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{ Monthly Archives } February 2006

LG – Music Evolution

The history of music players in a clever work of stop animation.
La storia dei lettori musicali in un sapiente lavoro di stop-motion.

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Music Evolution.[Format: Windows Media - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Music Evolution in finestra.
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CODECS: [...]


Spiritual Healing: Update

As you surely noticed, the time for updates is very short, lately.
I’d like to share the link to Bah!, an album by Økapi that includes the song Spiritual Healing, of which we posted the video some time ago. The album is freely available with Creative Commons License.
Come avrete notato, il tempo per nuovi post e’ [...]

Royksopp: Link Updated

Ok, so the Google trick didn’t worked out well… Too bad. I’ve put a smaller and better version of the clip online, relying as usual on Greatest Journal. Enjoy!
And, totally unrelated… If you liked Cane Toad, here’s an entire blog devoted to Invasive Species. Take a look!
Ehm… Il trucchetto con Google non ha funzionato. Peccato. [...]


This amazing short documents the close encounter between a caveman and his modern descendant. They will fight each other for their own life space. Until the two worlds collide…
Yeah. Supinfocom again. The authors are Nicolas Vion and Manuel Quinto, and they are now working for Cube Creative.
Questo eccezionale corto documenta l’incontro ravvicinato di un cavernicolo [...]

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Royksopp – What Else is There?

Such a beutiful clip, half surrealistic, half terror flick, for a beautiful song.
Röyksopp are an electronic music duo based in Bergen, Norway, composed of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge. The group formed officially in 1998 and released their debut album Melody A.M. in 2001. In Norwegian, Röyksopp refers to a type of poisonous mushroom. (Source: [...]

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Bersama sama

Except for some slightly uncertainess in editing, this malaysian guys did a very good job in this colourful animated short. Some words from the authors:
“This story is revolves around three spiritual monsters. The three spiritual monsters is represent Malaysia multi-national culture.They will have to face a lot of challenges and troubles in their journey, but [...]


Humorous Phases of Funny Faces

Happy birthday to you…

This is generally regarded as the first animated cartoon. So, having being made by James Stuart Blackton in 1906, animation is celebrating its 100th birthday!
“The hand of the artist draws faces and characters on a chalkboard. They come to life- smile and wink- a man smokes a cigar and blows smoke in [...]

La habitacion inclinada

La habitación inclinada (The Tilted Room) is a nice, simple little film with some really top-notch animation. The tale of a man living in an orderly, boring, grey world, who discovers light and excitement when things go off kilter… (Source: Animwatch)
The short animation has been nominated for a Goya Award in 2004. The author is [...]

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Boycott Yahoo: The Last (?) Update

It seems that redirecting the Yahoo users will lead only to three things:
a) Visitors seeing theirselves on the Amnesty website without knowing why, will close the browser window without reading.
b) Yahoo removing me from their indexes.
c) Nobody joining me, for the fear of point b.
So I’m trying a softer approach, diplaying a brief and well [...]

JOSE M. LAZARO – La ultima obra maestra

Let’s come back to our main deal here…
La ultima obra maestra (The Last Masterpiece) is about a painter whose last painting gathers all his pain for having lost someone in the last war. But it lacks something to be a masterpiece, something in the eyes…
The short animation is the work of José Maria Lazaro, a [...]


Boycott Yahoo

On April 27, 2005, Shi Tao (a Chinese journalist) received a ten-year prison term for sending information about a Communist Party decision through his Yahoo email account to a website based in the United States. (Source: Amnesty)
In response to this, I’m redirecting inviting all the surfers that come here thru the Yahoo search engine, [...]


JIM FLEWITT – Rolly Dial`s Defining Moment

Witches dissolve in water.

Rolly Dial is a child with a very vivid imagination. He’s believing that his babysitter is actually a child eating witch!
The movie has been written and directed by Jim Flewitt, with the photography of Ian McCarroll.
The soundtrack is The Witches Waltz, written and performed by Pauly Rhodes.
Rolly Dial e’ un ragazzo dalla [...]


Cane-Toad: What Happened to Baz?

The silly old bugger’s gone bloody missing!

Short animated movie by David Clayton and Andrew Silke.
“The story of Cane-Toad follows the speculations of Dazza. His mate Baz has gone missing, and he gives us a few insights into what may have happened to the little fellah. Needless to say, some of Baz’s possible fates aren’t [...]

DJ KRUSH – Still Island

Take a look at this hypnotic combination of music and images. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find out informations on who did the promo. The director is Toshihiko Morosawa, as reported in the comments.
DJ Krush (real name: Hideaki Ishi) is a turntable wizard born in Tokyo. Inspired to the hip-hop movement, he developed a very [...]

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Riba – Links Updated

The official link is (temporary) dead due to bandwidth exceed. So I (temporary) put the file on Badongo. And somebody else did the same on You Tube. So… Enjoy!
Il link uffciale e’ (temporaneamente) morto per eccesso di banda. Ho (temporaneamente) caricato il file su Badongo. Qualcun’altro l’ha messo su YouTube. Vedetevene bene!

REFERENCE: Il post di [...]

SCOTT STODDARD – Kvetchin of the Christ

What a load of crap!

A spoof of the Mel Gibson film, The Passion of Christ.
The movie follows the events of the the last hour in the life of Jesus Christ, and supposes that maybe, the things weren’t that bad after all. Some spoofs from other blockbuster movies completes the picture.
The movie stars the hilarious Emmy [...]

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ROBERT MORGAN – The Cat with Hands

Last night as I slumbered I had a strange dream,One that seemed to bring distant friends near.I dreamt of the faces of people I loved,And I awoke with an ‘eart full of cheer.And I awoke with an ‘eart full of cheer.

Once upon a time there was a cat, who lived in a bottomless well. The [...]

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Dynamo is the graduation film by Fabrice Le Nezet, Mathieu Goutte and Benjamin Mousquet three Supinfocom students. It’a a 3D animated short made up to look like stop-motion.
“Dynamo tells the story of two characters who live on a planet and work together to keep it rotating. The mechanics of the planet are dependent on its [...]


MICAH P. HINSON – Yard Of Blonde Girls

It’s in your heartIt’s in your art, your beautyEven in this world of liesThere’s purity.

A strange mixing of techniques from Studio Plum, combining traditional animation and amazing techno gadgets to achieve their peculiar style.
Born in the southern US town of Memphis, Micah Paul Hinson passed some very bad moments (read more here) in the past. [...]


We know the symptoms.We have no cure.

Water is an independent short film directed by Freddy Chavez.
In a near future, some sort of deadly disease struck people thru the water. A man shut himself in his home, but one day receive the suddenly visit of a woman and her daughter.
The movie has been realized in only [...]


Creative Commons

I finally (pretended to) read the whole license and made the step. This blog is now published under a CC Share Alike license.Amen.
Dopo aver (finto di) leggere l’intera licenza, ho fatto il grande passo. Il blog e’ d’ora in poi sotto una licenza CC Share Alike.Amen.


Dragon (The Making of)

Stop motion animation directed by Jamie Caliri for United Air Lines and aired during Superbowl 2006.
The commercial shows what a dad goes thru in his daily job, from the perspetive of the child.
More than the spot, it’s the making of that deserved a post: you can see all the huge work needed to create those [...]

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What`s Your Game?

What’s your Gumber?

Being on sports, here’s a nice 2D/3D animation from Tyson Ibele produced by Make for Nike.
P.S. Sorry for the lame quote, but I couldn’t resist…
Parlando di sport, ecco una bella animazione 2D/3D, opera di Tyson Ibele prodotta da Make per Nike.
P.S. Scusare la citazione colta, non ho resistito…

via ‘boards and Milk and Cookies [...]

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Johnny® wants to play.

Short animated movie set in an online gaming world. Two teams of massive guys are playing a match of a strange game, kind of a see-saw football! Johnny wants to join the match, but he’s like a midget between the other players…
Jalopy means “an old, dilapidated motor vehicle, especially an automobile” [...]


ANDY POWER – The Painter

A long-abandoned robot lives in a dusty basement spending his time drawing scenes of exotic locations on the walls. One day he kicks an old oil can; a genie appears and grants him three wishes.
Directed by Andy Power, The Painter was a collaboration between 422 South and the HP Laboratories, using Frame Factory, an experimental [...]

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FOUR DAY HOMBRE – The First Word is the Hardest

Well, can’t make any sense out of this video. Though it seems to make sense in it… Great job, anyway.
The director, Mark Wordsworth says: “We decided that the song deserved a concept that was both mundane yet spectacular, that a miracle should happen to an everyman (or woman).”
The Four Day Hombre are: Simon Wainwright (vocals [...]


Sylvain Chomet: Today

A town called Today lives in fear of Tomorrow in this spot for Winterthur from Sylvain Chomet, the director of Triplets of Belleville.
Sylvain Chomet can be found on th1ng, that also produced this spot.
La citta’ di Today (Oggi) vive nella paura del Domani, in questo spot per un’assicurazione di Sylvain Chomet, regista [...]


A character chases after his head in the abstract landscapes of a concrete world. A breathless search for identity.
Another great piece of animation from three Supinfocom Valenciennes students: François Roisin, and Raphaël Martinez-Bachel and Jules Janaud.
A special mention goes to Raphaël Martinez-Bachel being also the author of the music: “the soundtrack adds a lot of [...]

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For those who want more than Hollywood.

The Matrix. As directed by Emir Kusturica!
A commercial for DaKino, Bucarest International Film Festival. Directed by Mihai Coliban, for Lowe & Partners. Post production made at Reload Film.
Matrix. Per la regia di Emir Kusturica!
Spot pubblicitario per DaKino, Festival cinematografico di Bucarest. Diretto da Mihai Coliban, per Lowe & [...]

Smoke City

For ashes sake!

To be a film noir, a movie must contain some cigarettes. Must! Well, in this case the cigarettes are the main charecters!
Joe “The Ashes” is found dead in Smoke City. Police detective Phillips Morris and Pete O’ Farien have to find out who killed him. On the other side, there’s the most feared [...]


KAISER CHIEFS – I Predict a Riot

“19th century style, and all that comes with it. From street artists to performing at sold out monster stadium is progress in this tough business.”
Kaiser Chiefs are a English post punk/art rock band from Leeds, formed in 2003. They were the opening act at the Philadelphia Live 8 concert on 2 July 2005.
The band consists [...]

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Coronation: Vincent

Died Aged: 37Paintings sold: 1

A nice commercial directed by Keith Rose for Coronation, a large fund manager in South Africa.
Post production effects by The Refinery.
Bello spot diretto da Keith Rose per Coronation, un grosso gestore di fondi sudafricano.
La post produzione e’ di The Refinery.

via ‘boards

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Vincent.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 15 MB - Running [...]

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Fin d`ete: Link Updated

The short movie is now available in Quicktime format.
Il corto e’ adesso disponibile nel formato Quicktime.

tnx Konky
REFERENCE: Il post di Fin d’été.


A cat dreams about becoming a pianist, until the day he meets a mysterious fish…
Riba is an animated short movie directed by Yves Dalbiez, Elise Garcette and Laurent Leleu, three students of Supinfocom Valenciennes.
The unusual aspect of the 3D graphics (it seems like hand drawn) “had been chosen especially [...]

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Fast paced short action movie, written, directed and performed by Nash Edgerton.
A man is stuck in the trunk of a car that is running towards nowhere on a deserted road. Will he be lucky enough to set free and eventually stop the car?
Nash Edgerton knows his craft from both sides of the camera from his [...]

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