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{ Monthly Archives } December 2005

Happy Holidays 2005

Happy Holidays. Wherever you are.

via Giavasan

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Animal Collective – Leaf House


A strange twisted video…Work of Philip Berger of Dirty South Films, the project takes inspiration from the song Leaf House by the Animal Collective. included in their 2004 album Sung Tongs.

Strano video fuori di testa.Opera di Philip Berger (Dirty Sound Films), il progetto e’ ispirato dalla canzone Leaf House degli Animal Collective inclusa nel loro [...]

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JACK JOHNSON – Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

…please ignore the next few lines because they’re directed at you.

A nice one-shot music video edited in reversal. Directed by The Malloys for the Jack Johnson’s song.
Los Angeles native, brothers Emmett Malloy and Brendan Malloy found their passion at a young age, documenting what they loved: surfing. They created their own brand of surfing [...]


Fuggy Fuggy

He who struggles, but endures, will be a ninja.

Fuggy Fuggy is a two feet tall ninja apprentice with a big egg-shaped head. With guidance from mentor Shakoon, Fuggy Fuggy seeks to master the way of the Ninja. Will he succeed or fall flat on his arse? This hilarious animated short show us his struggles in [...]


Little Man on Campus

A deal is a deal. Right?

There are no losers. You just joined the wrong team. Or maybe… Whatever? This is not a masterpiece, but enjoyable. And some easy laughs.
We follow Archie in his struggles to make in a variety of teams at the behest of his jockstrapped (and desperate) dad. If he earns his stripes, [...]


It`s a Wonderful Life

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.
Best wishes!!!
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IN ITALIANO: La scena da La vita e’ meravigliosa.[Format: Windows Media - Size: 4 MB - Runtime: 1 min.]
BUY: Compra It’s a Wonderful Life.
IMDB: Pagina di It’s a Wonderful Life.
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Commercial for Grosby directed by Nick Livesey.
Pubblicita’ per Grosby diretta da Nick Livesey.

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Spider da Window Productions.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Spider dal sito di Grosby.[Format: Windows Media - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
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SQUAREPUSHER – Come on my Selector

One night, in the “Osaka home for mentally disturbed children”, a young girl with amazing kung fu skills (the role is played by Sumire Fujimoto) takes over the asylum.
Squarepusher is the performing pseudonym of Thomas Jenkinson, a British electronic music artist (born in Chelmsford, Essex) signed to Warp Records. You can read more about [...]

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A story about a young mother and the struggles for her unfortunate son.
Directed by Samuel Bayer, the short is part of the Sony Dreams project.
Samuel Bayer is present on this blog with his commercial for The Last War.
Storia di una giovane madre e del suo lottare per il suo sfortunato figlio.
Diretto da Samuel Bayer, il [...]

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Two robots, in a strange universe. They communicate thru noises. But, in the process, they try to use a young kid as a noise maker…

Another Supinfocom animated short, created by Aurélie Frechinos, Victor-Emmanuel Moulin, Thomas Wagner.

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Mars Delight: "Bruce lee"

A delicate version of a classic.

Commercial for Mars, realized by Acne. Director of photography: Crille Forsberg.
Check out the version with Conan, too.
Spot per Mars realizzato da Acne. Direttore della fotografia: Crille Forsberg.
Date uno sguardo anche allo spot con Conan.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bruce Lee.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Bruce Lee [...]

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A small child watches as a music box brings his world to life.
The video for this instrumental track is directed by Laurent Briet, currently signed to Little Minx, a division of RSA Films.
Born in Ireland, raised in Cornwall, UK, Aphex Twin (real name Richard David James) is one of the most inventive musicians to have [...]

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Metro de Madrid

There’s a place where there are no limits to your movements.
Realized at Contrapunto by Antonio Montero, José Maria Cornejo, Fernando Galindo. Post production by La Huella.
C’e’ un posto in cui non esistono limiti alla tua liberta’ di movimento.
Realized presso Contrapunto da Antonio Montero, José Maria Cornejo, Fernando Galindo. Post prodotto da La Huella.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Transparente.[Format: [...]

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PAUL YAN – Egghunt

Egghunt is the tale of a hungry caveman on a quest to fill his stomach. He discovers a nest full of eggs and try to device something to reach them, when another caveman appears…
Egghunt is an animated short movie by Paul Yan based on his original story and featuring an original score by Yiannis Kranidiotis.
Born [...]

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Blending in at the office has never been an easy thing to do… But this is particularly true in this short movie, a satire of the life at the office.
Directed by Laurent King and Samuel Torneux, with the original music of Pascal Bideau, this short was initially designed as a test for an high [...]

YOANN RENAULT – Mouvement mécanique

A chain of robots, an industrial landscape as far as the eye can see, the same gestures repeated, unceasingly…But what if… the mechanical movements eventually led two robots to meet, to a fusion… To love?
Mouvement mécanique is a 3D animated movie, completely done (including music) by a Lisaa student, Yoann Renault, who carried it out [...]

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Dung! ?__?

Just… Don’t ask me…
Meglio non fare domande…

WATCH: Guarda Dung. [Mirror][Format: Flash - Size: 1 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Dung da CastPost.
LINK (KOREAN): Visita Nartbox. (Sito coreano!)


Escape Completely

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FATBOY SLIM – Weapon of Choice

Dedicated to myself!

I think this clip from Spike Jonze needs no explanations. I just feel like to post it. And I did.
Check out the stick figures version too!
Credo che questo video di Spike Jonze non necessiti presentazioni. Mi sentivo di postarlo. E l’ho fatto.
Guardatevi pure la versione “stick figures”!

new link found on Vilodex

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Weapon [...]

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A bar mistress try to amuse a cute girl playing music with the glasses. The world suddenly regains his colors. They come out in the streets keep playing when…
This short is the final project of three EESA students: Joris Vanbiervliet, Sandrine Bergerot, Sandrine Moniez.
Una barista prova a far divertire una ragazzina suonando coi bicchieri. Il [...]

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TERRI TIMELY – A Persistent Vision

Terri Timely starts as a music band. But soon, six of the original members left the band to pursue other endeavors. Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey, the remaining ones, agreed that it wasn’t the music itself that they wanted to make, but rather, the videos that inspired the music. So they became… a video band!
In [...]

Road Trip

One of that frame-up commercial by Francois Vogel for HP. This time, for a portable printer.
Uno di quegli spot “incorniciati” di Francois Vogel per HP. Questa volta, per una stampante portatile.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Road Trip.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
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MIRROR: Guarda Road Trip su Cast Post.

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M – La bonne étoile

J’étais à des années lumièresDe penser qu’un jourJe pourrais lui plaireÇa m’ sidère ce désir qui monte en moi.

The protagonist of this video is a sort of star technician. He fixes up the stars when they need to be repaired. Unfortunately, an accident occurs the guy…
Behind the name -M- there is Mathieu Chedid, indie pop [...]

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Bark. Bark.

A romantic comedy about a guy who imagines how his date might go depending on the music he chooses.
It’s nice how the mood of the movie changes according to the music. Or vice versa…
Commedia romantica su un tizio che immagina l’esito del suo appuntamento a seconda della musica che scegliera’.
Bello come il clima del [...]

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MINT ROYALE – Singin in the Rain

What a glorious feeling…

In the beginning it was the 1952 movie with Gene Kelly; you can watch the trailer here, if you wish.
Then came the Golf GTI commercial, where the scene from the movie has been reshooted on a remix of the song and some new dance moves. You can watch the ad here, or [...]

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Le Papillon

A story of honor and love that goes beyond life and death, set in the feudal Japan.
Nice animation on watercolor backgrounds. The short has been directed by Antoine Anyin and Jenny Rakotomamonjy for Bibo Films Animation Studio.
Una storia di onore e amore che va oltre la vita e la morte, ambientata nel Giappone [...]


Trippy commercial for Diesel, developed at Lobo animation studios.
“Hanging out after work, three of Lobo’s artists started drawing on a single piece of paper, getting inspiration from one another’s drawings and keeping a continuous flow of hand drawn graphics. This [promo] is a 3D derivation of those drawings.”
Lobo is also present on this blog with [...]

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Mew – Comforting Sounds

Why don’t we share our solitude?

A great music video, today, and such a sweet song…
Mew is an danish alternative pop band led by Jonas Bjerre. The other members are Bo Madsen, Jonas Wohlert and Silas Graae. [Source:]
Their sound is “sort of surreal”, in a sense that words can’t exactly define. You just have to [...]

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MATT HULSE – Wee Three

Thou Shalt Not.

Three kids are trapped in the classroom in “a battle between the natural authority of the body and the unreal demands of the adult world.”
Sometimes funny, sometimes eerie, this short movie by Matt Hulse uses several tecniques (including stop animation) to set a surreal scenatio.
Tre ragazzini sono rinchiusi in classe in “una lotta [...]


We are as one and one is all we are

Two leading creative teams from South Africa, REX and Tennant McKay, worked together to create this emotional blend of luminous imagery and motion design artistry, in order to visualize the song from Fischerspooner.
Fischerspooner is a duo of New York digital and visual artists, [...]



A film of Julien Lévy and Fatty Mathieu, students of LISAA, realized in three months. A social and poetic fable.
A homeless boy stands in the subway, exhausted. But suddenly, around him, anything changes…
In Agonie, the digital images are integrated perfectly in the reality captured thru the camera.
Un film di Julien Lévy e Fatty Mathieu, studenti [...]


FERIC – Inside Out

The work of taiwanese artist Eric Feng (A.K.A. Feric)is a sort of Escher (or Giger?) does the Muppets… His illustration of biomechanical creatures (collected in his books Fevolution and Fevolution II) have nothing of the cold feeling you usually associate with technology in art.
In Inside Out, Eric Feng proved himself in the animation, with “a [...]


JOE NUSSBAUM – George Lucas in Love

Too much already have I said!

A young George Lucas fights writer’s block while trying to complete his final screenplay for USC Film School. A girl with an uncommon (but somewhat familiar) hairdo, will finally show him the way. This parody of Star Wars and Shakespeare in Love shows us [...]

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Free Your Sparkle!

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WATCH: Guarda lo spot su FLURL.
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WATCH: Guarda Free Your Sparkle su DevilDucky.
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The Italian term giallo (which literally translates as “yellow”) was originally coined to describe a series of mystery/crime pulp novels. (

After living many years in Paris, Marc Dalmas comes back to Lebanon to visit his sister. As soon as he arrives, he finds her murdered in her house. That same night, Marc witnesses another murder [...]

BELLE MELLOR – Sleep with the Fishes

We sail for horizons that one day will endTo sleep with the fishes on that we depend

An absurd tragedy to accompany a melancholic song by The Tiger Lillies.
This piece of visual poetry is the final projecy of Belle Mellor, a student of the UK Royal College of Art.
The Tiger Lillies are: Martyn Jacques (vocals, accordion), [...]

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AIDS (You are here)

Don’t let AIDS gain more groundEveryone must have access to treatment

You are here. They are over there.Here, medicines extend life expectancy.There, the absence of medicines causes death.Aids is destroying societies: their health systems, education, culture, economies.
A good campaign for Médecins Sans Frontières, produced by Caviar and directed by Andreas Hasle.
The 3D models are a little [...]

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