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NEILL BLOMKAMP – Alive in Jorburg

We have nothing. Nothing.

This is perhaps the best science fiction movie of the last years.

Edited with a documentary style, Alive in Joburg narrates the story of the racial discrimination on the aliens in South Africa, an obvious reference to the apartheid.

Neill Blomkamp is a South African director, currently signed at Spy Films and Spy Entertainment in Canada. He won several awards for his Alive with Technology (A.K.A. the Transformer Citroen ad) and he’ll probably do the big jump to Hollywood after this movie.

The movie has been released on the Internet Archive with a Creative Commons License (By-NC-ND)

Probabilmente il miglior film di fantascienza degli ultimi anni!!!

Montato con stile documentaristico, Alive in Joburg narra la storia delle discriminazioni razziali nei confronti degli alieni in Sud Africa, chiaro riferimento all’apartheid.

Neill Blomkamp e’ un regista sudafricano, attualmente di stanza in Canada presso Spy Films e Spy Entertainment. Ha vinto diversi premi per Alive with Technology (lo spot “Transformer” di Citroen) e probabilmente fara’ il grande salto ad Hollywood dopo questo film.

Il film e’ stato pubblicato su Internet Archive con una licenza Creative Commons (By-NC-ND)

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Alive in Jorburg dall’ Internet Archive.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 77 MB - Running Time: 6 min.]

LINK: La pagina di Alive in Joburg su Internet Archive.

DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Alive in Jorburg da Spy Films. [Redirect]

WATCH (MED. Q.): Guarda Alive in Jorburg da RSA.
[Format: Quicktime]

WATCH (LOW Q.): Guarda Alive in Joburg in finestra su ‘boards.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 20 MB - Running Time: 6 min.]

WATCH (OTHER): Guarda Alive with Technology in finestra.

LINK: Visita Ratel, il sito di Neill Blomkamp.

LINK: La pagina di Neill Blomkamp su Spy Films.

LINK: La pagina di Neill Blomkamp su Spy Entertainment.

MVDBASE: Pagina di Neill Blomkamp

IMDB: Pagina di Neill Blomkamp

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