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The eternal struggle between what we’d like to do and what we end up doing.Emotionally strong, this Flash animated short will not leave you untouched.
L’eterno conflitto fra cio’ che vorremmo e cio’ che finiamo per fare.Emotivamente potente, questo corto animato in Flash non vi lascera’ indifferenti.

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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Manege Frei.[Format: Quicktime [...]


Take my hand and show me where we’re going. (Dido)

Patrick Smith made his directorial debut in the animated series Down Town for MTV Networks. He went on to direct a few seasons of the popular series Daria and several commercials before making the move to independent animated films full time for Blend Films. He [...]

SIOEN – At a Glance

I sing a songit’s too late youpassed me byand now i’m lost

An animated video made up of illustrations composed with Flash, or something similar.
Sioen is the band of the belgian singer and songwriter Frederik Sioen. Their debut album See you Naked was released on May 2003.
At a Glance was released as a stand-alone single in [...]


SEAN BARTLETT – Grape Scented

Grape scented.Warning: prolonged exposure may cause psychotic hallucinations!Animated short about a sci-fi fan nerd who tries to impress (in his peculiar ways, you know…) a gorgeous girl.
P.S. I’m not a nerd. I’m a geek!
Profumo: uva.Attenzione: l’esposizione prolungata potrebbe causare allucinazioni!In questo corto animato, un nerd fan della fantascienza tenta di impressionare a suo modo un’avvenente [...]

LIAM ENGLE – Minimum Overdrive

WANTED in connection with murder, kidnapping, rape and child molesting

This short movie is definitely NOT a masterpiece. So what about? Uhm… I laughed!!! ^__^
This fast paced action movie has been shoot on Mini-DV over the course of a few weekends for a total budget of about 170€.
Liam Engle is a student at the Université [...]


APOCALYPTICA – Wie Weit (How Far)

My life is too stableI get no airMy jail is my skin

Rock music isn’t to do with the instrument you play, but the attitude you keep.This is proven Apocalyptica, the finnish metal band formed by Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, Perttu Kivilaakso, (and formerly Max Lilja) : all of them are classically-trained cellists.
Apocalyptica is also [...]

Le musicien

Really good short movie, dreamy, realized by Patrick Ermosilla, Pierre Lasbignes, Julien Ngo Dit Gaston and Cédric Stephan, four students of the ETPA, French multimedia art school. Maybe the first half could be slightly shortened; anyway you’re about to see a little masterpiece!
Night. The orphanage’s children are awoke by a strange melody. As [...]

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ALIAS – Sixes Last

Video directed by Arvind Palep and produced by 1st Avenue Machine for Alias. In fact, it seem more like a short movie: the mesmerizing images take over the music…
Alias (real name: Brendan Whitney) starts as a rapper. Then, he found himself moving away from vinyl sampling and lyric-writing. He learned the secrets of the [...]

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JOJI KOYAMA – Watermelon Love

Tonight I’ll be your watermelon love…

Sensual, and vaguely disquieting, one of the four short movies selected for Mesh, year 2004.
Joji Koyama (Also Known As Woof Wan-Bau in the the commercial and videoclip world) got backgrounds in live action movies. Recently he began working in animation, and won the British Animation Award 2004 for [...]

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ISAN – Gunnera

Antony Ryan and Robin Saville have been releasing music as Isan since 1996. Having recorded in the past for various labels they now consider Morr Music to be their spiritual home.Devoted to electronic, in their latest album, Meet Next Life (2004) they introtuced the use of some “real” instruments.
From a review by Munir Remahl: “Gunnera [...]


Only Courage leads the way to the Answer…

CGI short movie from a Vancouver Film School student. Not very well rendered, and some textures really, really need to be redesigned.Anyway, the movie is well scripted and well enacted, which therefore is what counts more, isn’t it?
Corto animato al computer di uno studente della Vancouver Film [...]


Duo505 – Nochwas

Directed by Lorenzo Fonda, produced by Luca Mathia Bertoncello, the video is based upon a not tremendously innovative idea, but stunningly realized. Those puppets seem to look at the show for real!!!
Duo505 are B. Fleischmann, and fellow scenester Herbert Weixelbaum from Vienna hook up their Grooveboxes to create a rocking, sometimes mildly melancholic, feelgood [...]

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Work in Progress

La ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) e’ la societa’ creata da George Lucas per produrre gli effetti speciale per i suoi film, da Guerre Stellari in poi. E’ poi diventata la maggiore azienda del settore, il cui nome compare nei titoli di coda di quasi tutti i film Hollywoodiani…Questo corto e’ un saggio della loro [...]


PSAPP – About Fun

Singolo tratto dall’album di esordio “Tiger, My Friend” del 2004.Il gruppo e’ formato da Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann.La loro musica e’, in qualche modo, semplice e “rumorosa”: come una superficie liscia, ma con spigoli ben in evidenza.Il video, diretto da Thorsten Levin, e’ stato creato su disegni della stessa Galia Durant.
Single taken from [...]


MATT SHUMWAY – Over the Moon

That’s one hundred percent Grade A, corn-fed, free-range, supersonic roboheifer.Pretty cool, huh?

The sacred spoon has been stolen by an evil being who wants to rule the whole universe. This could be the end of the life as we know it.There’s only one chance left for the human race: agent Diddle. A boy that looks [...]

ABERFELDY – Love is an arrow

Love is a fire that you can’t controlIt burns in the middle and it leaves a holeYou can fill it up then you don’t know whenIt’s gonna start to burn again

Aberfeldy were formed in May 2002 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Riley Briggs (singer/songwriter) [...]

MICHEL GAGNÉ – Prelude to Eden

We think of the Big Bang as a fraction of time, but in this fraction the most incredible things may have happened… (Tullio Regge)

Long before there was life on Earth, or before there was even an Earth in the galaxy, or before there was even a galaxy in the universe, or, indeed, before there [...]

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Fuck Kelly Osbourne!
Video per un gruppo praticamente sconosciuto, ma molto accattivante. Il video. Anche il gruppo, pero’. Regia di SSSR.
Sestetto di stanza ad Oakland, California, i Subtle hanno di recente pubblicato il loro primo LP, A New White, per la Lex Records.F.K.O. e’ il primo singolo tratto dal loro album, il cui video e’ stato [...]

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FRANCK DION – L`inventaire fantôme

“The bailiff soms visits an old man who collects mementos that no one wants anymore. In the empty wretched apartment, the official opens a secret door and discovers a giant attic where thousands of objects are stored. The bailiff embarks upon a strange inventory.”
Un ufficiale giudiziario si reca in casa di un anziano signore per [...]

SCOTT RICE, "Perils in Nude Modeling"

La donna nuda si depila col bic ; tenta l’uomo dall’autobus , lo colpisce col cric … (Elio e le Storie Tese)
“A student on the verge of expulsion must choose between life long ambition and love when an audacious nude model makes a dangerous demand in the middle of class.” Eccezionale corto scritto, diretto, [...]


LA PHAZE, "Assaut Final"

Attenzione. Potrebbe contenere Bush e Bin Laden…Video di un gruppo francese, per il singolo tratto dal loro nuovo album, Fin de cycle.Sul sito dei La Phaze potete ascoltare tutto l’album. Volendo, anche scaricarlo. I link a seguire…Se qualcuno conosce il testo, lo posti pure!

Apri il filmato in una finestra
Scarica il video in formato Quicktime. (Nel [...]

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