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LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – Tribulations

Everybody makes mistakes
but it’s always mine that seem to keep on sticking.

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Tribulations - MPEG-4 clip
In 1999 James Murphy (the man behind LCD Soundsystem) meets Tim Goldsworthy and, some time later, they formed the DFA label. Losing my Edge (debut single of LCD) has been one of their first release, while Tribulations has been released just a couple of weeks ago.

Extracted from their first self-titled album the track sound as a simple electronic tune with a funky groove.

The video, directed by Dougal Wilson, is based on the simple idea of… Uhm, no way. Watch it, if you want to know!!!

Nel 1999 James Murphy (l’uomo dietro il nome LCD Soundsystem) incontra Tim Goldsworthy con cui fonda, qualche tempo dopo, la DFA label. Losing my Edge (primo singolo degli LCD) fu una delle prime uscite dell’etichetta, mentre Tribulations e’ uscito un paio di settimane fa.

Estratto dall’album LCD Soundsystem, la traccia ha un che di funky e sonorita’ tipicamente elettroniche.

Il video, diretto da Dougal Wilson, e’ basato sulla semplice idea di… Uhm, niente da fare. Guardatelo, che fate prima!!!

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