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Romance is breaking every heart in two,Casting shadows in the pale shade of blue.

The life of a girl that lives in a room of a strange house, and that of a puppet in a labyrinth seems to be bound by a thin… string.
The Birthday Massacre is a synth rock band, based in Toronto, Canada. The [...]


PINBACK – Fortress

Summer is only winter with you.

Medieval stick figures do battle after an evil witch sows her wicked seeds around and divides the kingdom.
A beutiful video produced and designed by Loyalkaspar. Loyalkaspar is the working name of David Herbruck and Beat Baudenbacher who also directed the clip with Elliot Jokelson.
In January of 1998, San Diego’s Pinback [...]

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Fin d`ete

“In an abandoned city, before a tropical storm, a woman decides to stay…” The end of summer is when you lost those things that warm your heart…
Fin d’été (End of Summer) is an animated short movie made by Patrick Harboun, Ronan Le Fur and Joaquim Montserrat during their studies at Supinfocom.
I usually don’t post movies [...]


THE SHINS – Pink Bullets

Since then it’s been a book you read in reverseSo you understand less as the pages turn

In this video by Adam Bizanski, a sad cardboard cow sings a poignant song of loss remembering of the past good times.
The Shins are an indie rock group on Sub Pop label comprising singer and guitarist James Russell Mercer, [...]

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BROADCAST: Link Updated

The music video for Tender Buttons by Ramon Bloomberg changed location and format: now you’ll need the latest version of Apple Quicktime in order to see it.
Also, the MP3s for Persephone’s Bees songs Nice Day and City of Love are no more available for free. You can find them on iTunes. Yes, I know what [...]


A humble servant of one of our finest traditions…

He’s Captain James Fairchild A.K.A. Little Pony, a “cigarette-smoking fighter ace that patrols the skies above a classic American living room on Christmas Eve and is soon engaged in aerial battle with a squadron of hostile flyers” who attempt to spoil the Christmas tree of its star. [...]

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Warte Mal (Wait a moment) shows a fantastic and double world, describing a relationship between a child (played by Lea Lehnard) and a her origins. Something happens, develops, fulfills an apparent sense and passes out. (Sources: Backup Festival and IMKP)
The movie, released in 2002, has been directed and edited by Christiane Wöhler a German artist, [...]


Péril sur Akryls

Mission accomplished!

Techno-Colony, the gigantic computerized city is under threat from the Bio Bugs. The survival of the colony depends on the cleaner-robot squads.
The short animated movie by Yann Couderc and Xavier Henry follow the point of view of one of the pilots. It is, in fact, a Ride film (or Dynamic Cinema) developed as an [...]


LAIKA – Twenty Ways

Twenty Ways the World Could End…

A short movie inspired by a list of Twenty Ways the World Could End published on a magazine.
“Some people say that terrorism is the most likely way for the world to be destroyed – it is very easy to believe that. But this little animation tells another story…”
It’s a sweet [...]


Link Update

Flynn no longer host the music video for Comforting Sounds. So I put copy on Greatest Journal.
Flynn non ospita piu’ il video di Comforting Sounds. Per cui ne ho messo una copia su Greatest Journal.

REFERENCE: Il post di Comforting Sounds.


I’ll hold a torch for you, baby

An abstract but somewhat sensual animation by Carolina Melis for the song by The Customers.
Composed by Gabriel on bass and vocals, Will on guitar (and vocals) and Joe on drums, The Customers is an English band [...]


SWEATMASTER – Song With No Words

I said love will find us too some dayI said love and all that will find our way, yes it willand then I’ll sing you a song with no words to get wrong…

“A touring band cruises through a world of animated street paraphernalia from rock’n’roll flyposters, street graffiti and photocopied Barbie dolls.” (Adapted from: [...]


Eternal Double Happiness

A fusion of live action and animation from Tronic Studio. A model is dressing some clothes on a beautiful mural landscape that comes to life and seems to assimilate her.
Tronic is a New York creative studio, founded by Jesse Seppi, Rei Inamoto and Vivian Rosenthal. The strength of Tronic is in the ability to [...]



If I wasn’t so happy,I wouldn’t be so scared of dying.

In the woods is acting the fantasy of two guys with a Peter Pan Syndrome… Puppet playing instruments and humans controlled by strings.
The Boy Least Likely To are Jof (lyrics and vocals) and Peter (music and instruments) and they’re out with their first album, The [...]

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“Ego Sum is thrown out of nowhere in a world where he follows his path without any awareness, because it seems to be the only possible choice he got.”
The animation looks like comics in motion, with a neat and smooth style, though a lot of elements make use of 3D graphics.
Ego Sum, Alpha et [...]

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ROB DOUGAN – Clubbed to Death

Awesome clip produced by Bullet Films and directed by David Slade in January 2002 in South Africa, for the song that you certainly know for being included in The Matrix OST. A man runs desperately (to avoid some catastrophic event?) in a world where everything seems to go backwards. We don’t know why. Why should [...]

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Honda Civic: Choir

A commercial for Honda, directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and made by the team that created the Cog ad.
A choir dubs the noise made by the car.
Uno spot per Honda, diretto da Antoine Bardou-Jacquet e realizzato dal team che ha creato lo The Cog.
Un coro doppia i rumori prodotti dall’auto.

via Screenhead

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Choir. [Mirror][Format: MP4 [...]

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GEOFFROY BARBET MASSIN – La chute de l`ange

All you need is love…

An angel, carrying a suitcase full of mysterious vials, falls on earth. A man finds the suitcase and the fallen angel. He’ll try to bring the celestial creature back to life with the stuff found in the suitcase. But… Which one is the good one? Or does he just need some… [...]

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It’s gonna be a lovely day.

Some girls crash with the car they were just driving. Or, uhm, well… Some girl crashed the car they are driving!
Yes, yet another backward flowing music video, and obviously a nice one. If you like this kind of stuff, check out Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.
Brancaccio & Aisher are a duo of [...]

ROBERT KUCZERA – Dragon Slayer

Nothing’s gonna be the same once you got a friend.

“In a time when dragons threatened mankind, there was only one man who fought against them all. His name is Tarragon and riding on his brave battle horse Black Bull he is on his way to work. But things don’t always turn out as they should…and [...]

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Girl Flesh

There’s no more deadly place than the skin of a girl. And hurt girls are the deadliest ones! Just watch to believe it!
The 3D animated short is the work by a swedish team of four arists: Ragnar Hultgren, Esther Ericcson (both part of the Fourdim studio), Karl-Johan Forss and Gabriel Jansson, with the music by [...]

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ZU (ft. OKAPI) vs DALEK – Spiritual Healing

Religious images and symbols in motion, creating a disturbing sense of… I don’t think there’s a word for it. Just watch the video, directed by Davide Catraro and Marvin Milanese who also animated it with Giovanni Remondini.
Massimo Pupillo (bass), Jacopo Battaglia (drums) and Luca Mai (alto & baritone sax) join the italian underground band Gronge [...]


Inflate Escape

“Inflate Escape is a 3D animation-short about a lonely balloon in a park. When all of his friends are already sold and set free, the balloon takes his fate into his own hands and tries to set himself free as well.”
This short movie has been made by three students of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam as [...]

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Comments, comments everywhere!

And as you know, these are open forums, you’re able to come and listen to what I have to say. (G.W.B.)

Comments are now enabled again. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks to progosk that pointed out the problem.
P.S. Due to an unscheduled black out, no updates today.
I commenti sono di nuovo attivi. Chiedo scusa per [...]


BENOIT GREANT – L`inspiration

Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired. (R. Kemph)

A girl fights against her writer’s block. And the clock.
Nice traditional animation with some good transformations.
Realized by Benoit Greant as a 1st year student movie for La Cambre.
Una ragazza in lotta con il blocco dello scrittore. E con l’orologio.
Buona animazione tradionale con delle belle trasformazioni.
Realizzato da [...]

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KANYE WEST – Heard `em Say

Hurts, but it might be the only way.

This is the third (and last?) music video for this song, if we count the “In-Studio live” version together with the one animated by Bill Plympton that you can try to watch here!
This clip is directed by our beloved Michel Gondry and produced by Partizan. The stop [...]

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DAVID SLADE – Speak Your Mind

Nothing should stop you from speaking your mind

Cool commercial, directed by David Slade, with visual FX by Paul Hannaford.
The background track is Stop by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Thanks to familar that recognized it!
Gran bello spot, diretto da David Slade, effetti speciali di Paul Hannaford.
La traccia in sottofondo e’ [...]



UPDATE: Tempbot won the Best Overall Film award at the AdCritic’s No Spot Festival.
Tempbot is an experimental robot, designed to perform ordinary office jobs (but with an efficiency inaccessible for men) and to act as well as a normal human beings, including the way he relates with the opposite sex. Obviously, things will go very [...]

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The band finally makes it and reach for the city of love. But before they can grab some honey, the bees catch ‘em away!
Another song from the album with the same name. The song is also included in the soundtrack for the recently released movie Bewitched.
The video, again by Chris Hopewell, begins where the Nice [...]

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On a nice day, Persephone’s Bees lead singer decide to take a journey to find the place her heart dreams about: the legendary City of Love.
Singer and songwriter Angelina Moysov grown up in Russia. She came to America in 1993 and soon met guitarist Tom Ayre. Bassist Mike Farrell and drummer Paul Bertolino round out [...]

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THOMAS GERBER – Fledermause im Bauch

You know nothing about love!

Victor is a young vampire. His father, the Count, sent him in the city because, at the age of 25, he still didn’t bite anyone. But Victor longs for the true love. True vampire love, nevertheless.
Fledermäuse im Bauch (Bats in the Belly) is a movie by Thomas Gerber with Philipp Siegel [...]

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BENJAMIN GIBEAUX – Les Ailes du Papillon

In the name of Go(o)d.

The bearded tyrant brings in slavery the children of the city. The Good King with the cowboy hat fights for the freedom of the children. Tearing down the whole city in the process, with its inhabitants. But the hope, is it still alive?And: does it remind you of something?
Beautifully crafted short [...]

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