleasant results. Or maybe I just didn’t get what the point was…
The HourCast [...]

PSYOP – Anthem

Persuade. Change. Influence.

A catchy song about the ‘evils’ of advertising made by people who does advertising…
This piece can be found, along with a lot of cool stuff, on OneDotZero Select DVD 3.
Canzoncina acchiappante sui “mali” della pubblicità, da chi la pubbilicità la fa…
Questo pezzo, insieme ad altra roba fica, lo si trova su OneDotZero Select [...]


Mother Mayo

Target audience, target audience, target audience…

This is a cross blogging experiment. Well, sort of… Please, wear your safety googles.
Mother Mayo is an hilarious survey on the world of advertising agencies, in the form of a Broadway musical. The campaign to launch a new brand of mayonnaise needs some fresh ideas…
The film was realized by a [...]

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SIGUR ROS – Untitled #1 (Vaka)

So, GUBA claims to provide unlimited bandwidth (yeah…) and hosting of huge files. Let’s give it a try, uh?
In this amazing video directed by Floria Sigismondi, children are playing in the court, frolicking in gasmasks in a post apocalyptic playground covered in black snow.
Sigur Rós are currently: Jónsi Birgisson (vocals and bass guitar), Georg Hólm [...]

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Honda Choir: Link Updated

The Choir ad gets a new address, in the more convenient MP4 format.
You may also want to check out the spoof recently done for 118 188: Feel the Noise.
Lo spot Choir ha un nuovo indirizzo, in formato MP4, che è meglio…
Date un’occhiata anche alla parodia di recente realizzata per 118 188: Feel the Noise.



MICHAEL J. ROWLAND – Flying Over Mother

Spring 1943: Vladimir is a ten years old Russian boy who lives with his mother and soon develop a passion for flight. Years later, his dream will go to crap…
Inspired to the life of Vladimir Komarov, Flying over Mother is a short movie produced at the Australian Film Television and Radio School and directed by [...]


NINE INCH NAILS – Help me I`m in Hell

The video “depicts a man in a padded cube room, sitting in front of a table completely filled with flies. He silently cuts a piece of meat, and eats it, giving the flies no awknowledgement. Various scenes also show the man in bondage. Very strange.” (Source: New Sweat to Drove me in)
Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated [...]


City of Love: Link Updated

The follow up video to Persephone’s Bees‘ Nice Day got a new house on GUBA, a new hosting service I found out on antville.
New posts will come soon.
Il seguito al video delle Persephone’s Bees‘ Nice Day trasloca su GUBA, un nuove servizio di hosting che ho scoperto grazie ad antville.
Post nuovi in arrivo…

REFERENCE: Il post [...]

[BEST OF] April 2006

It’s time to review the things I posted last month and pick up what I like better. Feel free to complain about what I left out…
Conehead: short animation by Don Pan, recently reposted.
The Story of How: amazing short animation by The Blackheart Gang.
The Big Win: lotto commercial by Marc Craste.
Modern World: music video by Adam [...]


Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight…

A cuuuute animation from Lobo Films, directed by Mateus de Paula Santos. Commercial for Buenos Aires Zoo.
The song is Somewhere out There, written by James Horner for Don Bluth’s An American Tail and performed by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram.
Previously featured from Lobo: You Gotta Hold On music video [...]

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Tyger tyger, burning bright,In the forest of the night…

Amazyng short movie directed and edited by Guilherme Marcondes and based on the poem The Tyger by William Blake that uses a mix of puppetry and animation.
“A giant jungle cat roams the city and transforms the urban jungle of São Paulo into an actual one, illuminating everything [...]

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Come on my Selector: Link Updated

Chris Cunningham’s music video got a new address. It’s an old post and the link was not broken, but I referenced it in the post about All is Full of Love. And… the Badongo thing has made it very annoying.
P.S. I don’t know who to credit for the link.
Il video di Chris Cunningham ha un [...]


Weird stop animated music video for the band Chevelle, directed by Jonathan Richter.
The usual flow of time seems to be broken and things falls from the sky (or from heaven?) and then come back up just a second later. A puppet with his beloved child try to make his way dodging the stuff…
Chevelle is a [...]

BEN HIBON – Code Hunters

Uhm, I guess I should file this under “eye candies”. There’s some really awesome animation, in “this gorgeous sci-fi/western anime hybrid short for MTV Asia“.
I’d like to share the story with you, but can’t find one. There’s the new stranger in town who teams with a bunch of desperados and goes boom boom crash crash… [...]

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Oli`s Chance

Railway facilities are not an adventure playground.

Oli is a young boy that is playing around in a remote goods station. He’ll meet three strange young guys. Their words will make him clear the consequences that a bad behavior on the rails can have.
Oli’s Chance is a short movie made by Studio Soi, and directed by [...]

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Dance, Monkeys, Dance!

Some of the monkeys read NietzscheThe monkeys argue about Nietzschewithout given any consideration to the factthat Nietzsche was just another fucking monkey.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Dance, Monkeys, Dance!.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 14 MB - Running Time: 4 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Dance, Monkeys, Dance! su YouTube.[Format: Flash]
MP3: Ascolta Dance, Monkeys, Dance! di Ernest Cline.[Format: MP3]
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash
Tags: [...]


SUMITO SAKAKIBARA – Kamiya tsushin

Kamiya tsûshin (Kamiya’s Correspondence) is a short animated movie about a little girl writing a letter to her distant mother, telling her of all the little things occurred while she’s been away.
Directed by Sumito Sakakibara, from the Royal College of Arts, the film was the winner of the Student Animation for Adults category at the [...]

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Carnival of Rust: Link Updated

The video’ got a new link. This will also be a test for this new hosting service…
Il video ha un nuovo link. Mi servirà anche da test per questo nuovo servizio di host…

REFERENCE: Il post di Carnival of Rust.


Una sonrisa puede todo.

Commercial directed by Diego Kaplan for Coke. The song is When you’re Smiling, sung by Louis Prima.
Somewhat similar to the Steel Teeth one.
Spot diretto da Diego Kaplan per Coca Cola. La canzone è When you’re Smiling, cantata da Louis Prima.
Simile in qualche modo a Steel Teeth.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Sonrisas.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 8 [...]

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BJORK – All is Full Love

It’s all around you

All is Full of Love is an elegant, moving description of two Björk robots in love. As they are pieced and wired into existence, they sing to each other and fall in love. [Source: Director File]
You may also want to check out Mouvement mécanique, a different take on the theme.
Björk’s multi award [...]

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Adam Bizanski: Spring Cleaning

Pulizie di primavera…

Pink Bullets: I’ve added the link to an intro made for the video. (For the lazy ones: you can view it here.)And the main link to the video itself is now fixed.
Modern World: the high res version of the video is now hosted on Adam Bizanski website too.
Pink Bullets: Ho aggiunto il link [...]


A young lovely girl is playing with a red balloon. But a mischievous shadow will took the rubber toy from her with deceit. So, the girl will try to rescue her balloon.
A story about innocence stolen and rescued. The movie mixes claymation and drawn animation, not exactly seamlessly, but in a creative and effective way.
Balloon [...]

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A very nice animated short, with a linear story borrowed from a classic tale, and beautiful animation.
Moonsung Lee was born (1973) in Seoul, South Korea. He moved to San Francisco in 1998 to study animation in Academy of Art college. There he made his first short film , bert, which won numorous awards including the [...]

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Majik: Link Updated

Both links to the Quicktime version of the video for Majik went bad. Now there’s a third one.
Also, The Orchid and the Rose got an alternate link.
Entrambi i link alla versione Quicktime del video di Majik sono andati. Adesso ce n’è un terzo.
Inoltre, The Orchid and the Rose ha ora un link alternativo.


Vodafone: Work and Play

No TV and no beer make Homer something something.

An office desk and a foosball table do battle in the latest from Dougal Wilson.
Una scrivania ed un biliardino si danno battaglia nell’ultimo di Dougal Wilson.

via Kamigurumi

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Work and Play.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH (LOW Q.): Guarda Work and Play [...]

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THE PARLOTONES – Dragonflies and Astronauts

Dwayne Martin is a detached, burnt out individual whose living the monotonous life of a blue collared worker in an impersonal and dull corporate environment. His only real escape is into his own fantasy world where he is transformed into the more dynamic Diego Martinez whose adventures include fighting evil robots in a post atomic world

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Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance

Frank is a sweet monster who will let neither his quirky appearance nor his less-than-stellar coordination stop him from showing his groovy moves at the local theatre. There is only one small problem: Frank has a tendency to fall apart- literally. (Source: NW Film)
The short movie, directed by Ian Freedman, is a direct adaptation [...]


The Child: Link Updated Again

The video for Alex Gopher’s The Child got (again) a new address. Anyway… Lately I got little time to find new stuff, so fixing the old ones is a good thing to do…
Also, the link to Adidas Tunit commercial has been fixed to a working mirror, and some other links has been added.
The Toyota commercial, [...]

THE ARCADE FIRE – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

I hear you sing a golden hymn,the song I’ve been trying to say.

A nice video that smoothly mixes live action performance by the band, and some surreal animation. Maybe a bit too long: some more animation would have helped.
The Arcade Fire is an indie rock band from Montreal, Canada formed around the husband and wife [...]

A Tort Ou A Raison: Link Updated

The Quicktime can’t be directly downloaded anymore. So I’ve put the original DivX online.
The post has also been added in the “best of” section of the sidebar.
Il download diretto del Quicktime non è più consentito. Ho messo online il DivX di origine.
Ho anche aggiunto il post alla sezione “best of” nella barra laterale.

REFERENCE: Il post [...]

Short Lived

Short Lived is a short film created by University of Bournemouth students Jonny Galloway and Mark Wainwright.
The film follows the journey of Deedar, the toy robot of a collector. Deedar is being called to the mothership for a trip home.
Maybe a little self indulgent, the movie is still a good work, with a perfect mix [...]

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Just saw again the video for the Mike Ronson’s cover of Just linked here, and I thought it’s time to post the video to the original song. Why? Well, why not?
In this clip, that reminds me of some short story by H.P. Lovecraft, a guy suddenly decide to fall to the ground and lie in [...]

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Postpanic was founded in 1997 by Mischa Rozema, Jules Tervoort and Mark Visser. The Amsterdam based company direct and produce projects for brands and international agencies.
Postman, conceived as part of their portfolio, and then repackaged as a short movie, tries to explain the meaning of the word Postpanic. Using big teethed, mushroom clouds eating beast.
The [...]

KEITH BEARDEN – The Raftman`s Razor

Chaos is the soul in which truth grows.

Two geeky teens escape the boredom of their existences thru the oddly uneventful exploits of a comic book antihero perpetually floating in an inflatable raft. (Source: Resfest)
The movie has been directed by Keith Bearden based on a previous script for a feature length movie. The two guys are [...]

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MTV: Bjork

The truth about the birth oj Björk. This is not a riddle. Just a commercial directed by Lisa Rubisch.
La verità sulla nascita di Björk. Non è un indovinello, solo uno spot diretto da Lisa Rubisch.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bjork da Bob Central.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Bjork su Putfile.
WATCH: Guarda [...]

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Situation Normal: All Fucked Up!

A stunnig scene of dog fight, intended as “close-range aerial combat between military aircraft”, not as fighting puppies…
Everything, except the sound has been done by Matthias Haase, in his spare time while studying at the German Film School. Sound and music by Reflex Studio.
P.S. The movie comes in two flavours: the [...]


MARTIN BOKSAR – Midnight Hour

A child wake up in the middle of the night, when a strange and powerful light comes from the doors of his closet.
A little nice short movie, thesis film of Martin Boksar at the New York School of Visual Arts.
Martin Boksar works as texture artist includes: Persistence of Memory, Lego Star Wars, the Ruby series [...]