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{ Monthly Archives } November 2005

Super Moine

Nice, ultra-violent short movie, that combine 2D and 3D animation.
A super monk kicks the bad asses of the vikings, when they come to attack the monastery.
This is the final project of Florian Landouzy, Sébastien Hô and Julien Bagnol, three students at EESA, European School of Animation.
The featured soundtrack is We’re Right by the Ace-Out. The [...]

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Animation created by Impactist, for the ZooRoom DVD. The DVD will help to raise money for the WWF.
We follow a canoe slowly flowing on the water, while the surrounding landscape changes with a rhythm of its own.
ZooRoom (A Room with a Zoo) is a multimedia exhibition put together by [...]


M5: "You Gotta Hold On"

Lobo is a design and animation studio, leaded by creative director Mateus Santos and represented worldwide by The Ebeling Group.
Combining stop motion animation and virtual scenarios, they created this short for Coke, with optimism and personal growth as the main themes.
It is also available a different cut as a music video for You Gotta Hold [...]

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NEILL BLOMKAMP – Alive in Jorburg

We have nothing. Nothing.

This is perhaps the best science fiction movie of the last years.
Edited with a documentary style, Alive in Joburg narrates the story of the racial discrimination on the aliens in South Africa, an obvious reference to the apartheid.
Neill Blomkamp is a South African director, currently signed at Spy Films and Spy Entertainment [...]

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Grand Classics

Great commercial created by directors Smith & Foulkes for Motorola and produced by Nexus Productions; 3D animations by Michael Greenwood, Darren Price, Reece Millidge, Stuart Doig (also 2D) and Brad Noble.
A rabbit walk his way thru the whole history of cinema, jumping from a movie to the other…
Spot grandioso creato dai registi Smith & Foulkes [...]

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Who will save us from stupid people?

The petrol crimes will not remain unpunished anymore. The Petrol Crime Bureau is out with their electric cars to chase all those overpolluting SUV…
Reuben Sutherland directed, shot, edited and animated this kind of a dance video, but the choreographies are executed by cars…The model has been created from still [...]

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SUKWON SHIN – Rock the World

Rock the World is the Silver Medal Student Academy Award winning CGI short from Korean animator Sukwon Shin.
In some secret bunker under the White House, George W. Bush and Colin Powell starts some secret mechanism for the final countdown… So, we finally discover the very deepest desires of Dubya.
Realized as a final project for the [...]



Don’t touch me pleaseI cannot stand the way you tease

Everybody starts to sing in this commercial for Levi’s directed by Spike Jonze.
From the same author: How They Get There.
Iniziano tutti a cantare in questo spot per Levi’s diretto da Spike Jonze.
Dallo stesso autore: How They Get There.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Doctors. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 5 MB [...]

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Sigur Rós – Glósóli

And here you are, glowing sun…

Glósóli. Not the latest video out. But a very good one, indeed!Gorgeous, dreamy, and with a great care for little details. Just download it and watch it and watch it, and watch it again…
Directed by Stefan Arni and Siggi Kinski, two icelandic talents who formed, in 1995, a unique music-film [...]

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Say, boy, hand me another shot of that booze…

Well, I can’t let a masterpiece like this to pass away without hitting my blog, eh…
Directed by Dave Fleischer, animated by Roland Crandall, this animated short rewrite the story told by the Grimm Brothers featuring Betty Boop as Snow White. And the perfomance of Cab Calloway, singing [...]


A.I. (Almost Impossible)

Gli esami non finiscono mai! (The exams never end!)

Sorry for the lack of updates. Just another week, and I’ll resume my regular posting.
Mi spiace per la mancanza di aggiornamenti. Un’altra settimana e riprendero’ a postare regolarmente.



An old Supinfocom animated short, realized by Renaud Roullet, Laurent Makowski, Nicolas deConte and Jérôme Lesage.
It’s the story of a clown that falls in love with Lucie, the mysterious waitress of the pub where he use to spent most part of his time…
Well, looking at this remember that it dates back 1999. So, the models [...]

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MIller: Dominoes

People starts falling like pieces of the domino, until…
Commercial for Miller, directed by Fredrik Bond for MJZ. Audio mixed by Audio Engine. Visual effects by The Mill.
UPDATE: The song used in the ad is Freedom of Choice, from ’80s band Devo. More info on Duncan’s TV Adland.
UPDATE (02/2008): Editor was Richard Orrick at The White [...]

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ELECTRIC SIX – Danger! High Voltage

Don’t ya wanna know how we keep starting fires?

Hailing from Detroit, the Electrix Six band (formerly The Wildbunch) is made up of a collection of bizarrely named individuals. Joining vocalist Dick Valentine is Disco (bass), Surge Joebot (guitar), M (drums) and The Rock and Roll Indian (guitar).
The song Danger! High Voltage was released in 2002, [...]

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JESS SCOTT – Attack of the Note Sheep

And now, for something different…

Suddenly, during a tedious lesson, the doodles of a bored student come to life on the paper…
Nel mezzo di una tediosa lezione, gli scarabocchi di uno studente annoiato prendono vita sul foglio…

Copyright 2003 Jessica Scott

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Attack of the Note Sheep.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 8 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]



Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? (J. Joplin)

Clouds tells an epic story of a slick Mercedes dodging crushing shadows, as cast by the clouds in an Armageddon sky.
The ad has been produced by MJZ and The Mill, and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, who also directed Balls.
The idea centres around two battling ‘cloud [...]

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SPIKE JONZE – How They Get There

A guy and a girl play copycat with each other from opposite sides of the street, that is, until a slightly abrupt and impredictable event occurs.And this explains how those shoes get there!
Short movie directed by Spike Jonze.
Un lui e una lei giocano a scimmiottarsi l’un l’altra dai capi opposti della strada, questo fino all’improvviso [...]

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You held your head up high,
Yet you duck beneath the clouds.
You are on your way.

Another music video from Fluorescent Hill, the guys who brought us Try Telling That to my Baby.
A utopian landscape shifts and deforms to the music of The Album Leaf, as played by a tiny mythical band.
The Album Leaf (whose name came [...]

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Bob and Sam: Episode I

Where’s the other twenty million guys you have to swim against?

A short film directed by Jason Guerrero and produced by Jane Hurd, starring some sperm cells with a cockney accent. I don’t want to spoil it, just watch the movie.
Hurd Studios is probably the most regarded production agency in visual science communication.
Jason Guerrero, [...]

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Rocky Morton – The M Word

I don’t particularly enjoy sex with you…

Marriage becomes business as usual as a couple decide whether or not they’re a good fit, balancing costs and benefits of their… merger!
Short movie directed by Rocky Morton (Max Headroom) and written by Alan Ball (American Beauty).
The movie is part of Sony Dreams 03: Joy project, a series of [...]


Hot Dinner

Hot Dinner (lately renamed as Rude Food) is a non profit commercial for PETA created by Harvey Lee, Graham Daldry, and Mark Taylor (also the director) to promote the vegetarianism.
Kind of a gastro-porn movie, the ad shows the various kind of vegetals mimicking a sexual act, ’til they come to the orga…nism!
Hot Dinner (in seguito [...]


THE HEAVY BLINKERS – Try Telling That to My Baby

Wonderful dreamy video fro the Canadian indie pop band The Heavy Blinkers, whose line-up includes Jason MacIsaac, Andrew Watt, Ruth Minnikin, Trevor Forbes, Dave Christiansen and Greg Fry. The song is included in The Night And I Are Still So Young, their latest album released in 2004 for Endearing Record label.
In a computer graphics [...]

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PES – Coinstar

Do you remember your childhood? You ask mommy what are money for, and she tells you that money would transform in all those nice things that you used to like?Did you think she was fooling you?
In this commercial, directed by PES (real name: Adam Pesapane) and animated by Ivan Abel and Peter Sluszka, the magic [...]

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BETH GIBBONS – Mysteries

Mysteries of loveWhere war is no moreI’ll be there anytime

In 2002, Beth Gibbons takes a break from her Portishead duties to team up with former Talk Talk man Paul Webb (alias Rustin Man) to make Out of Season, the album that feature this song.
The video had actually been released two months before the album [...]

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In Dunkirk, during the carnival, a strange man find himself alone in the deserted streets. He wanders around, finally arriving on the beach where he discovers that the noises of the carnival come from the sea.
The first work of Gilles Cuvelier, this animated short is full of symbols and poetry.
A Dunkerque, durante il carnevale, un [...]

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Balls (Extended Version)

Any colour you like.

My latest posts lack a bit of… colour!So let’s try to balance the situation with this commercial, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig (of production agency MJZ) for Sony Bravia television range.The TV ad is out from some time but this is a new and longer (and better, IMHO) cut.
Set to the stripped-down acoustic [...]

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Kill Me Tomorrow – Born to Be Filed

Get a taste of this!

Kill Me Tomorrow is a California based trio, whose members answer to the names of Zack Wentz, K8 (also the wife of Zack) and Dan Wise. Their sound is disturbing and original, even though it often seems not exactly musical…
The Garbageman & The Prostitute is their latest album, released in 2004; [...]


DANA GOULD – A Night on Java Island

Don’t you like my coffee?

This short by Dana Gould (you could have noticed his name in the credits for The Simpsons) is a weird cross over between film noir, classic horror movies and black humour.
Don’t miss his other works!!!
Questo corto di Dana Gould (potreste aver notato il suo nome nei titoli di coda de I [...]

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I’ve got my eye on you…

Do you know what happens when you sneeze with your eyes wide open?
A little bonus for today. A short movie directed by Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I Robot) for MTV.Enjoy!
UPDATE: Download in Quicktime format.
Sapete cosa succede se provate a starnutire con gli [...]


Le Bon Roi

Mi consénta…

The Good (?!?) King leave to defend his honour, being insulted by a neighbour. Actually, we will see (just us) that it is a clever plot of his counsellor to take over power…Not a masterpiece, but a very funny and well done short! Bravo!
The authors: Maximilien Chavot, Julien Donadille and Thibault Romero. They did [...]


BROADCAST – Tender Buttons

UPDATE: the video has been “censored” and is now out with a different song, Stark Haze’s Horse Territory. Well, I think I’ll stick with the old version; take no offense, uh?
Broadcast is a Birmingham duo (formerly a quartet) formed by Trish Kennan and James Cargill, making “radiophonic psychedelia with a sinister, spy movie swing…”
Tender Buttons [...]

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Cortex Academy

“I cheated on you!” Facing this shocking revelation, the different parts of a male brain starts to react, working out to resolve the chrisis…A voyage to the center of our most obscure organ. To realize, once and for all, who is that really hold the strings of our consciousness!
The short has been directed by Frédéric [...]

An Eye for Annai

Annai is a single eyed being. He tries to find a replacement for his missing eye. Finally, he will be rewarded with much more than he was looking for…
Daniel Rodrigues and Jonathan Klassen made An Eye for Annai in their third year in the classical animation program at Sheridan [...]



The story takes place in Mongolia, where Aman offers an eagle to his young son Naran. Too impatient, the boy let the bird fly while his father’s asleep and lost it. So they leave the yurt together to find the bird in the landscapes of the Mongolian steppe…
The movie is the final project at the [...]


PAUL DALEY – The Trinket-Maker

The trinket-maker lives high up in the sky, in a house as beautiful and unusual as the objects that he creates. And he doesn’t like to put his feet on the ground. Will his fear disappear when he hears the most beautiful voice in the world?
During his illustration degree at the University of Westminster, Paul [...]

BC400 – Toastmasters

Nice video that mixes live action and traditional animation. The direction is by the somewhat misterious Ian Bonôte (can’t find anything about him), while the animation is directed by Sylvain Magne, illustrator and animator for DABA.
Kind of a hip hop “supergroup” formed around the Buttercuts Records label, BC400 composes of three MCs, two singers, a [...]