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BROADCAST: Link Updated

The music video for Tender Buttons by Ramon Bloomberg changed location and format: now you’ll need the latest version of Apple Quicktime in order to see it.

Also, the MP3s for Persephone’s Bees songs Nice Day and City of Love are no more available for free. You can find them on iTunes. Yes, I know what you’re thinking of.

Il video per Tender Buttons di Ramon Bloomberg ha cambiato indirizzo e formato: ora e’ necessaria l’ultima versione di Apple Quicktime per visualizzarlo.

Inoltre, gli MP3 di Nice Day e City of Love dei Persephone’s Bees non sono piu’ disponibili aggratis. Potete trovarli su iTunes. Si’, lo so a cosa state pensando…

tnx to progosk

REFERENCE: Il post di Tender buttons.

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