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{ Monthly Archives } April 2006


Exploring the work of Igor Kovalyov and the rest of the stuff on Global Tantrum (the adult division of Klasky Csupo Studios), I found this funny movie, You, Animal, and a series of five webisodes, inspired to the work of Charles Bukowski.
Warning: Bukowski it’s really Not Suitable For Work. EDIT: it’s Not Suitable For Anywhere! [...]


There is people who born with all the luck in the world. And then… Then, there is George!
George is a short movie directed by Rory Bresnihan and John Butler, and founded by the Irish Film Board.
Rory Bresnihan has worked as an animator for the Aardman Studios. He’s actually signed to H2 Films.
C’è chi nasce con [...]

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It`s Not The End Of The World: Link Updated

I provided two new links for this great video. Enjoy.
Also, some alternate link has been added for Sweatmaster’s Song with no Words, Wolf Parade’s Modern World (both authors signed with Joyrider Films) and Shakedown’s Love Game (courtesy of DevilDucky). And that’s it.
Due nyuovi link per questo video bellissimo. Enjoy!
Inoltre, link alternativi per: Song with [...]

YouTube Videos

I’ve added a lot of stuff on YouTube, in the last days. Things that, for different reasons, didn’t fit on here. You may want to take a look. Or maybe not…
Ho aggiunto un bel po’ di roba su YouTube, ultimamente. Cose che, per diverse ragioni, non andavano bene qui. Magari volete darci un’occhiata. Ma anche [...]


IGOR KOVALYOV – Bird in the Window

Wow! A lot symbolism at work, here. I’m not very good with symbols, but I really enjoyed what I’ve seen and, I hope, you’re about to see too.
A man returns to visit a woman who lives with a gardener, two Chinese men, and a small child. The man, frustrated by his inability to see what [...]

Rough AppRoach: Link Fixed

Ha! All that mess to put togetherand upload the clip, and I forgot to put the link in the post! How lame!
Now is fixed!
Ha! Tutto il casino fatto per creare e caricare la clip, e ho scordato di inserire l’indirizzo nel post! Lamer!
Adesso è a posto!

REFERENCE: Il post di Rough AppRoach.



Well, from now on you’ll find some posts by me on this blog.
I’ll obviously keep on running No Fat Clips. And posting on Milk and Cookies. And sometimes on antville.
It’s a hard life, blogger’s life… ^^
Sembra che da oggi troverete miei post anche su questo blog.
Ovviamente, continuerò a portare avanti No Fat Clips. E postare [...]


NACHO VIGALONDO – 7:35 de la manana

A woman enters a bar… No, it’s not the typical joke: she just wants to have breakfast, like she’s used to do every morning. But something breaks in the daily routine. Oddly, no one talks. You can’t even hear a cellphone ring. And then this guy starts to sing a serenade. At 7:35 in the [...]

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Sugar Baby Love

Protect yourself!

Follow up to Femme, the campaign that won the Cannes Lions last year, this time especially directed to the homosexual audience.
We follow a boy that discovers his sexuality in a world (our world, if you have some doubt) where it’s not easy to be “different”. At least he have his rubber friend.
The music is [...]

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STARS – Sleep Tonight

You will cry and I will cryCause all the love’s alive tonight

When you cross the oceanss to find what you’re searching for, and then wish upon a star, what you get may be… Well, you can see it in this video.
Unofficial clip for Sleep Tonight by the Stars, song included in their album Set Yourself [...]


Rough Approach

Two roaches discuss about life and reincarnation. And, yea, you obviously know how that will end.
Short animated movie made by Ole Bukowsky, Tim Reischmann and Max Koriath as a final project for their studies at The German Film School.
P.S. You’ll find three clips. An AVI (DivX) file in English with crappy video. A Quicktime one [...]


Utsu-Musume Sayuri: Link Updated

Satellite’s goneup to the skiesThing like that drive meout of my mind…

So hotlinking doesn’t work anymore from Vapshare. Or it never worked at all, who knows…
Utsu-Musume Sayuri is now available at Mojo Flix.
Good things don’t last forever. Thanks god, I’m fuckin’ ugly.
L’hotlink da Vapshare non va più. O forse [...]


Noel au rabais

Jingle Bells, Batman smells…

Well, Easter is hopefully passed away, so this Christmas movie will come in handy. Well, it’s not actually about Christmas: it’s just set in that time of the year. Oh, yeah, the consumerism…
In a futuristic world, where consumerism is the main activity and where the children are only recognized by their registration, [...]


TAKASHI KIMURA – Utsu-Musume Sayuri

Prreezu sturikku mee here, on my buuuutt!

Warning: very weird stuff!!! I remember seeing this a long time ago, but I forgot where…
“One day, Sayuri’s family tells her it is time for her to go on strike.” Yeah. Well, whatever, I don’t think you really need a summary for this short. But if you’re able to [...]


Est-ce que tu aimes? – Link Updated

I’ve updated another clip that used to be on Partizan. If I Recall Correctly, there should be just one more left. It will be back As Soon As Possible.
Ho aggiornato un’altra clip che si trovava su Partizan. Se ricordo bene, ne dovrebbe essere rimasta soltanto una. La sistemo appena possibile.

REFERENCE: Il post di Est-ce que [...]


HUGO ARCIER – Effets et reflets

“A girl finds herself transported by the effects of alcohol, from one hallucination to another, and into another world. Reflections from the container, the bottle, play on the mirror image of the girl; the effects of the contents play on the girl’s imagination.”
A short movie by Hugo Arcier, digital artist who worked on the visual [...]


Tropty 2: La cueillette

Some nice animation here, along with a good timing and a dynamic editing though the scene remain completely static all along the movie.
Tropty is a “civilised” panda bear that experiences some huge problems trying to reach high places. In this episode, he’ll try to pick an apple up from a tree.
La cueillette is the follow [...]


Absolut: Manamu VS Mr. Cash

Mr. Cash, a big tycoon, do whatever he wants in Metropolis. Manamu, a super heroine, doesn’t think like that. Fight ensues.
One out of 11 videos set on the streets of Tokyo for the Absolut Metropolis campaign.
The director is Louis Briceno for Cosa Productions. Louis Briceno is signed at Metronomic.
Mr. Cash, un grosso magnate, fa un [...]

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Tempbot: Link Updated

“The maintenance is complete. Blogger is back to normal.” Let’s hope for good…
For those of you that missed Neill Blomkamp’s Tempbot when I posted it, I’ve found the clip mirrored on The Last Minute Blog. You can even download it from RSA, though you have to use a download manager, cause hotlinking is not allowed.
“La [...]

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KOOP – Baby

As stated on antville this deserved to be posted, even though it’s not the latest video out there.
Koop is a Swedish music band, and constists of Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson, producers and jazz musicians.
Baby can be found on the album Waltz for Koop, released on 2002 and features the voice [...]


Gertie Gutless

A nice short animated movie about Gertie, a little girl living in a dark world. She finds refuge in a swingset on the hill…
This movie is the work of three students of Digipen Institute of Technology: Kevin Dart (his last work is on the character s of Evil Dead: Regeneration), Chris Turnham (currently working for [...]

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The Child: Link Updated

The video for Alex Gopher’s The Child is no more hosted at Partizan, and the same is for a lot of other cool clips. You’ll only find 30 seconds excerpts. Too bad.You can watch it on Vapshare.
Minor updates includes: an alternate download for Nizlopi’s Girls and one for Mint Royale’s Singing in the Rain, both [...]

LARK – Moonlight

You can file this under “not exactly good indeed, but I like it, so I post it!”
A bunch of thieves penetrate a factory plant to steal some industrial secrets or… whatever. Then, one them is betrayed by the others. But revenge is on her hands…
Lark is a South African trio [...]

Sharon Colman – Badgered

Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger…Missile! Missile!

A badger just wants that the world lets him sleep. But superior (fire)powers will make his rest distressing.
Animated short movie directed by Sharon Colman and animated by herself, with Ant Blades and Richard Jones. The music is by Peter Gosling.
Badgered features the voice talent of Rupert Degas, [...]

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J. SOLTERBECK – Moving Illustrations of Machines

The film that should’ve made Richard Seed famous, if he wasn’t such a quack!

This animated short “consists of hand drawn ink artwork completed over a span of nearly four years. Describing the convergence of man and technology, it is a surreal look at a mechanical world where human eggs are genetically reprogrammed by ominous machines.” [...]


AARON RUELL – Everything`s Gone Green

A man (played by Hamish Linklater) who has not left the building he works and lives in for 14 years, meets a receptionist (Alexandra Holden) eager to understand more about his mysterious life. (Source: IMDB)
Short (well, it’s 18 minutes!) movie directed by Aaron Ruell, probably more known for his role as Kip in Napoleon Dynamite. [...]

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Priston Tale: Link Fixed

It works now! Should have been sleeping…
Adesso funziona! Mi sa che stavo dormendo…

REFERENCE: Il post di Priston Tale.


Toyota: Humanity

Human touch

Agency Hakuhodo and the directing duo Ne-o (Jake Knight and Ryoko Tanaka) help Toyota showing its human touch with this entertaining sixty-second ad aimed at their Japanese market.
The ad was produced at Stink. Edited by Tim Thornton-Allan at Marshall Street. Director of photography: Mattias Montero.
P.S. The versions on Glassworks and shots have a different [...]

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LOUIS CLICHY – A quoi ca sert l’amour?

Another well known classic, also known as Akoacacere, now in a decent, high video quality version.
It’s the story of a boy and a girl who fall in love each other. No more to say. Images and music will speak better.
The movie is set on the song A quoi ça sert l’amour? (What use is love [...]

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A young man awakes in an unknown place. The environment, and then its own body, starts to deform in a very bad way…
The short movie is the graduation project of Xavier Etchepare and Franklin [...]


Little Town

Always on the road.

Animated promo for Renault Mégane featuring the cartoon alter ego of F1 world champion Fernando Alonso.
Directed by Alan Smith and Adam Foulkes, the guys that brought us Grand Classics. They’re currently signed at Nexus Productions.
Heads of 3D: Darren Price, Ben Cowell. Head of animation: Reece Millidge. Some animations are by [...]

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Eclats de suie

Éclats de suie (Soot glares) is a funny and enjoyable animation, based on the song My Beloved Monster by The Eels.
The short movie (or unofficial music promo, if you prefer) is the work of Yves Geleyn and Julien Genoulaz, members of Q & Chemise, a collective of French directors currently signed to La Base Films.
UPDATE [...]

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RUAIRI ROBINSON – Fifty Percent Grey

Congratulations, you are dead!

Well, this is a classic, but being one of the short that pushed me on the downward spiral of short movie addiction, I feel like it can’t be missed up there.
The story revolves around a dead soldier who awakens in a grey environment, totally empty except for a TV set.
This movie by [...]

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Casey`s Next At Bat

Mighty once again!

Promotional campaign for Johnnie Walker, directed, designed and produced by Tomorrow’s Brightest Minds, a creative collective based in Los Angeles and currently signed to Oil Factory.
A baseball player bites the dust; then, he find the power to be mighty again and to win.
Campagna promozionale per Johnnie Walker, [...]


Apple on a Tree

I miss my life as an apple.

Everything you’ll see on this clip is done putting together people… Words can’t explain so I put up a set of stills instead of the usual big snapshot.
Before you watch the clip, notice that the music is as trippy as the video. That is, it’s great if you’re on [...]

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KOSAI SEKINE – Right Place

There are two colors in my head…

The sad story of a little eccentric man (actually he’s a control freak!) who’s in search for his place in the world.
The director, Kosaï Sekine, graduated in philosophy at the Sophia University in Tokyo. The same year, 2000, he signed to Hat Co. Ltd. to become a director.
In 2005, [...]

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BUCKETHEAD: Link Updated

The site hosting the clip does not allow deep link. So I put the movie on PutFile.That’s it.
Il sito che ospita il video non supporta il deep link. Quindi ho messo il video su PutFile.E quest’è.

REFERENCE: Il post di Spokes On The Wheel of Torment.



That’s serendipity. I was looking for a completely different kind of Eva (no, not that!) and I found this interesting short, done in tradional animation and Flash.
It’s a short film commisioned by Hibiscus Female Prisoners’ Welfare Project, and “aimed at dissuading women in Carribbean countries who might engage in drug trafficking”. [Source: Cartoon Brew]Based on [...]


RALFE BAND – Women of Japan

I want to row you across the ocean so blueTill we find the man who kissed all the women in Japan

Well, it seems that I’m cleaning my “clip to post” heap. Last week I found a non-flash clip for the Buckethead song I just posted. And now, here’s a clip for Women in Japan, [...]

BUCKETHEAD – Spokes On The Wheel of Torment

Beware, Beware, God Sees.

Music, animation and painting meet together to give birth to this little masterpiece, inspired to the work of Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch.
Buckethead is the stage name of Brian Carroll, guitarist and composer who has recorded several solo albums, as well as collaborative albums with the Praxis band, or as a guitarist for [...]

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Cotton Tales

…and that is how butterflies are made.

A fluffy rabbit goes after a richly coloured butterfly, entering a dark and creepy forest. This way, the rabbit will find out how the butterflies are made…
Animated short created by Gareth Lockett (member of Raging Pixel Productions) and Kerry-Jean Watson. It placed third in the People Choice Award at [...]

Priston Tale: Elevator

A viral for a Korean online role playing game. The visual effects are the work of Julien Vanhoenacker, who graduated at Supinfocom in 2002 with the short movie Indigen.

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NAMOSH – The Pulse

A musician is chased by the tapes of his own music in his nightmares. Or: a musician is chased by his own nightmares in his life. Or: a musician is chased by his own life in his music. Pick the line you like more!
Another video that uses plastic strips in a creative way. The previous [...]


MICHAEL DUDOK DE WIT – Le moine et le poisson

An exuberant monk is obsessed by a little fish that he’s not able to pick up. He’ll try with any means, day and night, but the fish will elude all his attempts, until the monk go nuts! Oh, and watch out for that bucket!!!
Le moine et le poisson (The Monk and the Fish) is [...]

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A foreword: this clip seems to have something to do with the song with same name by the Mansun, featured on their album Ten. Since the music is by Bernard Herrmann, probably from a Hitchcock movie, from Vertigo, and there’s no direct reference to the band nor their music (thanks god!), I’ll file it under [...]

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ORI BEN-SHABAT – Piece of Mind

This is the VFX reel of Ori Ben-Shabat, a student of the Vancouver Film School.
But far from being a series of shots to show the world the last features of the 3D image processing softwares, Piece of Mind focuses on a concept, and a good one, and develops it thru its length.So, let’s call it [...]

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ARTHUR H ft. M – Est-ce que tu aimes?

A nice clip, directed by Rudolphe Pauly, where a mad scientist (H) and his assistant (M), both very keen on old western movies, drink a potion that takes them in the far west. Or in an old movie…
Arthur Higelin, better known under his screen name Arthur H, is a French pianist and singer, born in [...]

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Adidas Tunit

Commercial for Adidas from 1st Ave Machine.
From the same authors, the music video for Alias‘ Sixes Last.
Pubblicità per Adidas da 1st Ave Machine.
Dai medesimi autori, il video per Sixes Last degli Alias.

via Pixel y Dixel

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tunit. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Tunit in finestra
LINK: La pagina di [...]

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Modern World: Link Updated

I’ve posted a lot of alternate links for this clip, including an higher quality version, kindly pushed by Adam Bizanski on Antville as a Torrent.Follow the link.
Ho postato dei link alternativi per questo video, inclusa una versione ad alta risoluzione gentilmente messa a disposizione da Adam Bizanski su Antville tramite torrent.Seguite il link.

REFERENCE: Il post [...]

Poets of the Fall – Carnival of Rust

Well, so here’s the deal. I’ll post this clip, and you don’t say it sucks… :)
It’s a video about “bittersweet mood, tarot cards, and rust”, with some pretty visuals. The overall result is not as good as it could have been, but I like it. So you get it.
Poets of the Fall is an independent [...]

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DAVID BOKSER – Le Vieil Homme et les Poissons

The old man and the fishes. Animated movie about an old man who longs to be a fish and builds a fish suit to fulfill his dream.
David Bokser written and directed this film as his thesis project at the SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. The animation is the work of the author with [...]

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Shut(down) happens…

In pace requiescat.

My screen suddenly died yesterday evening. R.I.P.
Il mio monitor è morto improvvisamente ieri pomeriggio. R.I.P.


EMILIE SIMON – Fleur de Saison

The past collaboration of No Brain and Émilie Simon gave us Flowers, a lovely animated video. Now they delivered a completely different kind of clip, not really original, but kind of good.
The singer is depicted as a flower of the season (that’s the meaning of the title), completely wrapped in the nature that surrounds her. [...]

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Night. The room of a castle. A mysterious person is awake, waiting for a man to visit her. Little time after their passionate love, the visitor is wildly assassinated by the strange woman.
Strange looking and nonetheless fascinating short movie, produced by Lardux Films and directed by Alexandre Dubosc, another fellow came out from Supinfocom.
He realized [...]


The stage is set on a small planet where a small orange alien, Quark, has eaten every flower with the exception of one. Little does he know that the last flower holds the key to the balance of the entire planet— literally. (Source: SCAD)
Quark is the second short film of Benjamin Willis, completed in [...]


WOLF PARADE – Modern World

I’m not in love with the modern world.

A short story of progress and unemployment. The new music video by Adam Bizanski uses stop animation to deploy the same theme as the song without staying too close to the lyrics, but also without undermining the spirit of the song.
Wolf Parade is a new formed band from [...]

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DAESUP CHANG – Painting Day

The fairground is closed as the attractions needs a bit of maintenance. A man is painting the bull riding machine, while some unfortunate events give him a free ride.
The movie is the graduation project of Daesup Chang at the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and screened on various festivals, winning several awards, including [...]



You can’t win.
You can’t break even.
You can’t even quit the game.

(“Ginsberg’s Theorems” from Murphy’s Laws)

I was watching the commercials by Marc Craste (the director of Will the Summer Make Good for All Our Sins and Jojo in the Stars, remember?) I downloaded from Studio AKA, to decide which one [...]

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A couple wishes to became parents, using a new technology that allows them to choose the spare parts of their new born, one by one.
Philippe Grammaticopoulos vive e lavora in Francia; è specializzato, oltre che nel 3D, anche nella grafica e nell’illustrazione e ha realizzato alcune opere a fumetti pubblicate dai più importanti editori francesi. [...]

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Some Updates

The Cat with Hands: fixed the link to the Windows Media stream.
The McPassion: all the copy of the movie not hosted on the official site have been removed. And that last copy will die on Easter friday. That’s the will of the author. I don’t agree with, but I respect it, and the post has [...]


Deep in the Indian ocean,all scary and black,lives an old octopus,with a tree in it’s back.

Otto is an octopus island where all the Piranha birds live on. His broken heart has mad him so mean that he eats piranhas even when he’s not hungry… (Source: CG Society)
Amazing short animation by The Blackheart Gang, the collaborative [...]

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Love is a gamethat drives me insane

Love is a game, and this video cuts directly to the heart of the matter, using graphics in the style of Eboy and The Sims, but taking the “game” to the next level with some hot pixelized action. (Source: RESFEST)
Shakedown is a swiss duo, formed in 2000 by [...]

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JEFF FOWLER – Gopher Broke

There’s no free lunch…

In this animated short movie, a hungry gopher hatches a clever plan to get a quick snack, but discovers that even the best laid plans can go utterly awry. He quicly learns that, no matter how hungry he may be, there is no free lunch.
Written and directed by Jeff Fowler, produced at [...]

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JASON DAVIES – The Machine

Look! He’s walking!

Baazle is an inventor who is devising a machine to create moving images. But Dinsdale is just a bit skeptic on the… whatever is friend is doing!
The Machine is an animated movie created and directed by Jason Davies, Graduate Student of Animation and Visual Effects from the SCAD, Savannah College [...]


New York, New York

In the city that doesn’t sleep…

A blend of techniques makes this clip slightly different from the stuff you usally see around.
Music video for a remixed version by Marc Minelli of the classic New York, New York by John Kander and Fred Ebb.
The video, produced by Cube Creative Computer Company, is directed by Cedric Ih, a [...]



Short animation that chronicles the mishaps that insue when the devil tries to install a ceiling fan in his hotter than hell apartment.
Hellp! is the culmination of Project: Backpocket. The 10 week program teamed some students together, under the supervision of Mark Gustafson, a top director and producer from Vinton Studios (now Laika Entertainment) [...]

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Fairy Berry

“A film full of poetry, and half naked gals!” (from a comment in the guestbook)
It’s summer, in a peaceful forest. A yellow fairy and a red fairy come to a dispute. They battle to impose their respective color. As a result, all the forest become orange. It’s autumn.
Short animated movie made by four student of [...]

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CECILIA ARANOVICH – To a Man with a Big Nose

Erase el espolón de una galera.

The struggle of a man who wants to get rid of his big nose. A visual adaptation by of the sonnet with the same name by Spanish author Francisco de Quevedo.
Written and directed by Cecilia Aranovich, a student of the Academy of Entertainment and Technology at the Santa [...]

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OHGR – Majik

Some industrial music, a metaphoric (but not that much) description of the socio-political situation, and stop-motion animation. What could you ask more?
Ohgr is the solo project of Nivek Ogre (real name Kevin Graham Ogilvie) also singer for the Skinny Puppy. The song is featured on the album Sunnypsyop, released on 2003 for Spitfire Records. [...]

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DON PAN – Conehead

Slow! Mind that child!

It’s been a very hot day. That’s why Conehead, our hero, is chasing a runaway ice-cream van. Or maybe not?
Conehead it the final graduation project of Dan Pan, a student of the Bournemouth University’s NCCA.
“The main idea was to get a very staged look to the environment with different layers and a [...]

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